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A student buys a pen for Rs. 90 and sells it for Rs. 100. Find his
gain percent.
2. The list price of a refrigerator is Rs. 9700. If a VAT of 6% is to be
charged on it, how much one has to pay to purchase the
3. List price of a pair of shoes is Rs. 450. If Mukesh paid Rs. 45 as
VAT for it, find the rate of VAT.
4. Find the CI on Rs. 12000 for 3 years at 10% per annum
compounded annually.
5. Abhay lent Rs. 8000 to his friend for 3 years at the rate of 5% per
annum compound interest. What amount does Abhay get after 3
6. Find the CI on Rs. 1000 at the rate of 10% per annum for 18
months when interest is compounded half yearly.
7. Ramesh deposited Rs. 7500 in a bank which pays him 12%
interest per annum compounded quarterly. What is the amount
which he receives after 9 months?
8. In what time Rs. 800 amount to Rs. 882 at 5% per annum
compounded annually?
9. At what rate percent per annum, compound interest will Rs.
10000 amount to 13310 in three years?
10. The present population of a town is 28000. If it increases at the
rate of 5% per annum, what will be its population after 2 years?
11. There is a continuous growth in population of a village at the rate
of 5% per annum. If the present population is 9261, what it was 3
years ago?
12. The present price of a scooter is Rs. 7290. If its value decreases
every year by 10%, then find its value before 3 years.
13. Kavita purchased an article for Rs. 16000. If the rate of
depreciation is 5% per annum, calculate its value after 2 years.
14. A trader marks his goods 40% above the cost price and gives a
discount of 20% on the marked price. Find his gain percent.
15. By reducing the selling price of an article by Rs. 50, a gain of 5%
turns into a loss of 5%. Find the original selling price of the article.

16. Find the compound interest on Rs. 125000 for 9 months at 8

per annum
compounded quarterly?
1. A shopkeeper purchased 200 bulbs for Rs 10 each. However 5 bulbs were
fused and had to be thrown away. The remaining were sold at Rs 12 each.
Find the gain or loss %.
2. Convert the following ratios to percentages.
(a) 3 : 4 (b) 3 : 2
3. 72% of 25 students are good in mathematics. How many are not good in
4. A football team won 10 matches out of the total number of matches they
played. If their win percentage was 40, then how many matches did they
play in all?
5. If Antara had Rs 600 left after spending 75% of her money, how much did
she have in the beginning?
6. Kritika bought two fans for Rs 1200 each. She sold one at a loss of 5% and
the other at a profit of 10%. Find the selling price of each. Also find out the
total profit or loss.
7. The price of a TV is Rs 13,000. The sales tax charged on it is at the rate of
12%. Find the amount that Dharv Patel will have to pay if he buys it.
8. Find CI paid when a sum of Rs 10,000 is invested for 1 year and 3 months
at 8.5% per annum compounded annually.
9. A machinery worth Rs 10,500 depreciated by 5%. Find its value after one
10. Find the population of a city after 2 years, which is at present 12 lakh, if
the rate of increase is 4%.
11. After allowing 20% discount to the customer, a dealer still gains 20% .
Find the marked price of the electric fan which costs him Rs. 1600.
Q.12. 40% of a number is 360. what is 25% of the number?
Q.13 A certain sum invested at 10% per annum compounded semi-annually
to Rs. 8820 at the end of one-year. Find the sum.
Q.14 The population of a town is 32000. The growth rate of population is 5%.

will be the population of town after 3 years?

Q15 The population of a town 2 years ago was 62500. Since some persons
migrate to different cities the number of people decreases every year at the
rate of 4
per annum. Find its present population.