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the smiths six of their greatest songs with ‘soundalike’ backing tracks ,. and full instrumental demos on CD! the smiths Published by Wise Publications 8/9 Frith Street, London W1D 348, England Exclusive Distributors: Music Sales Limited Distribution Centre, Newmarket Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 3YB Music Sales Pty Limited 120 Rothsohild Avenue, Rosebery, NSW 2018, Australia Order No. AM9S3190 ISBN 1-84609-117-9 ‘This book © Copyright 2005 Wise Publications, ‘a division of Musle Sales Limite Unauthorised reproduction of any part of this ‘publication by any means including phetacopying is an infringement of copyright. Compiled by Mick Crispin ‘Music arranged by Arthur Dick Music processed by Paul Ewers Music Design Cover designed by Fresh Lemon Cover photograph courtesy of Stephen Wright / Printed In the United Kingdom by Caligraving Limited, Thetford, Norfolk 0 recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonas Persson & John Rose ‘All guitars by Arthur Dick ‘Base by Paul Townsend Drums by Brett Morgan Your Guarantee of Quality As publishers, we strive to produce every book to the highest commercial standards. ‘The music has been freshly engraved and the book has ‘been carefully designed to minimise awkward page turns ‘and to make playing trom ita real pleasure. Particular care has been given to speottying acid-free, ‘neutrat-sized paper made from pulps which have not been ‘elemental chlorine bleached. This pulp ls from farmed ‘Sustainable forests and was produced with ‘special regard for tha environment. Throughout, the printing and binding have been plenned to ensure a sturdy, attractive publication which ‘should give years of enjoyment. If your copy fails to meet our high standards, lease inform us and we will gladly replace ft. s bigmouth strikes again heaven knows I’m miserable now 1: 22 panic the boy with the thorn in his side 27 ss this charming man what difference does it make? « guitar tablature explained 4 guitar tablature explained ‘duitar notation can be notated In threo different wayst on a musical stave, In tablature, and In rhythm slashes D RITHM SLASHES we writen bore tne stave, ls: Srum rds nto yim scat. ound Iteheads neat single nies. “HE MUSICAL STAVE sho ples and ‘yn ands ded yrs mi ta Pes Stings: ‘ee ramed at test seven eters fhe ‘apna TABLATURE pepily eps ta outar {ngrard, ach horerta ine repre 3 ob. and enc abr repress we ‘tsting niet tat 2nd stings pen Dchrd chen aye ter definitions for special guitar notation SONTONE BENDS ole WHOLETONEBEND: Stl he role -GRACENCTEBENOStia Me ty QUARTERTONE BENDS seiomdipacim ore (cmn. eebndupannoe treme sep, serdar indented Py te fet_——leansbon pa ap aoa ote yy, Le é ape 4. 7 ull e wa + + = BENOUAELEASE;SHte te mie COMPOUND EENOBRELEASE: RESEND: rot a. Pn BEND& RELEASE: ord tnt bendy at nee, er Seen arabe down-c en te fobs nose Ste kunoreeae ‘ewe ecko Oe oa Poe inte tm need. Toto tt te tal ek ANS ADALY i ey pS poe a —T FE — 12, v all 4 . = 5 3 MAMIMERON:Ste te fiste —~PULOFE Mae totais one —_LEGATOSUDE(GUS)Sthe me MUFFLEDSTANGS-Aporusie ‘duotondensandtesend —utscbrcnaacme twin’ tanto te mel. sands pray epg te et Meiteanesogunacte — mbvagutoapiag alte Taniuyeripurdomutessand tnsarube seg) wih frorbrtetntaer obs.” Ieqratisonstestendme ton Twsez mel rtenek per nth th Seka —, = (e ie =e 2 2 e — is F 4 NATURAL HARMONICS te oe PCKSCRAPE Te adpect he pekis—“PALMMUTINGTE ce apariely__SHFTSLDE GUS A RESTINE: CAS Be tet bac heed own rt) se fnisloyicnckica ty urag Sones eps ie, este Stra ciecty vrei ase rd Teshnyottomettestae ? —seomdnn ack ——— e E i oe | [NOTE: The sped o ny bed inate byte muse natn antago SHIFT SLIDE (GLISS {& RESTRIKE): Se as fgnto ‘Side, exept ne seond rata ruck ‘TLL: Very apy strate between ‘heros inated ty cortnaisy hamming onan paling ot. ‘TAPPING: Hammer (tap) He tet Inlet wit a ll-hard ex or mile ger and ul of tena feted y te et hana PICK SCRAPE: The otge ot the pek is raed oun (r up e st, oun a ecto sunt. = 65 p— —= : <~— e x = | BE — : Fe - 70 PALM MUTING: Te nots partly rato by he plan gy tung he sng) js eae ma ge, RAKE: Org the pck across te stings inated waka single mote, TREMOLO PICKING: To na Besa a5 eon corny Ss posse. ARPEGGIATE: Py the noes ofthe ‘hor inated by quik ang them from oto op rat — 5 ——5—7. 1 ye = ae 1 SWEEP PICKING: Rythnic VIBRATO DIVE BAR VIBRATO BAR SCOOP: Depress he VIBRATO BAR DIP: Ske the mole ousttxs ardor wate motes «AND RETURN: Thepteholtbe raz tar bre ctkagte mis, Sen aan east eep espe seus te erg. Scie opeesagretcrumber dy tne ear ton steps en os ak tng nye ten sade oor cng pc in ue up et te) vo WY (== wot er cere er) NV OY + 4 = 4 37 additional musical definitions + ‘fect te aya. D5, al Coda + Soack ibe son 0, tr ana 1+ Aecarate note wt rat itty, (taps) + Sharten tine val of ote * Doanstoko + Upstoke NOTE: Tatiature nbusin tracts moan 1. Te ots sustained butane areal (such ashame on ree Bog, 2 Ante may be te bt not neessrty apd. ‘ho bar marked To Cada © ten op tothe secon mated ® Coda .C. al Fi + oback tte begining one arg pea sae 5 ey ntl tear mane Fine tacet + lnstumetis set ops at. + Repeat tors between ss. + nen a epeate sen has cteent fending, ay te est ening ony the frst time an re second enc ty the seond tine bigmouth strikes again Words & Music by Morrissey & Johnny Marr rr i eee a ge nt, cim Ct? Fad tation Ay Gam Gam) (6) stony owes (F} (Pay BR RAS as © © ff b @& & cp ft fa fff tai 2a com: “Chm tat E hain tations Intro (Am) (Am?) © {padi (Ded) i 19 62, cous) a oert~SC—t™—™SCTCF=BNRNRN'N’ _—___= = a i : f = LE Ee fGx3wicean tone mp 9—9—9 990. PSS re a 3 iB 8 0 3 * Symbols in parenthesis represent chord names with respect to epoed guitar, (TabO~$th fret) Play writen part (ele) thoughout Symbols above represent tal somding chord, chm A Amap BS fam) @ may) © Vere tm ch? g pfedin addon Chm A (Am) (Am) (C) (pdduy (Dade) (Am) F pa eg = ness, was only jok = ing when T said Amaj’ (may?) BS chm (9 (Am) ch og ppladdu paddy (pees (oat) chm A Amay BE tm fam & a) (am) act = - = = a SSS SS on____ svect - men vet pad taddoy (Dadam) h (bay A Ama? BS (F) (Fmay) (G9) +s > : chm A (am) © pfaddu adios (pasty (bass teadn (beast ctm (Am) Amaj? A B ® (Fmay) (G5) addin aaddo (padi (Daten) (Am) ch and hee Walk ridge ‘Amaj? BS Chm E oan Bt (may) (G9) (am) © foxy 2S ~ me 2 EL fate = 30 chm A Bt cim E an pot (Dal) Sk (Am) (Fr) Ge (Am) isd Chm A BS cm BE tain B Gt (Am) i) i) (Am) 0 (pedry 2 we ud : - Ee ct A Bs ct oaiu B ot fam) & i) fam) 6 (Day 9.2 mw t - » &L ctm &m torus ~ ae cm E Fhaddtr hee B14) (am) & (oan) Bae = = ' 2 iF ele é Big-mouth la ta la la ta Ves Viony & =e + ——— as oe 8 = st chm cfm am) fam) bts - =: Big-mouth la la a gain..and I've got no right to take my oss 4 = os a ch cin BE adds fam) fa pe a) (Am) = © = mete 5 SSS = u-man rae oh bo ho, Big-mouth la la la nom avn oll. 4@ oe Tee 3 5 Ul 2 ie j-as| 4 | S—weyin | tage g ‘ | 2 ety yom iu Ie : | - al < jd | 4 a We loco aS in BOWER | cooxe dea coon 5 AM) Ag ct qu alll & ‘ee 2 1a it Ei Sp) ha slits Md ety) ag F all AL dmpivn [nce 82 hl Oe iy 3 ee dee rie a (pay E © chm (Am) Verse = f= Aw felt of know how Joan fet, fame, pele (Deny and her hear = ing aid 2 cm (Am) to hee Ro- man yb way tote the flames As " Mite Gi a) GLUE) oh tart -ed to. ot 1177 a: ° 555 oe 2238 ret 5—3— 5. 0 Gt () / / FID FT? 1 ——t 8 a rt $3988 + 37. oo cin E todd (Am) co} (Dada) 4——1. —1. -4- : 1: 4 4- 3- -3- 3— c'n A B chm EB (Am) (F) (@) (Am) © af, ~ = (2 —— : eee eo | ; ees Gv 2 pesbitiad ds ss 7S Pp RS SSS Se {B- 0: 0: 0: : = x xe oo 0: o—3— Fadi chm A B (pada) (Am) (Fy (G) Repeat ad lib. to fade SF =—= = = — —= 1 aE tt > valsie oe : iit @ tre : SSS = Se ee Sa SS eee ee fee pS B———3 33 _5—_5—5. 4. 4—0——0 x74 heaven knows I’m miserable now Words & Music by Momissey & Johnny Marr coe US SS rte ing as in, Ain Bard iad Saya Se Cty? BY Bute ote chad pm im ane 1. a Hes HQ" EGR" Ha” ch Dim cast. mie) time GtnyFt Césust AmB BNO HG’ Hage Hag’ iat Ha Ee eee foo Ferm oe a HH 1 ‘cap second Het tne Fai? 2 se count Gites 142 (ee) _-——+- : {— am: ; Es — = i aa Be Bae ce chau cee ct Be Bsus? Be Beustt ct ctu che chad hap-py ia the haze of @ drunk en. hour but Hensven Knows I'm misma ble now. B ct Fema? Dim (Dm?) a ———— + = = = = = SS SS : : Sg 5 = Lt Joke ra eh owt al = 5 ree ete tee 3 % $d [BE = 9. — Gin (GtayFtbass) BB ct rtmaj te jp a ——— at = = == + 5 eft = $2. 6¢ 7 SS y = — SS SS eae a 3 BRR whercussve fel ° = 11 oF. 1$— 1910-10. 40 13TH Yat te peo ple who don’t ‘Ditee oe —_ ¢ EEGEEEEEOES £5 4 ee ee ee 18 (ByD4bass) (C#/Btbass) (B/D tbass) ich Gtr. 3 (lee) Gus, 2. wig i 12 contin {Ge wg en tone eee 2 14 99 tt 4 Verse spisctn, Dimas Gtm« GtmyFt Chsust pass me by and Heaven knows I'm mis-'ra-ble now.— Gis. 12 wid picking ™P wsng above chord names apts Dimi Gint hay Choust look-ing for job, and then I found @ job and Hea-ven knows I'm mis-ra- ble now. é s wptsitn Dimes Gime Gkmyet Ctsust Ag 6 4 SA — 11-9. ; — 4 = eA $ a : § é Ae ca a al 7 Be Bsus? Be Baus?* ne oe $Et ve eo ; : = ae fl EF fell et HH <9 = oi = B ct pest, pitas [Sz g ja + = —_ = fo== = eo £ —— _—— 7 = E — Sit Gin (GtnyF*bass) B ct Ftmaj? 4 ~t ——— _——— ——=7, = pes i = 4 G4 - fete stg G E #1 - hs = =" : 6 (teers 97. -A0\8—8 (rh (F#/Ebass) (B/DAbass) (Bmaj”) (B/Dfbass)—_ (C#/BFbass) (ByDAbass) (c4) rt) (F#/Bbass) B ic FO A) EF? Gtr, (eee) : ss s ; ; Gira tt; t G2 Wee (Ges, 142 contin slashes “ 9 —r11 — Qe oh — = — ct iad ata — ‘sptsctn Dtmadéo Gtn* (GtnyF#) tet oy ==. ——— Se SS Ee FSS = Ef SSS 4 4.1 was Bape py inthe haze of a drunk en four but Heaven Knows T'm mis-"a ble now. @ & bate "Ge 112 wid picking D> ™P using above chord names - te pea + Tt te t e— ae ma pfmatio pti Csust spésd Clsust Gtayrt Gtn* time L___ give “val - u - able Gtm/FE CHsust GFm* ptmasdo apts L ieee ppeo- ple who don't care = (Dim) (Phmaj") owe = qo = $$ 844 (Dt) aah wiprcussive# fel (and posiony ee 7) (Fbmaj Outro ann 19-0190 — 19 — tn 1 ae 2 + (ch 1% ¥ is Bs) > se iro Hale, = NS 4 3 3 ay war Zz sa $ (Gtm?) = (Gtm) Bo 2-12. SS eee Fimaj7/Ctass Dima? Abe oe Ze oe 44 wiper wae e wwe panic csi Hs nga Sata a ig Cad, Ai Repi Rasaned bosses Cy Sto © @ “GF rr = F wis. tf ie. 3 wc i AS 7200 a oe = (Bs 10} sa. = —1 r bo cm. tn slashes 4-33 7 3 spa & oO — iE 8 Bs F 3 Py Git pat Gur. 243" G D Em c op. fr ; 7 amas? 7 FTP FP FFP FT FT? 7 77? FFPFR FTF? 2 = = = : ets = aS 2S Se G : z pe sie on the ses of Br = ing hum wm ee re a ae = ———— = — 3 f f K 12 14- 9 44 AT- 126 — [B10 12 12. 46 105 Gon30 D © cont sim could ie ev 42 10: side ~ streets that you * Gu 3 holds chord, Gu 2 cont. yt. Em Gees. 26" C stip down. 12 2 10 16 zy * Ger 3 plays beld cords D Em Gin G D ooo OO t ZIPP PDIP PPP PF FP FO but Hon-ey Pic,-you're not safe (tr 2 cont. shyt G23" Em SOTO OT oC FPP APP PDR FFP? to the safety of the town. a7 4 6 Gu 3 pays eld cons Ge cond Bes) GOr.369 Em G pe- nic on the steets of 12 10= * Gir. 3 holds chord Gtr. 2 con rhythm. ® Em ger (te 3 wise + sustain i. — 6 B 5 @ 8 of rige ® Fe) ® @ iB ee fre ite a . i i a —= — AS ee (Ge 2 wa i picking omnes hhang the bless ed DJ. they con- stant ly play, ‘nothing 10 me a-bout_ my fife, —— * Gir. 3 plays held chords (se cords Hoxes) Gees) Dis Em c op. D 6 Hang. the blessed D. —= ayia so12—12 Gior.3.09 D Em GGe36 D Em Leeds side streets that you slip down, the pro - vin ei - al towns. you jog ‘round, Hang. the a ay 0) at ° c op. D G GB. D Lhang the D. Jhang the B,J. Hang the D. Jiang the D. J,hang the D. Hang. the X \ a7 4 12: 10 G3 pays held chords c op. D B G De any D. Jyhang the D. J,hang the Z the boy with the thorn in his side ‘Words & Music by Morrissey & Johnny Marr crest i mie ct once tae Stag Es Yi, i Rep Rede on Capon Sd Am Gm? Dat pao c D Dsus? EmyG Dust CF poe . oe oe rr te i if ft E HH taro J= 118 har eoutn Gtr 192 (acous) SGte 3 (alee 12 te) Pay writen par throughout, * Composite pa Chorus D cont sim. ad Ub, cD o DST FIPS ID? ——————— ‘boy with the thom in his, ee —— ) rs y Gua ea 7 LAS 2 g—3-5——5. I 3 tI. tI] 3 a Am ce fi eyes, By. Verse G look tf can they 1. How ‘Mandolin tacet es —— £ pais padi wan they How be = lieve they don’t sil and stil they don't be- lieve those words say z 3 ._4 ait ow ey be pads don't they ey it will will they peda And as. will they ever, lieve pada Amt padis ap |i 20 v4 ' : « Al . Mls att | Sh rn itl | iv | | ale all itl \ Alls { a8 > Rie dtl othe Sa 2 an ihe | fil” a Me orn i . al He il 8 ZS jl) “ly = | a ( &§ 4 | :| il | e + eo]! | if 7 a iis « | te : : ai THI ]| as © E é ne a he 4 . 1 z mil [ite 4 5 Hah coe He i 6 b — : | “ be HT on i an el | 2 9 _ ghilg ae NP litee) 4 : face) 2. How can they ce Gers 13 sot == s & love. for ws? | i 5 eyes, rm love in the Mandolin tacet c G ada te. they don't want pasa And this af = ter all a don’t be - lieve they it And be = eve pedi you want to ‘And when —— Ss - Amt = know? @'you need will they Who, Ayou go? Where. 2 A'you_ start how. pain pads fA 38 B65 ic) co Dsus! cD 6 Am =, TAS oh he on on, ob Gtr3 + mandotin Repeat to fade D Am o D cont. sim. rhythm cS 7 5 > Simp PO APPDAS I SIP FP PIF LSID DF DS II? wheal ad lib this charming man Words & Music by Morrissey & Johnny Marr “al Pops Reserve iad ee ei Sine. po second ft tat J=104 2c: teh £ 2 - $f 44, ia s_§ 5 et SSS EE ===: 7 f wight rnc & hors : pS Po 9a) — 122-7 — 8 ee = if = “Tstca atr= open Play written part throughout i nenstine) - oe, spt £3 p ? 42) 97-4257 7 — aoe (oma) (eye sting a lon z 19 (39-2) —12 12 si0— $ = =10— 10. Verse (Bm) (D} ss1— 1-2) tea — 308 pass - en ~ ger stitch hand = some sa3—7-a9— 7 et 36 (e9 (Fm) () wo) (BY) (Fem) (Dp) To Coda (etm) (eet) (Fm) (Gm) (Fm) (EyF#) (Fm) 2—4 10-34 * 43 NN (Gir= open rings) a7 Verse (A) (Bm) ‘out to » night ___ but 1 haven't got a tith man suid "1's jue - some that some- one so hand. = ‘na nonana “na this charm : : ing 2 This S&S Nana Coda Outro letrng. 49—10—4, “4 4 — 4 (ByDF) (D) (B) (Fem) what difference does it make? ‘Words & Music by Morrissey & Johnny Marr crests lone et Ura se Bunnies Ai Rept Reed alos Cipro Sed Giz. 2(n eae) ee fl mi ay 2bar count inc J = 163 JD Copa 2nd ict "BS Ineo Reverse Piano tees) p 2H, + s = - = oy a ee oe fet =a ve z~ vee rye Fe ting roughont SF Mic a are — = <3 : — 2 oa 0. 2 a2 [8 a a ofa a “Tab 0 ~ 2nd fret - Py Gir pa throughout » ABR D ape a DA ® OD © Ooo @ D 9® it cost Sh Se St Se open Stopes Gir. 2 (ee) ¢ ? J 2 (pt fy > (oO? = wo wee Gi. 2 wire 000) 7 = - — 2 2 2 2 ° 2 ope ° wo 3 — (D} (B} ° Pe 7 te All men have se = crets and here is so Jet it be known — The de-vil will ind work for id= te hands 10 0h, the de-vil will fing work for id > le hands 10-4, - e ve oe Gie. 2 wig, ext) (D> For we have been through Hell__ and high tide, think 1 1 stole and [ Tied and way? Bee 1 stole and then 1 Tied Just bee ©) (v9 (Bs, hea = vy words. are so light. ly be-cause I've on- ly got two see_me__any-more, to re - coil “a eee ee & & ee ] J 1. Te makes: 2 Tt makes 3rm wo E # oo ot ® © © oe ew Se 2 is / ————— “Rom uses R60 ot ot alot must be look = ing ve-y old - night sick and ill wo. to * tight fry? or - -—- [ 4 But Tm sill fond tr I witig2 Fig 2 2°Ge.3wiFig 3 Gt, 3 (eee) Fie 3 (Gt 3 wckean tone + choras Gr, I wig? (Wee ont) Ab, Girt a Gur 4 (eee) Tacer only = ‘wlan bright tone (00 apo) Gite. 4 (lee) 129486769 play guitar with... AC/DC ‘nctades: back in black highway to helt whole lotta reste the beatles Includes: day tipper getback rales ‘here comes the sun rovelution thle my guitar gently weeps chuck berry Includes: ‘around and around Johnny b.goode ‘oparticular place to. go black sabbath black eee blur Includes: Gis snd oye Eo ay bonjovi mace 7 {vin on a prayer wanted dead or alive You give love abad name Includes: layla sunshine of your love fearsin heaven phil collins Prcudes ‘one more night the corrs Includes: forgiven, not forgotten what can ido the cranberries Includes: holiywood ‘idieulous thoughts Zombie, dire straits Inches romes andjaliot Sultans of wring free Includes: allright now fire and water ‘wishing well david gilmour Intudes: {earning to ty eatne ing away ee bac buddy holly See Eons poe john lee hooker Ireludes: ott tm eeeenicr Peete mood b.b. king Includes: every day thave the blues Fock me baby ‘the thnilis gone the kinks Includes: fil doy and al ofthe ni waterloo sunset nee! Renae kula shaker cold turkey shot the shecitt jamming ‘Suerneamnairan metallica Includes: enter sandman fade to block the unforgiven metallica Book 2 Includes: erecping death Scot and destroy whiskey inthe jar the day we caught the train the riverboat song give prestey blue suede shoes bound dog pulp Includes: common people ‘eco 2000 Sorted fore's @wicz the rolling stones inewceer brown sugar (roan gn) eatistecton fumpinflack Rosh stereophonics Kestlooking Bick a part that’s new ‘the bartender & the thief Includes: ‘an englishman in new york fields ot gold ityou love somebody ‘cot them free the stone roses Inchude am the resurrection wanna be adored ton storey Jove song the stone roses Book2 Includes: foots got Tove spreads one love, suede Includes: ‘imat nitrate Stectraity Weare the pigs paul weller Includes: the changingman out ofthe sinking the legends of rock - over 60 great book & CD titles to collect! the who Includes: ‘ean tee for miles Pinball wicard Substitute the 60's Includes: all atong the watchtower ‘Gimt hendeis) born ta be wild {steppenwolf nat fade away (the roling stones) ‘al right now (free) hotel california the eagles) Ive and lot die (wings) the 80’s Includes: addicted to leve [robert palmer) eed you tonight (inxs) Whore the streets have no ‘name (a2) the 90’s Includes: everything must go manic street preachers) Jove is the law (the seahorses) wonderwall (oasis) blues legends Inelates: esata blues foream eeteie Stand thd weather iclvlorapraushan) sing ee fin hei) classic tracks Includes: ‘every Broath you take (the police) hoy foe Gini hendrix) ‘iggy stardust [david bowie) pop anthems Inches: angels robbie williams) ‘oad rage (catatonia) What can Ide the carrs) the metal album Includes: fade to black (metallica) five and fet die (guns 1 roses) fave bites (def leppard) Johnny b. goode (chuck berry) layla (erie clapton) ‘sultans of swing (dire strats) the platinum book Includes: ‘a design for ite (manic street ‘preachers) the riverboat song’ ocean colour scene) and many more! CD track listing 1 tuning notes Full instrumental performances (with guitar)... 2bigmouth strikes again aheaven knows I’m miserable now spanic sthe boy with the thorn in his side sthis charming man 7what difference does it make? alll tracks: (Morvissey/Marr} Chrysalis Music Limited/ Universal Music Publishing Limited Backing tracks only (without guitar}... sbigmouth strikes again eheaven knows I’m miserable now sopanic a1 the boy with the thorn in his side s2this charming man 13what difference does it make? ‘To remove your CD from the plastic sleeve, Replace the dise after use for convenient storage. Pole Titel ip Ret ig) (ee ° heaven knows I’m miserable now panic the boy with the tem eee (es this charming man what difference does it make? on the CD two specially recorded ‘soundalike’ backing tracks of each song... 1 full demo with guitar showing Pee RSL A 2 backing track without guitar for you to play along with on your own guitar. A rec eed 7) bi music [Ltd eee as pees ru quiae id from the tab more ul Ele Mi llc hile