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Air Filter

The internal combustion engine is an engine in which the burning, of mixing of fuel and air, occurs in a confined
space called a combustion chamber. This phenomenon responsible for engine rotates. Clean air is essential to keep
your engine running smoothly and efficiently. In fact, inadequate air filtration can cause more harm to your engine
than poor lubricant filtration. Ineffective filtration can cause serious wear to the engine and its components that
leading to low engine power, excessive fuel consumption and ultimately, expensive repairs.
FAC air filtration systems can reduce down time and maintenance costs, and increase the life and performance of
your engine.
Throughout the world, FAC provides a wide range of air filtration systems for use in transportation, construction,
mining, agriculture, defense, light vehicle, compressor, and industrial applications.
FAC air filter is made up of specially media designed to trap contaminants such as dust, dirt and soot before they
reach your engine.
FAC air products range has large varieties, according to each engine design from small gasoline cars passing though
trucks filters, to special equipments applications.
Filter media:
FAC filtration air media Increased dust and soot holding capacity and takes air filtration to a new technology level.
This occurs through a very special filtration paper and felt with specific properties, in order to meet your
engine requirements. In some time you can find a set of two filters, internal and external element,
especially with heavy duty application. This assures dust free engine intake air.
Almost, filter paper is plated to give largest area for collecting contaminations with its design
performance along its life period.
1- Filter end steel caps:
Designed to protect the filter media and provide structural integrity. They made by special steel with high resistance
to wear and corrosion, to be able to work with design performance along filter life.

2- Axial filter seals:

Exist whenever steel end cover exists to provide leak-free seal when properly installed. The gasket wont harden or
deteriorate over the useful life of the filter.
Seals and paper are strongly adhesive to the end steel caps by efficient adhesion agent that proofing no leakage from
either paper or seals.
3- Polyurethane end caps:
Kinder to the environment FAC product. That technology is lighter weight and easier to service
than other filters designs. This soft end caps assure zero leak, pressure provided by compressible
cover itself, which is must be just fitted into engine inlet air housing.
Polyurethane caps are applicable in both

filters and panel air filters (usually in passenger cars).

4- Plastics frames:
Thermosetting material provides heat resistance and better fit, helping reduce vibration noise. Plastic frame gives
rigid filter which it is flexible shape manufacturing. That makes plastic frame air filters able to be in complicated
shapes to meet specific engine housing in usually small cars.

FAC air filter merits:

1- Reduce down time and maintenance
2- Decrease Fuel consumption.
3- Ecological to the environment.
4- Assure perfect dust holding capacity.
5- Prevents damage to engines top end, providing protection to valves, rings and cylinder bores.
6- Long life leads to improved engine performance, superior fuel economy, lower emissions and responsiveness.
7- Improved flow which leads to engine breathes properly.