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June 25, 2010

We, as supporters of a great humanitarian who was exposed too much hate during his life, Michael Joseph
Jackson, are writing this letter to address an ongoing and serious problem involving the proliferation of abusive
content on YouTube.

Any communication which disparages a person or a group on the basis of some characteristic such as race, sexual
orientation, or disability has the sole purpose of confirming prejudices and inciting hateful thoughts. It intimidates,
and it silences critics of social policies. Ultimately, it will lead to violent actions. By failing to address Hate Speech,
we suggest that such a behavior might be acceptable and can be tolerated.

It is time to put an end to a systematic campaign of hate and denigration against an artist and a human being who
cared deeply about his world and raised awareness of critical issues through the social commentary in his art.

Hate Speech on the scale that we are seeing in videos currently being posted and re-posted by repeat offenders on
YouTube is not acceptable in modern day society. Also, we must consider the impact of unchecked abusive content
on the most vulnerable segment of society: our children. What message are we giving a future generation when
they are able to see such content on a social network site? Exposing and subjecting children to abusive content
that promotes physical, sexual and, emotional violence can undermine the stability of their emotional lives and
their faith in adults. When we allow people to dehumanize others in order to justify their destruction, we
dehumanize humankind.

Many sites contain internet forums and news briefs that emphasize a particular viewpoint. At the same time, they
should not be allowed to promote hatred and incite violence. Nor should they be allowed to hide behind the
debate of how freedom of speech applies to the Internet. Hate Speech cannot be tolerated-regardless of what
medium it appears in. Finding constructive ways to address the issue of Hate Speech serves the highest interest of
Free Speech and First Amendment protection.

*These screenshots were all taken on June 25:


You can contact YouTube at the address below.

YouTube, LLC
Google Youtube Terms of Service:



Below are some of the repeat offenders which frequent these sorts of accounts which have become a
haven for excessive HATE SPEECH and abusive content. Please note that this is the same YouTube
channel as denoted above:

Google Youtube Terms of Service:

Below, we are adding some suggestions in order to stop abusive content from proliferating on YouTube.
We realize that their potential implementation will not solve all issues in relation to offensive content on
YouTube. Their implementation would be supportive of actions to address offensive content in a more
efficient way, however.

• *Word Filters

Word Filtering would help stop offensive content and harassment by blocking abusive words in the
creation of channels and user names on YouTube. It would also prevent the use of offensive user names
that are designed to gain attention and advertise offensive content, and prevent suspended users from
using the same usernames again in a series of derivatives.

• *Termination of users after repeated offenses

Google Youtube Terms of Service:
This would entail the blocking of specific users if videos created by these users get flagged and removed
more than a certain amount of times.

• *Blocking of comments, video uploads, and account creation if done via proxy servers

This would exclude offensive users from using proxy servers to hide their IP addresses and thus YouTube

• *More transparent reporting tools related to user accounts/channels

Currently, the reporting process takes several steps to complete. Even using a detailed “How To Guide”,
the reporting action cannot be completed successfully at times. A simplified approach to the reporting
of offensive channels would make the process more efficient.

Michael Joseph Jackson deeply loved this world and cared for it. With his music, and with his actions as a
humanitarian, he expressed this love. At the same time, he was aware of the hatred, the violence, the
war and, the destruction which is present in our world that threatens our society – and our very
existence as loving and caring beings. In some of his music, he showed us the darker side of our world.
He talked to us about what he perceived, and he took action.

Today, June 25, 2010, on the first anniversary of his death, we are honoring his memory by taking
action. We call upon YouTube, as a major social networking site, to start making that change now. End
the hate on YouTube, and send a firm message to the world – a message of true respect for each other,
understanding and togetherness. This sort of content is extremely harmful to children and very
offensive to any group. This should not be transpiring on your network. These are the same people
responsible for exploiting the Youtube service they should be banned we know you will act.

This video was posted June 23, just before June 25, and the comment "Happy June 25" was posted
utilizing several accounts of Michael Jackson supporters YouTube.


Michael Jackson Supporters & Fans

What is Hateful Content?

Hateful Content is videos, comments or channel information which contain "Hate Speech". "Hate
speech" refers to content that promotes hatred against members of a protected group. Protected
groups include race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual
orientation/gender identity.

Sometimes there is a fine line between what is and what is not considered hate speech. For instance,
it is generally okay to criticize a nation, but not okay to make insulting generalizations about people of
a particular nationality.
Google Youtube Terms of Service:

You may contact Google/YouTube directly

with the information provided below:
YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066
Phone: +1 650-253-0000
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

Google Youtube Terms of Service: