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Mod Loader

## What is it?
Mod Loader is an ASI Plugin for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that add
s an extremely user-friendly and easy way to install and uninstall your modifica
tions, without even messing around anything in your game installation.
The usage is simple, you just have to create one or more folders inside modloade
r directory and then drop the mod contents there. It's done.
It is recommended to have one folder for each modification you have.
## Installing Mod Loader
### Installing on GTA San Andreas
Mod Loader depends on an [ASI Loader](
d=21709), make sure you have it!
Then just extract *modloader.asi* and *modloader* folder into your game direct
### Installing on GTA Vice City or GTA III:
Mod Loader depends on [Ultimate ASI Loader](
mate-ASI-Loader/releases), make sure you have it!
Then just extract *modloader.asi* into the *scripts/* directory and *modloader
* folder into your game directory.
## Installing Mods in Mod Loader
To install a mod in Mod Loader, it's extremely simple, just extract the contents
of the mod **into a folder** inside *modloader* directory.
That means the following are valid installation methods:
+ modloader/nsx/infernus.dff
+ modloader/nsx/another folder/infernus.dff
But the following is **NOT** valid:
- modloader/infernus.dff
- modloader/.data/infernus.dff
## Uninstalling Mods from Mod Loader
Even simpler, just delete the mod content from *modloader* directory.
If you just want to disable the mod for a while, go to the in-game menu and disa
ble it or edit *modloader.ini* manually.
## Highlights and Features
- Do not replace **ANY** original file, never, really.
- Let Mod Loader take care of everything
+ Data files merging.
* Therefore you can for example have 70 handling.cfg files at modloader

and they'll all work perfectly fine.

+ Readme files reading
* No need to care about taking the data line from the readme file and pl
acing in the data file, Mod Loader does that for you too!
- Refreshable mods
+ Change or add the files while the game is running and see the results imme
- Command line support
+ See *modloader/.data/Command Line*
- In-Game menu for configurations
+ Go to *Options > Mod Loader Setup*
+ When the menu is not available, do it manually by editing *modloader/modlo
ader.ini* and *modloader/.data/config.ini*
- Profiles, so you can have many games in one.
+ Read *modloader/.data/ for details*
### Have you found a bug?
It's essential to report bugs, so the loader gets improved, to report a bug go t
o any of the following channels:
* On GitHub, using [our issue tracker](
* English support on [GTA Forums](
* Portuguese support on [Brazilian Modding Studio Forums](
When reporting a bug **PLEASE** provide the *modloader/modloader.log* file creat
ed just after the crash and give some detailed information on how to reproduce t
he bug.
### Supported Executables
Not all executables are supported at the moment, the supported ones are:


III 1.0
VC 1.0
SA 1.0 US
SA 1.0 EU

## Download
You can download the lastest version of Mod Loader from:
* [GTA Garage](, for the lastes
t stable build
* [GitHub](, for the lastest
(including unstable) builds
## Source Code
Mod Loader is a open source project, feel free to learn and contribute.
The source code is licensed under the MIT License, check it out on [GitHub](http
## Credits
Finally, let's go to the credits.

#### Developer
* LINK/2012 (<>)
#### Special Thanks To
* ArtututuVidor$, Andryo, Junior_Djjr, JNRois12 for alpha-testing
* Gramps and TJGM for emotional support.
* SilentPL for additional support
* ThirteenAG for giving me lots of pointers (literally) for the GTA III / Vice
City version.