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Lesson conducted in SK Tebobon Year 5 D by Miss Lydia and was observed by a

senior teacher.
The interview was between Miss Lydia and the senior teacher.
1. As a teacher, what are the challenges faced in teaching vocabulary?
- Pupils are weak in vocabulary
- Mix abilities pupils in one classroom thus teachers have to prepare different types

of materials for different level

Pupils attitude: frustration and difficulties in understanding; boredom

2. What are some strategies you used to teach vocabulary to your pupils?
- rote verbal rehearsal: saying the words over and over again
- Use games to introduce vocabulary lists
- Conduct reading session each day
3. Please state the efficiency after using the product based on the aspects of
a. Pronunciation
- Help pupils to pronounce words correctly with teachers guidance
- Pupils were exposed in general to help themselves pronounce words correctly

and accurately while listening to the audio

b. Spelling
The product used are able to enhance pupils ability to spell words correctly
c. Definition
Provide appropriate definition/ meanings of words by using pictures and

informative details
Help pupils to establish connection among context, prior knowledge and concepts

of the words being taught

d. Memory
Able to increase pupils memory/ enhance memory and learning process
Pupils are able to retain what the teacher teaches them
e. Application
The product used for lesson helps to improve pupils performance. It is effective

and efficient
- Appropriate with pupils level
- Product is well organized
4. When using the product, what is the relationship between the teacher and
- Pupils showed active participation in the learning activities and teacher was able
to take the role of a facilitator. Pupils discovered and mastered new concepts.
Teacher can act as a resource and help pupils to think critically.
5. Advantages of the product
- Essential tools (laptop, LCD, speaker etc.) to replace pens and papers

The product assists in teaching and learning and make the lesson more engaging

and effective
- More entertaining for the pupils
- Easier for the pupils to ask the teacher to repeat if they miss information
6. Disadvantages of the product
- Classroom management (teachers role shifts from instructor to facilitator/ pupils
need to complete learning at their own pace)
7. Improvements
- The activities given should be related to the topic (for example HOTS questions

asked after showing in the video should be related to the topic of Occupation)
Instructions must be clear and given before conducting any activity
Be more focused/ specific in tasks (individual work, group work or pair work)

8. Will you use the product together with the help of a manual? Why or why not?
I would definitely use it in teaching as I found it fun and interesting. Also, the product
was able to attract pupils attention towards the lesson. There are a variety of
activities and are appropriate for the pupils level.