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Over the past 18 years have proven to be

a reliable partner to Industries in providing cost - effective Water and Wastewater
Treatment Plants on Turnkey basis.
We provide a comfort factor for our
clients by continuously cultivating strong in
- house expertise. As well as latest
technology from our various principals.
The range of expertise in the company
covers Chemical, Biological, Mechanical,
Civil and Electrical Engineering.

Water and Wastewater Treatment

involves technology. Technology is forever evolving. In the interest of keeping
abreast with new and better technologies, we remain in close working relations with our principals from the US and
Europe. Although for most applications
our local team is more than equipped to
provide effective solutions, we offer the
additional bonus of being able to draw
on decades of international experience
from our foreign Principals.

Man Power

Board of Directors
With various experiences
and Backgrounds,
Supported by 30 over professional staff
with various experties and experiences

Scope Of Work
The scope of work includes :
- Problem identification through testing,
analyses, and pilot trials
- Process design which caters to
the clients specific needs
- Detailed engineering design
- Project management
- Supply of materials and equipments

- Construction of civil works

- Installation
- Start - up and commissioning
- Training operator
and factory staff
- Project financing, BOT, and

How We Operate
EPC Contracts for Waste Water Treatment

We provide a complete range of the following

procces plants:
1. Activated sludge Extended Aeration plant
2. Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)
3. Trickling Filter
4. Aerated Lagoon
5. UASB Anaerobic process
6. Dissolved Air Flotation plant (DAF)
7. Sludge Dewatering systems
8. Sewage Treatment plant

Extended Aeration

Trickling Filter


Sludge Dewatering

How We Operate
EPC Contracts for Water Treatment

We provide a complete range of the

following process


Conventional potable water treatment

plant for PDAM & Industry
Seawater & brackish water
Desalination for process and utility
Membrane filtration systems

The above systems consist of some of

the following unit processes:

- Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration

Presedimentation basins

for process or utility water

Coagulation & Flocculation systems

Ion Exchange systems

Demineralisers, Softeners,


Flat-bottom type

Mixed Bed Polishers for industrial
process water

Sludge Blanket Conical type &

Lamella plate type

Circular type with scraper

Sand Filters - Gravity and pressure type

Anthracite & Multimedia Filters
Activated Carbon Filters
Iron Removal Filters
Chlorination plant - gas or liquid
Reservoirs, Pumping stations
SeaWater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO)
Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO)
Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, (MF, UF)
Cation-Anion units - CCR Packed
Bed type
Mixed Bed Demineralisers
Chemical Injection plant, Deaerators,

Technology Partners
- Sea Water Reverse Osmosis
- Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis

SWA Water (Australia)

- Oil Seperator

Aqua Aerobic
System, Inc. (USA)
- Surface Aerator
- DDM Mixer
- Disk Filter
- Sequencing Batch Reactor System

EMO (France)
- Belt Filter Press
- Gravity Belt Thickener

Pieralisi (Italy)
- Sludge Decanter

Reference Installation
Reverse Osmosis Process

Bali Pecatu Graha

Located in the resort island of Bali, this 300
hectare luxury estate, complete with a 36hole Golf course, requires a freshwater supply
of 3,000 m3/day for its Convention Centre,
Hotels, Luxury apartments and watering of
the Golf Course.
The onlyreliable source of water is seawater. Using a Beach Well Intake, after passing
through a Pretreatment facility, seawater is
processed in a Reverse Osmosis Desalination
Plant (GE SWRO) with a capacity of 2 x 1,500
m3/day. The TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of the
product water is < 200 ppm.

This complex of luxury apartments in north

Jakarta utilizes water from a nearby lake

Pantai Mutiara

which is the collection point of a number of

small rivers. Besides having a high organic
content, the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in the
water is between 2,000 - 4,000 ppm.
Envitechs Water Treatment system begins
witha physico-chemical process (coagulation, flocculation, clarification) followed by
removal of organic material using Ultrafiltration
membranes. In order to bring down the TDS to
a level suitable for drinking and domestic use,
the water is then passed through a Brackish
Water Reverse Osmosis system (GE BWRO).
The final TDS of the water is < 400 ppm and is
suitable for domestic consumption.

Reference Installation
Municipal Water Treatment

PDAM Tenggarong

PDAM Bontang

Completed in 2005, this plant supplies drinking

At this city in East Kalimantan the only avail-

water to the expanding city of Tenggarong

able water is from deepwells and has a very

in East Kalimantan. This city is targeted for

high iron content. Envitech supplied a 150 litre/

major development as a tourism center. The

second Water Treatment Plant plus two smaller

Envitech EPC contract comprises a 100 litres/

plants each of 20 litre/second capacity. The

second WTP and a 50 litres/second WTP at a

plants use conical sludge-blanket Clarifiers and

different location. Both plants treat deepwell

water which has a high iron content.
Although the treatment process is conven-

conventional Sand Filters. The main plant is

built as three x 50 litre/second lines, with tank
construction specified in steel.

tional, a feature of the plant is that all tanks

and vessels are of stainless steel construction,
as specified by the Client.

Sentul Private Water Supply

This is a 100 litre/second conventional treatment plant to produce drinking water from a river
water supply, located near to Bogor, West Java. It is designed for expansion to 300 litres/second. This is a high-specification project with International Consultant and was won against
international competition.
The main plant is a single concrete structure consisting of two Clarifier and three Gravity filter
basins. The Clarifiers are sludge-blanket, flat-bottom type, and can handle the variable quality
of river water supply.

Reference Installation

Pertamina Balongan

Styrindo Mono Indonesia

This is a single-train Demineraliser with pretreatment filtration, producing high quality (4

ms/cm) water for Boiler feed. Plant capacity
is 100 m3/hour. The plant is built to Oil Industry standards. The CCR Packed Bed system
used by Envitech for this plant resulted in production of treated water exceeding the Client Specification by more than 10% both for
quality and for quantity of water. The chemi-

This prominent Monomer manufacturing com-

cal efficiency of the process also results in

pany in Bojonegara, Banten, wanted to substi-

lower chemical consumption and therefore

tute its high cost Desalination Plant with a Dem-

lower water production cost.

ineralization Plant, to provide high purity Boiler

Feed Water. With a Design capacity of 48 m3/
hour, the Demin plant was put into operation
mid 2004 and has consistently produced demineralized water with a conductivity of <1.0 microsiemens/cm and a Silica level of <0.05 ppm. By
using this Packed Bed, Counter-current Cation
/ Anion Unit the company has met its objective
of reducing Operation Cost associated with
Boiler Feed Water production.

10 Reference Installation
This is a waste water treatment plus recycle
water treatment plant, installed at the large
Unilever production facility in Surabaya. First
stage is conventional biological treatment of
the waste water, with some tertiary treatment
to further reduce contaminants, and this is
followed by a reverse osmosis (RO) unit,
supplied as a container-mounted package
for rapid installation.

Treated water from the RO plant is of high

purity and is recycled for use as boiler feed
water. Reject water from the RO plant has
a high salt concentration and is normally
discharged to drain, but in this case Unilever
have a process use for the reject water.

As a result, the installation of this plant has

completely eliminated waste water discharge
from the factory.
There are also cost savings in reducedpurchase of PDAM water, and in boiler water
treatment cost - this resulting in a
payback time of less than 3 years.


Reference Installation
Waste Water Treatment

Lippo Cikarang Industrial Estate

Lippo Cikarang was one of the first Industrial
Estate in Indonesia to have a centralized

Denpasar Sewerage
Development Project (DSDP)

Wastewater Treatment Plant. The 5,000 m3/

day wastewater treatment plant was designed to treat wastewater discharged from
various industries located in the 300 hectare
estate. More than 50% of the wastewater
consisted of high strength wastewater from
Batik Textile works. The treatment sequence
used in the plant is unique to Envitech in
that the wastewater undergoes Biological Treatment first and then followed by a
Physico-chemical stage. The discharge from
the centralized treatment plant has been
well within the governments standard.
This current project is of interest because
when completed, Denpasar will be the first
large city in Indonesia with a major sewerage system and sewage treatment. Project finance and main contractor are from
Japan and Envitech has supplied the Aqua
Aerobics Surface Aerators which will be
installed in the large aerated lagoon.
Envitech has installed several hundred
Aqua Aerobics Aerators in Indonesia and
they have the highest reputation for
performance and reliability.

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