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Presuming an hypothesis that...

1. Geomagnetism in any given area is non-existent acting as a non-required

contributor to the operation of the proceeding device, and
2. The replication of Barbosa and Leal by Clarence is an independent revival of Tesla's
Special Generator (what has become popularly renamed "Tri-Metal Generator" for
its 'specialized' use of copper, aluminum and iron), and
3. The mass of grounding rods of Clarence's replication are equivalent to William
Lyne's quotation from his book, "Pentagon Aliens" attributed to Tesla, that: "for
every 200 pounds of iron connected to the device, a full horsepower was added to
it", and
4. One horsepower is taken to be equivalent to three-quarters of a kilowatt, and
5. The weight of a single eight foot copper plated steel grounding rod of 5/8"
diameter is taken as an approximate unit of iron added to this device, hence
6. Clarence's use of 60 grounding rods times 6.8 lbs, each rod, equals slightly more
than 400 pounds, hence
7. This device could produce at least one and one-half kilowatts capable of
individually powering an average...

8. Hairdryer, coffee machine, space heater, or microwave, and

9. Any prevailing geomagnetism above zero can only add to this device's output.

10. Patrick Kelly's citation of Clarence's output of 3kW is more than the expected
minimum from the preceeding calculation.