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Kelly O Connor

Address: 7 Auburn Green,

Castleknock, Dublin 15
Tel: 0894073364


Im a creative art student in NCAD, studying Glass Design and Education

Im an all-rounder with a dedicated work ethic and enjoy being challenged

I enjoy teaching and working with people to help develop their and my skills further.


National College of Art and Design (NCAD), Dublin, Ireland

Bachelor of Arts in Design and Education.Candidate.
Received a scholarship to Corning New York.
I was an apprentice to glass designer Simone Crestiani.
Showcased in the C&G exhibition in Swords castle.
Awarded up and coming designer award.


BallyFermot Collage of Education (BCFE), Dublin, Ireland

Textile Design (AFH) Distinction, fetac level five (Distinction)


BallyFermot Collage of Education (BCFE), Dublin, Ireland

Art Design and Three Dimensional studies (ADT) fetac level five (Distinction)


BallyFermot Collage of Education (BCFE), Dublin, Ireland

Art Design and Mixed Media (ADM) fetac level five. (Distinction)


Leaving Certificate, Castleknock Community College, Carpenterstown, Dublin 15


Saint Dominics, Dublin 15

In my final year as a student in NCAD I was placed in St. Dominics as part of my
undergraduate degree. This is an all girls school with large class numbers. I
organized the art room as well as the learning for the classes, planning and
developing schemes and lessons during my time here.


Blakestown community school, Dublin 15

As part of my undergraduate degree I was placed in Blakestown Community College. This
role involved
planning and organizing a lesson plans to deliver to a class of up to 28
students. I utilized my skills as a teacher to guide students throughout my time at


Solas,Saint Catherines Church, Dublin 8

Art teaching in a youth reach program. I was teaching teens between the ages of
twelve to sixteen. During my time here I made glass Christmas ornaments. This
allowed me to make the most of my glass design degree.

Stuarts Care, Millanepalmerstown Dublin 8

As part of my undergraduate degree I have ongoing teaching practice throughout the

academic year. This role I was working as part of a team doing lesson plans and
teaching ceramics to 15 Special needs students. This allowed me to identify and
differentiate for the needs of my students.
Scoil Assaim, All Saints Drive Raheny Dublin
As part of my undergraduate degree my first placement was in a primary school. This
role involved team teaching with a classmate. Co-coordinating together to organize
lesson plans to deliver on a weekly basis to a class of 28 children. Here we developed
their skills in creative thinking through creating a story book with the class.


Dr. Patsey Bodkin,

Co-ordinate of Joint Hons
BA in Education and Design,
NCAD, 100 Thomas Street,
Dublin 8.

Interests and Hobbies

I am an avid traditional musician and have been playing the button accordion for over 13 years.
As a result I have travelled all over Ireland playing in music festivals. Ive achieved many awards
throughout the country playing music. I am also a fully qualified speech and drama teacher. And
have taken part in competive drama competitions leading to winning and accomplishing awards
in speech and drama across the country. As a result of this I was chosen for to be a part of a
stage school and Coolmine Pantomime Society since the age of twelve. Ive done three shows a
year and been a part of big productions such as Les Miserable and Oliver Twist. I have done tap
dancing, ballroom, jazz, hip-hop and Irish dancing and was a Billy Barry kid for eight years. Witch
open doors for me in terms of joining the gaiety theatre school of acting at a very young age.
Ive enjoyed doing shows and working with new people on set as well as working in teams to
organize shows and events.
Thank you for taking the time to read through my CV.
Kelly OConnor