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Children in crime: Cracks in the countrys Juvenile Justice System

In our country, there are many children who are not educated, there is no
family, no shelter, child abandoned by their parents and considering also that many
are big and poor families. This is the problem in our country which it is hard to solve .
Law enforcers, Local government units, including also Barangay official in a
community united to solve, implement laws and regulations ant to avoid and control
crimes .
In reading all the case that was doing by young offenders, there are many
reasons and problems of every child. They committed crime because of poverty. They
want to help their parents by doing illegal just to support what they need day by day.
Sometimes young offenders also take some prohibited drugs which cause them to
commit crime. They are not educated and has a family problem which push them to
do things against the law. And because of there is a law considering a youth not to be
imprisoned that is why young offenders are free to commit they think they will not be
punished. The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) are the one
who handle a case of young offenders.
In studying this Republic Act 9344 act of 2006 which became effective in the
20 day of May 2006 which implements the rules and regulations enacted on the 19 th

day of September 2006. This act establishing a comprehensive Juvenile and Welfare
System creating the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Council under the department of
Justice, appropriating funds therefor and for other purpose. By implementing this law
this become effective there are many problems and and offenders become worse. The
Kagawaran ng Interior saPamamahalang Local, they are the one responsible for
promoting peace and order, ensure public safety and strengthening local government
capability. Also the BJMP they are agency also that is attached to the department of
DILG to direct supervise and control the administration and operation of all district
city and municipal jails in the Philippines. This was enacted on January 2,1991 by the
virtue of Republic Act 6975. This act is attached to BJMP and penology under a
recognized department of the DILG.
Youth offenders taken action to lessen or control crimes, to provides better
future for them. To give control to their actions against the law. To give the equally

punishment for the crimes they did. If only that every family can provide the needs
and wants for their children, guiding them in the way they live. Discipline them in the
right way by then children will not commit crime and any actions against the law.