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Life in

- A promotional video

Written and produced by Hannah Nightingale.

3. Treatment
3. Proposal and Objective
3.Synopsis and Content
5.Target audience
6.Time plan

The treatment
Cambridge is the place to be. We all know it. So why not
educate the rest of the world on the magnificently rich
culture that surrounds us here? Come with me to explore
and experience the cultural pleasures Cambridge boasts.
Nothing is comparable to Cambridge, the hub of
education, music, and food. Join in the journey through the
magical life that Cambridge creates for us all.

The proposal and Objective

Cambridge- the place to be.
Cambridge is one of the most magnificent cities in the
World. It is so rich in terms of its different cultures and
diversity. And this is where my intentions are rooted. I
have lived in Cambridge my whole life, and truly believe
that its a crime that people should go un- educated of this
beautiful place. Im going to change this. How? Through
my promotional video. The overall objective of this video I
will express the huge variety of culture that lives within
the city. Beautiful video montages will help me to do so. I
imagine the overall running time of the video to be 2-3

Synopsis and Content

The beginning of the video help the audience get to know
the city and familiarise themselves with it, with a few
shots of the cities many amazing locations and events
such as: the universities, museums, popular tourist spots,
and the parks. The opening sequence will contain a lot of
wide-shots in order to encompass and capture all of the
stunning surroundings. Which will visually entice people
and excite them about the city at first glance.
After this, I will focus on specific types of culture in
Cambridge including different Cuisines, using close-up
shots of the variety of delicious food served in Cambridge
that has original roots from around the globe. Religions,

shots of the diversity we have in Cambridge panning

across all of the many places of prayer and worship. Local
music, 360 pans of street performers and local bands,
zooming in on their instruments and variety of musical
talent. And People that all call Cambridge their home, the
camera zooming in on the many people, picking culture
from the crowds. This will express the great potential and
inclusion Cambridge offers everyone, whilst also educating
them on the city itself.
The video will end in the coming together of all these
different cultures, a montage of them all together showing
that although the amount of diversity that is present here,
we are all one. In Cambridge diversity and culture is what
brings the city together.
The mise en scene will be incredible, the whole film
working together to express the magical world of
The editing will be seamless and smooth. Beautifully done
so that the beauty of Cambridge is expressed through the
high quality editing. Bringing all of the different shots
together into a perfect montage of Cambridge culture.
There will be no special effects in the video, simply
because the magnificence of Cambridge speaks for itself.
Local street performer music will be in the background of
the video, the relevance being that the originality matches
Cambridge itself.

There is a great, well-experienced team ready to work on
the production. Charlotte Creek, Media production student
at Netherhall Sixth form Centre will be the camera
operator for the production. Here role will be to ensure the
camera is ready for filming on the day and to capture the
shots for the video.

Chessie Sharman will be the productions sound operator;

her job is to make sure the sound is at the highest quality
to fit the high quality video.
Andrew Redhead will be our lighting operator; his role is to
make sure any shot that requires to be lit is done correctly.
Finally, myself Hannah Nightingale will be Directing and
producing the promotional video. This means that I will be
working very close with the team, deciding on the content
of the video, directing people to ensure everything is
running smoothly and properly. The production team are
all highly experienced individuals, which insures, a
smooth, seamless, and overall amazing end result.

Target Audience
This promotional video will appeal to both male and
female audience members. Although the contents of the
video will be suitable for all ages of the general public, the
target audience age range would be 18- 40. The reason
behind this is that the video will appeal to students, career
minded people, and young families looking to visit or
move to a new city. For students the appeal of this video
will be the educational standard that Cambridge boasts,
and the social aspects.
Cambridge is known for its high educational standard and
history, and so this video would appeal to businessmen
and women from a larger more industrial city such as
London, that want to hold a meeting or conference in a
more suitable or appealing location such as Cambridge.
Therefore a good place to put the video would be on trains
or in airports so that commuters from the city will see it.
I believe that another target audience would be tourists.
This is because Cambridge is such a wonderful place, rich
with history, and culture. It is already is a tourist hub,
therefore targeting tourists is key. People from much

opposite cultures for example Asia, or the Middle east

looking to book a holiday would want to experience
something new and so placing the video in foreign travel
agents and such places would be great marketing.
It will have a BBFC certificate Universal. This is because it
is suitable for all and is not offensive in any way. It will
contain no content unsuitable for children.

Equipmen Pric
Job role


Profession 60 per hour
al filmCamera
0 Operator
Sound Operator
50 per hour
Lighting Operator
50 per hour
Director and Producer
100 per hour
Mic Packs 75
Final Cut



production will be 1314.

Time plan

7th 20th January

Write, edit, and finalize the

21st January- 10th


Sourcing locations
of things to be

11st February- 20th February

On set and shooting

1st- 2nd March


21st February- 28th February

Post Production

There are a couple of ways that the client could distribute
this video, the first being on their website. This would
mean that anybody that is previously interested in
Cambridge could see it and it is the deciding factor.
However, in order to reach a larger audience, the client
could put it on a more public platform. This would mean
that a lot of people could stumble across it.
Synergy will be used to create an even broader platform
for the video. As mentioned previously, the video would be
perfect when placed in travel agents; working with them
meaning the video will entice and influence people to
Cross- promotion could also broaden the platform. If shops
in Cambridge such as McDonalds, Zara, and H&M wish to
be in the film this could generate a wider

Although the video will be original, it will have the same
structure as some other promotional videos. This
promotional video of New York shows what the city has to
offer in terms of culture and diversity, and shows what
makes the city different than any other. This is what our
video will do.