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Small Changes, Big Differences. 3 days 2 nights. This is the best of all, bar none.

Prior joining this camp, I was not really aware of non-governmental organization that fight
for educational equity, does exist. This project was truly an eye-opening experience that
taught me the importance of having the inner quality and passion in helping the children, in
this case the children of Orang Asli because even though they are currently perceived as weak
in the academic performance, with great and continuous effective efforts in encouraging them
in education, success is a guarantee.
First impression; this camp was very impactful. I used to join a few similar programs,
typically English camp for non-Orang Asli students but this one is a few steps advanced and
somewhat overwhelming. Besides giving them education through games and activities, there
were donations too which were provided by those who concern to help easing their burden.
On my journey with the team to Kampung Orang Asli Tanah Gembur, I was imagining how
the children would react to our presence. Whether they would accept as a brothers and sisters
or as pure strangers. Surprisingly they welcomed us around them and I realized that they are
no different than normal children like the popular belief.
Earlier, we were revealed by our Project Director that it is typical for these children to obtain
primary school education only, and very few went beyond secondary education, and scarcely
any into tertiary education. Opportunities for education for Orang Asli children has always
been an issue in these remote communities throughout Peninsular Malaysia. Sadly, there is
still a high rate of dropouts among them. The dropout rate suggests a strong cause why
reading, computing and even literacy are still a pending issue among Orang Asli Community.
We as facilitators must play a part in giving them courage and spiritual advice to pursuit their
lifelong learning.
Being a greenhorn in this camp, I tried to play catch up with the other 18 facilitators who are
seemed very experienced and full of spirit in committing their duty. I was assigned as one of
the facilitators of Sea Lion group, along with Elena and Ezzatul. I learned a bunch of skills
and qualities from them. They both had become a great group companion (thank you!) as
well as dedicated teachers for the children and honestly I am very moved by your passions.
Now I have discerned why Small Changes is established, and I am very impressed by the
Small Changes founders who had come out with this novel idea, a mission of no child left
behind as well as implementing the equity in education. For these children, we should not
turn them a blind eye because of who they are. Although they are minorities they too should
be given their rightful privileges. While many of us may think that the Orang Asli are
backward and isolated from the rest of the national society, they may excel in education if the
full featured platform is provided.

Education for All. For a Better Malaysia.

Nasreen Hakim
Project Aspire to Inspire
A Malaysian Day Project.