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Braeden Harper
English 1
Individualism or Collectivism Its Your Future so Choose Wisely
There's obviously no argument that individualism is more important than collectivism.
The answer is simple because there can't be a society without individuals, and those individuals
are the ones who shape society. Reid Hoffman would agree with this statement because her
article is based on the idea that if a person doesnt shape their identity, society would shape it
for them. They provide the necessary needs for a society to survive. Due to that not only will
they benefit their life but all the other citizens of the society.
Individuals bring creativity and diversity to society, which allows the world to be more
unique and the world need to preserve that. Philip Pecorino agrees with the fact that society
need to protect individuals when he says In order for the government to preserve common
welfare they need to protect individuals, in his article Individuals vs.Group Interests. In addition
to the uniqueness that individuals give to society, they also bring new ideas. For example, they
promote the idea of equality, by not letting anyone place themselves anyone else. Another way
of saying that is that individuals accept other people not matter their beliefs, race or culture.
These ideas help shape the society and this create a safe environment.
In a society it's common for there to be chaos and mayhem, but individuals stay calm in
chaotic situations which allows them to feel in control. Therefore, individuals make great
leaders, not only because they stay calm, but they have the ability to think about the

benefits of each decision they make.due to the fact that, individuals develop a mindset that they
make the rules and that they can do what they please. For example in the

famous play Romeo and Juliet the two main characters fall in love, neglecting the fact that
familys despise each other. Romeo and Juliet therefore do what they want so they could be
happy. This proves that individuals personality and unique mindset, make them are better in
leadership roles.
Despite the evidence against collectivism, many people still believe in it. They fail
to see that individualism allows people to be themselves, while collectivism forces people to be
someone doesn't work as hard as others, they still get the same benefits as others and they
don't have to face any consequences. Even though that may sound good from the the effortless
workers point of view, but from the one trying their best it is very aggravating and frustrating.
Craig Biddle, author of Objective Standards says Collectivism sacrifice values and goals for the
greater good. The aspects of this argument are intriguing, but overall it fails to be a strong
argument against individualism because it is missing the part where individuals are the ones
making the choice to sacrifice themselves. Based on this the argument stating that collectivism
is more important than individuals is incorrect because it consistently forgets to mention that
individuals are making the tough decisions in that society.
In life individualism can be lost and in that event the society the individual(s) was apart of
becomes lost as well. Therefore the people need to focus on individuals because they are the
key to societys survival. Everything that individuals have done have somehow affected the
world and how its people think. These actions have to continue because if it doesn't the world
will go plain with not natural ideas or creativity and that's what society strives on. The world
needs more distinct people. Whos up for the challenge?


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