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Woman the ovnership manual

- the concept of owning

- owning someone, something
- Dionysian cult and ancient phallic
- life of creative control
- desire to posess and be posses
- is universal
- study:
I do not think, sir, you have any right to command me, merely because you are old
er than I, or because you have seen
more of the world than I have; your claim to superiority depends on the use you
have made of your time and experience.
?Charlotte Bront
I do not want to be the leader. I refuse to be the leader. I want to live darkly
and richly in my femaleness. I want a
man lying over me, always over me. His will, his pleasure, his desire, his life,
his work, his sexuality the touchstone, the
command, my pivot. I don t mind working, holding my ground intellectually, artisti
cally; but as a woman, oh, God, as a
woman I want to be dominated. I don t mind being told to stand on my own feet, not
to cling, be all that I am capable of
doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at
his time, his bidding. ?Anais Nin
Keep me rather in this cage, and feed me sparingly, if you dare. Anything that br
ings me closer to illness and the edge
of death makes me more faithful. It is only when you make me suffer that I feel
safe and secure. You should never have
agreed to be a god for me if you were afraid to assume the duties of a god, and
we know that they are not as tender as all
that. You have already seen me cry. Now you must learn to relish my tears. ?Pauli
ne Rage
- *** determing the extent to which a woman wants to be owned
- *** desire to be taken
- by the degree of pasionate force
- it's an instinct, and EVERY woman has it, the feminie is to be taken
- owning someone as the personal property
- ** open communication is vital
- wrarely do relationships work if both people aren't of similar eductional and
socio-economic backgrounds
- don't bother trying to dominante a woman online, it comes off as weak and cont
- *** being yourself, man being himself
- what does that mean?
- more importantly, how does that feel?
- man's control
- *** it's vital that a man seek a real human onnection with a woman and not sim
ply try to match his kinky interests with hers+
- ** what are the limits of control?

- disciplinary element -> such as a ruller or a strap

- spankings
- woman should understand that he is there to being to dictate the broad strokes
of her life
- *** testing her receptivity
- and intelligence
- *** being prepared to own a woman
- knows not only that time is precious but that even a on-time meeting should b
e embraced with a creative love for spontaneously controlling the moment
- *** the possibilities are endless
- ****** the entire dynamics should be a mixture of control and play
- *** not needing to control
- *** being with ease with your power
- creating control through your personality, imagination, physical demeanor
- he controles everything, but without it being forced, feeling forced
- *** the art of control
- **** making sure she understands it
- he lets her protest, act oout and resist his demands WILLINGLY. He basks in th
er feistiness and her urges to resit the will of a man she does not know. He wan
ts to see ther feminin strengths. He wants to do know what she is made of so he
can envision the kind of submissive the will make
- *** introducing her to the idea of being owned
- he does not need to adverite on his chest that he wants to own a woman.
- a truly dominant man can simply be himslef and let his eyes do the work
- surveying a room full of people the way a military commander surveys a potenti
al battlefield
- ***** a man who takes what he wants ****
- ***** a man who is meant to own a woman approaches her simply, commands her pr
esence and seduces her at will
- He lets her know he is going to have her without even saying it. His confidenc
e is pure.
Without being overtly aggressive, he communicates that he is going to ravish her
and she knows it
- she wants to see what he is made of and test his charate
- she wants to ressit and struggle to see how badly he wants to dubdue her
- *** she wants to play the game, so you could make the rules
- ** it is vital for a man to let a woman know what he wants
- He

should tell her that he wants to own a woman completely. A casually submissive w
oman will feign shock
but deep down, or at a later point in time, she will be intrigued by the idea of
being a man s property
- ** a man can choose to tell her everytihng under the sun or only the broad str
okes. Some woman are more receptive than others and a man should speak according
- in sublt physical ways letting her know you are going to control her. He rest
his hand on her bak a he speaks to her. *** Once she becomes comortable with him
, he should move his hand anywhere he wants. Hand through her hais, grasping it
so she can feel it,running her fingers acros the lin of her panties, holding her
back or the neck.
- *** he knows that she is his
- by relaxed firmness of his stare
- *** a woman should feel a man's pure confidence in getting what he wants
- **** dominant man always controls the conversation even if he lets a woman spe
ak freely for hours on end
- she is made to understand that she is telling him things because he wants her
to tell him
- ***** an owned woman can be anything from a slave kept at tome in a servant ro
le to an ambitious leader at the head of her own company.
- ***** an owned woman is meant to be owned by a man and not by a society's beli
- as soon as possible, the man should set the tome for the sexual nature of the
- *** a woman should offer real and sincere reasons if she refuses sexual entrea
ties at te onset of a relationship. **** If she does not, the man should take wh
at he wants.
- **** in any situation in which there is true potential for relationship, the m
an should thrive on getting what he wansts and the woman should thrive on giving
it to him, even if she insists on making him fight for it
- *** some woman love the fight and play of power itself, buut in the end, want
to be subdued and controlled by a STRONGER FORCE; other women long to be objecti
fied and are excited by the thought of sercing like some kind of naked animal
- ******* owning a woman means molding her into your woman
- it's a lifetime experience, but doesn't happen on it's own
- *** it often requires hards discipline
- *** a man should discuss a woman's experience with being disciplined
- **** a man should make an immediate example of what she should expect in the f
uture as soon as the woman has earned it. This could mean a bare-handen spanking
, a formmal paddling, verbal humiliation, a writing assignment or anything else
that is meant as negative reinforcment.
- ** a man does not have to reveal his full repertoire of disciplinary control w
ith a woman he just met. He should simply set a precedent for a future life toge

- the rules of relationship are generally set within the first two weeks of bein
g with someone.
- **** the posibility of this depends on the attraction between them and by the
man's sheer abilities to dominante and on the woman's urge to tease, resist and
joust for respect
- *** she daydreams about having a man who protects her as his own in all circum
stances and at all times
- The psychology of owning a woman is layered with a thousand different concepti
ons and emotions.
To own a woman means to physically own her like personal property, yet it also m
eans to own her
psychologically because she trusts him with her entire life. She craves to be ow
ned in the simplest and in
the most perverse ways. She wants the hand guiding her by the neck, the hand tha
t harshly slaps her
across her bare ass and the hand that holds her tenderly. She daydreams about ha
ving a man who
protects her as his own in all circumstances and at all times. At moments, she f
antasizes about being
used and humiliated like a slut. She needs that completeness and she is ready to
do anything for the right
- **** it is important that ownership comes afte there is a deep connection.
- *** any man can't own any woman
- the urge to own a woman is a desire to control her but it cannot be based in e
gocentricity and megalomania; he should understand that there must mutual attrac
tion and desire
- ****** it cannot be a negative instinct to use and abuse nor even a compulsion
to feel that her feeling or opinions do not matter *****
- **** He wants to own a woman but does not need it so badly that he loses his p
erspective or makes bad judgments about a potentioal woman
- *** he ascertains if woman desirer to be owned because she feels unwanted or u
nloved, or if she wants to be owned because she craves the totality of emotion b
ound up in such a relationship
- to own a woman is to unleash the full spectrum of masculine desire from the ba
sest urges to the loftiest aspirations
- ****** he knows at a very crude level that he is made with a cock in order to
penetrate a woman's body.
-His physical and chemical make-up demands that he pursue a wpman and subdue her
; He knows that his seduction of her is grounded in his raw will to dominate her
and want her for his-own
- * a woman meant to be owned understands this in very deep ways.
- *** at a crude level, she wants her cunt filled and overpowered with his force
. She want to be uniquely desired with pure masculine, dominant energy.
**** At a mental and emotional level, she wants to please him so ardently that n
o other woman could ever replace her

- ****** He wants to make and create her and she wants to be made and created
- ** a man with a well-trainded mind understands that there is no perfect match
and his desires naturally adapt to realistic ends
- **** "He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself
is mightier still." - Lao Tzu
- *** "Class is an aura of confidence that is being sure without being cocky. Cl
ass has nothing to do with money. Class never runs scared. It is self-discipline
and self-knowledge. It's the sure footedness that comes with having proved you
can meet life" - Ann Landers
- **** to own a woman, you must first own your own life and yourself
- can't control others if you can't control yourself
- *** many men make the mistake of trying to gain sense of control of their own
lives by bontrolling a woman's life
- it might make for good emotional drama but it is destined to fail.
- *** once a woman submits to his initial contro, she will learn that she does n
ot respect the lack of control he has in his own life ***
- *** it will make her feel unsafe ***
- she will intuitively sense the weakness, causing her to seek strength elswher
e or from another man
- **** the man will also sense his own inability to control his own life and ta
ke out his feelings of failiure on the woman
- ****** many dominant-tendig men are caught up in frustrated work lives, or sim
ply have inferiority complexes and seek to have a sense of control of their live
s by conrolling a woman
- **** a woman will endure the severest of pains and sacrifices if she believs a
man is in control of his destiny and she is safe submitting her own future to h
- she wants securiy, inspiration and adventure in every capacity
- **** it doesn't matter if he is a CEO of a forture 500 complany or a roughneck
price fighter if he commands respect from everyone around him due to his porven
inner strength and his real-world ability to execute his visions b
- *** a woman will come to him because she knows this with all her senses; all t
he work is done in the preparation; 95% of the process of meeting and making a w
oman want to be owned by a man happens before he ever makes the slightes effort
in doing so
- *** self discipline
- basic level: high achievements -> high education, high success...
- internal -> control over one's onw emotions and fears
- *** a man should cultivate a deep inner confidence in who he is
- *** a dominant man is not easily swayed by other people's attempts to undermin
e who he is and what he believes in. he knows himself and his limits, but he is
also always growinw
- *** he does not run from his fears but he confronts them. *** He understands t
hat fear is natural and he uses those fears to advance his position
- **** grace under preasure

- maintaining of inner calm when there are greate external threats and overwhel
ming demans is the key to growing stronges as a person.
- **** a woman wants to ideally feel that she is with someone who can handle any
situation due to that person's experience and understanding of his own capabili
- ** serious study of powerful books
- a woman is looking to be owned and completely submit her to a man, but she is
not looking to be owned by any man
- ***** it is a kind of a paradox. A man who wants to won a woman is generally a
ggressive, demandin, controlling and dominating. He wants what he wants and will
take a woman with his full psychological and physical force. Yet, woman are alw
ays being bombarded by aggressive men. They want bo subdue by a man who already
knows how to subdue the world around him and takes her with natural ease. *** Th
ey want to be taken by a man who knows how to take
- knowing how to take (?)
- *** the most essential physical asset garnered by living a disciplined life is
sufficient financial resources.
- *** a submisive woman might not desire, or be allowed, any of these things at
all, but she will almost certainly desire to be taken by a man who can provide
some of these things over a man who cannot
- **** a woman who wants to be enslaved typically imagines herself as a slave in
secure and upscale surroundings -> the simple truth of survival of the fittest
in a capitalistic society
- **** she is typically willing to overlook many faults of a man and give hersel
f to him if she can imagine a life of wealth that frees him from the daily strug
gles of making it on her own
- **** woman generally do not like loners, recluses and men with social disorder
- **** cultivating friendships, acquaintaces, personal alliances, casual friends
, relationships -> creates an aura of desirability around a man before he ever s
ays one word to a woman
- *** a sense of humor not only add to one's life-loving outlook but makes other
s believe that you don't take your self or the entire world to seriously. It is
a sign that your inner confidence is real and you are not afriad to find comedy
in your own place in life
- it gives her a feeling of pride among her own friends and dispels her fears t
hat thre is something undesirable or weak about the man
- cultivation of one's body and one's wardrobe
- a woman should feel like a man is made to take her for his own by his mere phy
sical appearance
- In the end, it is important that a man simply be himself. He is confident in w
ho he is and what he wants.
When he sees a woman who he desires, he wants her completely for his own. It exc
ites him on the
deepest level to possess a woman entirely. He understands the extreme dynamism o
f owning a woman
and controlling her life. He is aware of the total trust he demands from her bec
ause he is aware of the

depth of his strength. It is erotically thrilling to train her mind and body. Th
ere is a sexual charge to
controlling her life and feeling her serving him. The extreme nature of the rela
tionship takes the man
and the woman into their own created world. It goes to depths that normal relati
onships only hint at. It
makes each person feel alive in the totality of their desires and actions. A man
who is truly meant to own
a woman is invigorated by his training of her and finds endless, creative ways o
f asserting and
maintaining his possession of her.
== chapter 3 mental ownership ==
- "If you wish to know the mind of a man, listen to his words."
- "One man tha has a mind and knows it can always beat ten men who haven't and d
- "I know but one freedom and taht is the freedom of the mind"
- "A mind that is streched by a new experience can never go back to its old dime
- **** It's had for an educated woman to turn her head off. That's part of the j
oy of beign a submissive. None of decisions are yours. When you can't refuse any
thing and can't even move, those voices in your head go silent. All you can do,
all you are permitted to do is feel"
- they urge to control will make them feel out of control
- they need to be taken charge of and constantly tamed
- They need to be taken charge of and constantly tamed. They
are challenging in conversations so they can feel their own mental vigor, but st
ill want to be defeated or
ordered to be silent. They act out so they will be whipped. They feel balanced w
hen they fully submit.
They cry out inside to be taken control of. They struggle physically so they wil
l be held down and
fucked. They want to hold hands tenderly at times but long to be slapped across
the face when they are
disobedient. They want to feel the domination in every fiber of their being. The
y want to know that the
man has thoroughly worked to own them. They require harsh discipline and they lo
ve extreme control.
- ** they want to be defeated, overpowered
- ordered to bi silent
- they want to be slaped across the face when they are diobedient
- *** they want to feel the domination in every fiber of their being.
- *** they require harsh discipline and they love extreme control
- *** a man must understand the passion principle that make nearly every woman f
eel alive and act the way she acts
- *** some collaboration has to take place
- before he officialy owns a woman, a man must understand how she is different f
rom other owman and how to embrate the opposing qualities she emodies
- **** body image insecurities *****

- "I knews she needed to feel a strong sense of security in her life"
- ****** strong sense of security
- *** avoiding facing the uncertanties of life, of the future
- "strick rules for her that she would need to abide by withoud question"
======= concepts =======
- strength
- security
- feeling threthens
- being yourself/ and not being yourself
- social aptitude
- subdue the world around him
- self-control
- self-discipline
- effort
- *** dictating
- *** getting permission
- desires
- humiliation
- craving
- trust
- building trust
- deciding
- ** the elements of power
- orders
- instructions
- pleasing -> pleasure
- approval
- constrains
- obedience
- being in charge
- discipline
- dominating
- dominating presence
- negative reinforcment
- commanding
- commanding respect
- respect
- your displeasings
- punishment
- insecurities / opposite of insecurities ->? securities, confidence
============= methods, experiment,style... =======

being kept at home in a cage like a pet

telling her what to wear, or not to wear
telling her where and when to meet,
you are there to dictate her life
make her get permission for every last detail
- includin the color of a dress, the height of her heels, the look of her pant
ies, the type of bra...
- getting a fee for her wardrobe to see if style of fashion suits your desires

- tell her to wait in front of the meetign place with her arms casually held beh
ind her back
- telling her not to wear panties, or to trimm her pussy hair in the way you wan
- instuct her to wear corset, stockings or garter belt
- tell her that you want to see her feel constrained while he talks to her
- make her write down that she will be spanked if she misobeyed
- if she said something displeasing, arrive with a disciplinary element in hand
(such as strap,ruller). *Hand it to her and tell her to go wait outside the mens
restroom for her punishment. Take her insde make her bend over the sink and spa
nk her
- telling her how you envision the relationship
- tell her that you want to own, control her completely
- tell her not to speak unless she is spoken to
- if he talls her to go to the restroom in a restaurand and take off her underwa
r, she should immediately go to the restroom and take off her undewear
- if he tells her that he is going to take her gome at the end of the night and
fuck her, she should UNDERSTAND that she will be gettin fucked that night.
- if they meet in private and he tells her to strip off her clothes to be examin
ed she should strip off all ther clothes
- if they are in a bar and he whispers to her that he likes his cock sucked, she
should ask him how he likes it to be sucked
- making her wear the things your want(or not to wear anything)
- making her cook and serve you meals
- telling her to moan even louder
- orally please me for hours, while you are doing sth
case Study 1.1_Jacob and Brianna
- "I leaned over to ther and told her to shut her mouth, go up to my room and wa
it for me on her hands and knees on the bed..."I held her with one hand around t
he small of her back and other hand up the fron of her skirt... I wrapped my han
d around her cunt and held her firmly. I stared straight into her eyes and just
waiterd... Held her so tightly that she couldn't wiggle away from my grip. Told
her that se needed to do what she was told. I asked her did she heard what I sai
d.I opened it and immediately saw her
figure on the bed. She was not precisely on her hands and knees, though. She was
on her knees with
her hands held behind her back and her face turned sideways on the bed. Her skir
t was pulled up to
her waist and her panties were pulled down to her thighs. Then I noticed that on
top of her bare
ass was a condom package and that it had been torn open to make it easier for me
to just take it
right out. It was such an amazing sight and so fucking erotic. She knew how to s
trike a pose to
please me... She told me that she didin't want to give me the wrong idea about t
he kind of woman she was. I responded by telling her that I knew exactly the ki
nd of woman she was. She glanced up at me with a puzzled look on her face. I tol
d her that she is the kind of who controls the boardroom but is enslaved in the
bedroom. She quitly laughed at my statement, but she knwer what I meant...she lo
ved every time I gave her an order...I explained to her that her work life was h
ers to dlimnate and control, but the moment she got home, her decisions, her wil
l, her mind and her body was mind. I wanted ABSOLUTE SUBMISSION. I would be her
dictator.When I told her, a blissful smile spread across her face.
case Study 1.2_ Gabriel and Addison
"She responded with a question what exacrly I wanted her to wear. I told her to
take her best guess, but if she really didn't know that she should bring other o
utfits in case I decided to make her change. She sent me a text back expressing

her outrage, but I just told her that I would see her at seven.
...I told her taht she needed to watch her attitude and she immediately challeng
ed me, asking me what I was going to do about it. I casually reached over and wr
apped my hand around the back of her neck. I leaned my head toward her and whisp
ered into her ear that if she made one more sarcastic remark that I would physic
ally discipline her for it...I told her to get up. She asked me why. I glared at
ther and repeated my order for her to get up. She cautiously sttod up, grabbed
her by the arm. She audibly gasped as I roughly led her to the back of the resta
urant. Couple of diners even glanced over at us when we passed.... I told her th
at I wouldn't be so easy on her the next time she mouthed off to me so sarcastic
ally. She didn't believe me, though, and the next time we got together, I ended
up whipping her with my belf so hard she was begging me to stop. I realized that
I needed to immediately set boundaries between pleasureable spankings and disci
plinary spankings. Ifound out where her pain threshold was and molded her accord
ingly. began to give her rules to abide by from the outset and she
loved it. Each morning, I made her go on her webcam before she left for class an
d get approval for
her outfit. Often, I would make her change two or three times before I let her l
eave. I ruled her
academic performance with absolute strictness, requiring her to get straight A s o
n every paper,
making her spend a certain number of hours in the library and ordering her to re
port to me after
every class with oral summaries of the lectures. Even with the harsh control of
her life, she would
still try to get away with mistakes or sneak off when she thought I wasn t paying
attention. I knew
that it would be something that would have to be corrected in the future but, fo
r the time, I just
disciplined her with an especially hard spanking in the evening. I was making he
r sit in the
front of my class in a short skirt with her legs slightly open and no panties on
. I had made her get
pierced and she wore a little metal clit ring with a dangling attachment with th
e words good girl .
It had to be visible to me from the beginning of class until the end. When she w
ould politely raise
her hand to ask a question, and I would see that naughty little thing, I would g
et so aroused. I had
an incredibly difficult time just staying focused on the class. Things like this
went on and on from
the start of our relationship and continue to this day.

======= bonus ======

notes from 50shades of gray
g: "I'm a dominant"
a: "what does that mean?"
g: "It means, I want you to surrender to me"
a: "Why would I do that"
g: "To please me"
a: "To please you? How?"
g: "I have rules. If you follow them, I'll reward you, if you don't, I'll punish
a: "What do I get out of this"
g: "Me."
A: "what if I don't want to do anything of that?"

"I would understand completely."

"Would we have any relationship?"
"This is the only relationship I have"
"It's a way I am"

A: "what made you change your mind?"

g: "By giving up control, I felt free. Free from responsibility, from making dec
isions. I felt safe. You will to, you'll see.