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This writing will be submitted in the style of a letter of Rogatory after consultation advisement

and approval Chief Nanya Shabu el of the At-sik-hata nation of yamassee Moors We as
members of the Any-yu-Wiya tribe of Cherokee Moors Declare the following United states code
60 and who land include (but not limited to) Georgia North Carolina South Carolina
Alabama Florida Tennessee We are the Indigenous peoples of the aforementioned land with
28 usc


geographic coordinates: 33degrees 36feet 36inches N. latitude; -S4degrees LTfeet LTinches W.

17L5 Yamassee uprising and The trail of Tears which include Missouri is a historical event,
which has been acknowledge by the U.S. congress passing the following resolutions HJR- 3 (HJ3
{H} HJR 194 S con Resolution 26 in which the U.S. federal government under the command


U.S. president Andrew Jackson rounded up

our peoples be they: yamassee, Hichiti, Choctow,

Cherokee, Moor olmac,Seminole, Yuchi,Washitaw and force them to walk west to Oklahoma
away from their traditional land which are illegally and unlawfully usurped by the United States
prior to the passing of the aforementioned U.S. congressional bills and the united nations
declarations on the right of lndigenous peoples our people's have had the most resistance from
the United States of America in exercising our right to self determination this despite the fact
that United states of American have pass presidential executive orders L3!O7 lmplernentation
Human Right treaties and presidential proclamation 7500 guaranteeing our right to exercise our
tribal sovereignty and self determination
The 1857 U.S. supreme court decision Sanford vs Scott known as the Dred scott decision, which
has never been over turn has made it clear that no descents of Africans can be a Citizens of

united states of American this current state of affairs leads those descent of African/Moors who
are unfamiliar with internationat law united nations 2nd decade of the wortd's lndigenous
people and the fact that they can now self identifu themselves as indigenous or tribal unable to
have a nationality or the ability to identify and clam their lndigenous inheritance in cord with
HJR 194
The legal limbo created by the Dred scott decision of 1857 coupled with the Jim crow laws and
the Christian Black codes of 1794 and the South Carolina negro act which are still use to this day
has put the descent of Africans living in American in a state less position this is cause these

decent of Africans to rely on united states courts which have a history of biased judgment and
decision against not only Africans but native American as well.
All over American many African people claim not only their African heritage but lndian ancestry
as well. Many as called African American families have lndian roots in any one of the various

tribes in American such as; Cherokee Choctaw, yamassee, yuchi, Seminole,

Yash itaw,Lumbee,Creeks etc.

Hjr 194 110 congress 1st session on February 27 2OO7 congress acknowledges that African
Americans were stripped on their names and in heritage
July 8 2003 president George W Bush acknowledge in a trip to Goree lsland, Senegalthat
slavery "was one of the greatest crime of histoq/'.
The northwest ordinance enacted by congres s in 1787 , which begins with the phrase


utmost good faith shall always be observed toward the lndians"

United States of American have consistently fault and resists, to this day also African Americans
claiming are lndigenous Status we have consult with chief Nanya shaabu from the At-sik-hata
nation of yamassee Moors in cord with the international law have declared proclaim our
indigenous rights our documentation has been legal recognize acknowledge certified
authenticated and confirmed as correct yet we still face persecution apartheid genocide rape

and kidnapping for manifesting our lndigenous rights as we are in title to by Law it is well know
that Africans in American who claim their indigenous status as native Arnerican/lndian are
subjected to persecution ridicule discrimination genocide abuse and scorn as if that is not
possible that they could be native American/lndian yet modern history is now unearthing and

uncovering facts to prove the assumption by Arnerican to be contrary archaeologicalevidence

Definition of the Unites states of America : UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC Non profit
Delaware Corporation lncorporation Date 4//19/89 File No 2193946 UNITED STATES Of
AMERICA INC Non-profit Delaware Corporation lncorporation Date 4/L9189 File No. 2193946

NONPROFTT Residency DOMESTIC State DE Status VOID TAX INFORMATIOhI Last Annual report
Filed : L99L


We have declared our selves lndigenous in tribal and claim our indigenous rights as we are in
title to in cord with HJ resolutionlg4 and HJ resolution 3 we still face an up held battle by the
Corporation United States of America. We who have declared and claim our indigenous rights
face skepticism ridicule and scorn for daring to declare ourselves as lndigenous although the
congressional records been apologies from the U.S. congress allow us to do so, since in

American's legalsystem we are look upon as not having a legalor lawfully status/citizenship.
We as lndigenous Cherokee Moors are not Citizens of the United States of American (Religious
Corporation) And as such we are entitled to protection accord with the constitutional rights and
the lnternational rights as well. Our Statutory Declaration of our indigenous rights put us in
conflict mostly and consistently with U.S courts U.S Government and the localSTATE and U.S
Government agencies We are All native American and White we all have a valid treaty with the

governor who is the Chief Magistrate of the State of Missouri via Statutory Declaration. UNILOS
Article 19 right of safe passage we are seeking clarity and the validity of actions taking by STATE
agents which have violated the various treaty UNDRIP civil politicaleconomic social culture

United Nations Declaration on the right of Indigenous Peoples(*en.pdf) United Nations Convention on
Economic, Social & cultural Rights, UnitedNations Charter; Article 55 &,56, Presidential
proclamation 7500,H.J.R. 194, S. Con. Res. 26 S. 1200, HJR-3

Affirmed to and subscribed before me this

auy of January

Affrant UCC 1-308 without




Notary /

Type and # ID


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My Commission Expires



- Notary Sear
_ _. STATE Orrrr ii-sou nr

?f i,eiJtli l? !il; I i [;i i",rl y




a ?-r'


Do Judge Theresa Count Burke Michael Kellan Mullen Bryan L. Hettenbach Dale Glass

prosecutorJeniffer M Joyce have a valid oath of office an lndemnity bond an Ernployee

ldentification number to be produced as evidence for the record with times places dates
of lnception?

Do any of the Judges or prosecutor in question number

t have the following (a)

knowtedge of lnternational Law {b} knowtedge or access to congressional records (c)

knowledge of or access to executive order (13L07) presidential proclamation {7500) (d}
knowledge of HJR 194 (e) oaths to protect human rights to be produced as evidence for

the record human rights to be produCed as evidence for the record?


What are if any the consequences of the above agents for not being able to produce any
of the requested information as proof for the record?

4. ls the city of Saint Louis Corporation with a charter established in 19L4 and is listed on
Dun Bradstreet? Can evidence be produced?

true that a charter is permission for a corporation to do business or a document

creating a corporation? Can proof be provided on the record?


Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri the Saint Louis Metropolitan police

Department Medium Security tnstitution Corporations doing business with or within the
corporate city of Saint Louis? They are still listed on Dun & Bradstreet as well proof in

ts it




favor of or against is requested for the record?


Do the city of Saint Louis and corporations doing business have members, citizens,

residents, subjects or clients? ls this participation mandatory or by agreement?


What are the stlpulations for participation with the City of Saint Louis and other
corporation? Are you required to give up any rights? proof of these conditions are
requested for the record


Do the CiW of Saint Louis and its affiliate corporations promote and respect the right


self-determination as is the mandate in lnternational Law via Executive Order (13L07)

lnternationat Convent on Civil and political rights and United Nations Declaration on the
Right of tndigenous Peoples? Proof is requested for the record?

10. How does codes ordinance rules regulations and statutes of the city of saint Louis apply
to people who are not Citizens residents subjects clients or members? Are these people
forced to comply? Forcefulty assimilated or are exceptions made? Proof is requested for

the record.

11. Do the City of Saint Louis its agents or agencies have any authority to promote or
practice slavery which has been prohibited internationally domestically and locally?
Proof is requested for the record?
12. Do the city of Saint Louis own land and if so where is it located? What is or was the date
of purchase and who was the previous owner? Proof is requested for the record
13. Can a corporation such the city of Saint Louis own or purchase lndigenous land? Proof is
requested for the record?
14. Do contacts exist for the corporate city of Saint Louis and the corporate state of
Missourito do business together? When did this contact corne into existence and when
does it expire? Who were the sighing agents or parties? What services do they offer and
goods are offered to purchase or sell? Proof is requested for the record
15. Can people contact with corporations? Are the contracts irnplied or expressed? Do the
contracts have to be bilateral or can a unilateral contract exist and be valid or

enforceable in a court of law? Proof is request for the record

16. Can the city of Saint Louis or the state of Missouri which are corporation enforce

obligations on people who are not citizens'residents or member?

17. Did Michael Kellan Mullen follow the mandate from the congressional records pg
A3222O May 11 L955 when he issued the warrant document ID number 16-STFTA-165?
18. Does Dale Gtass have the authority to keep Michael Fullilove in prison on a invalid

19. Can a warrant that is issued which violate RSMO 542.030 be valid?
20. Does any Judge have authority to make void a valid Treaty?

judges who abuse their authority or violate

21. Do judges have obligations to report other
their Oath of Office?
should the chargers be
22. The faulty or invalid warrant is the bases for a criminal charge

Trust in this matter via

23. Are any of the Judges administering over a Cestui Que Vie
probate jurisdiction grant to them though articte 5 of the Missouri constitution?
issued with a rubber stamp
24. lf the warrant by Judge Theresa count Burke {3646 lllinois} is
is the warrant valid and can this case be dismiss for its invalidity?

produce the cusip number and

25. Can the prosecutor attorney or the judge in this matter
bid bond for the record? 1422-CR00351-01



United Nations Declaration on the right of lndigenous PeoplesUnited Nations Convention on

cultural Rights, unit"d Nations charter; Article 55 &.56, Presidential
proclamation 7500,H.J.R. 194, S. Con. Res. 26 S. 1200, HJR-3

Affirmed to and subscribed before me this


au, of January

l- Produceldentification

rype and

#D 1! j!

Tlt'40rHv J. tdoYvitY

Nota:V Publrc. - N.liiri/ 5' lrl




Commissiorred for St. Lc'':ir: County


Commission Expl.res: Ap,rrlB, 2019

Commission # 15634648