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What must occur for seatwork to be effective?

All seatwork is graded immediately
All seatwork should be explained by another student for clarification
The teacher should monitor and provide corrective feedback for seatwork
Seatwork should be a review of the previous day's lesson

2. Which of the following is not a communication issue that is related to diversity within the
a. Learning disorder
b. Sensitive terminology
c. Body language
d. Discussing differing viewpoints and opinions

What is the definition of proactive classroom management?

Management that is constantly changing
Management that is downplayed
Management that gives clear and explicit instructions and rewarding compliance
Management that is designed by the students


Which description of the role of a teacher is no longer an accurate description?

Guide on the Side
Sage on the Stage

5. What developmental patterns should a professional teacher assess to meet the needs of the
a. Academic, regional, and family background
b. Social, physical, academic
c. Academic, physical, and family background
d. Physical, family, ethnic background
6. As a new school year begins, a 2nd grade teacher is making plans to hold a conference with the
parents of each student in his class. During each conference, the teacher will discuss broad goals
and expectations for all students in the class. Which of the following additional teacher actions
during the conferences would best help promote positive communication and a sense of
partnership with parents?
a. encouraging parents to share their own goals for their childs learning and development during
the upcoming year as well as any concerns they may have
b. providing a thorough review of the second grade curriculum in each subject and giving parents
time to ask questions about the content to be covered
c. soliciting from parents about any problematic situations in the home that they believe may affect
their childs learning and achievement in school
d. sharing information with parents about the teachers own personal and educational background
and his professional credentials
7. An elementary teacher holds regular class meetings with students. The teacher always begins
these meetings by giving individual students an opportunity to recognize the efforts or
achievement of a classmate or to thank a classmate for assistance with a difficult or challenging
task. Beginning class meetings in this way is most likely to have which of the following
a. creating a learning environment that fosters excellence
b. promoting students self-monitoring of their own behavior
c. building a supportive and caring classroom community
d. communicating to students high expectations for their learning
8. Students in an early elementary classes are completing a unit about their community. Which of
the following teacher questions related to the unit would best promote the students use of
divergent thinking?
a. What was one important thing you learned about your community during the unit?
b. What do police officers do to keep people in your community safe?
c. What are some things you can do on your own to keep your community clean and attractive?
d. What do people use your communitys public library for?


9. Which of the following strategies would likely be most effective in improving the quality and
effectiveness of cooperative learning experiences for elementary students?
a. allowing students to choose their own group members for group activities
b. providing students with direct instruction and guided practice in group process skills
c. delaying group work until students have had the chance to get to know each other well
d. giving students verbal feedback on their group work instead of assigning them a grade
10. A teacher is planning lessons for a new instructional unit. The teacher can best ensure the
effectiveness of these lessons by considering which of the following questions first?
a. What is the fairest and most efficient way to evaluate students achievement of unit objectives?
b. Which unit activities are best completed individually and which activities are best done in a
c. What background knowledge and experience do students already have with regard to the unit
d. In what ways does the unit support the goals of the district curriculum in this subject area?
11. A significant challenge for teachers in using essay tests to assess student learning is that such
a. tend to be difficult to align with instructional objectives
b. are ineffective in measuring certain types of thinking skills
c. tend to encourage guessing in student responses
d. are difficult to score fairly and objectively
12. An elementary student who has a mild cognitive impairment is likely to experience the most
difficulty in which of the following areas?
a. generalizing learned skills to new contexts
b. following classroom routines
c. working with peer on a class activity
d. identifying personal interests
13. An elementary teacher wishes to use scaffolding to promote student learning. Which of the
following is the best example of this strategy?
a. prompting students to identify personal goals that they hope to achieve whenever they are
preparing for an upcoming project
b. giving students charts labeled with relevant variables on which to record data they gather during
classroom science experiments
c. holding weekly geography bees with students to review important information covered during
recent lessons
d. marking errors in students descriptive paragraphs and then having the students rewrite the
paragraphs correctly
14. As students participate in digital environments with greater frequency, it is most important for
teachers to provide instruction on which of the following topics?
a. applying standard rules of grammar in online context
b. distinguishing relevant from irrelevant information
c. balancing recreational and educational uses of technology
d. safeguarding personal information
15. In which of the following situations is a teacher most clearly acting in the role of an advocate?
a. a 5th grade teacher requests a meeting with the school principal to express ethical concerns
about a colleagues professional behavior and classroom practices
b. following a revision to state social science standards, a social studies teacher delivers a
presentation at a meeting of the schools parent organization about the revised standards
c. in response to a district proposal to eliminate fine arts program in elementary schools, a fine arts
teacher speaks at a school board meeting regarding the benefits of arts instruction for student
learning and development
d. the chairperson of a high schools science department presents a formal request to the principal
for new science lab equipment and for one support staff member to be assigned as a lab
16. During a parent teacher conference, the parents of one student complain about the low grades
their child is receiving in social studies. They state that their child has always received high
grades in social studies and that the problem must be with the teachers instruction. It would be
most appropriate for the teacher to respond to the parents concern in which of the following
a. asking the parents for suggestions about what type of social studies instructions that their child
is likely to respond to best
b. inviting the parents to explore the problem with the teacher and identify strategies for improving
the situation
c. suggesting to the parents that they first explore the problem with their child and then schedule
another conference

d. explaining to the parents that other students in the class are performing well in social studies


17. Students in high school social studies class have been working together in the same small
groups for several weeks. Initially, students were diligent and engaged when completing group
tasks but lately the groups have been less focused and productive. Which of the following
actions by the teacher best demonstrates an understanding
a. having students reflect on their contributions to the group and helping them set goals for
improving their work
b. implementing a system in which group members grade one another based on their group
c. identifying students who are less productive and speaking with these students about their
participation in the group
d. establishing a highly structured, detailed guidelines regarding how and when group tasks need
to be completed
18. At the beginning of the school year, a teacher has students fill out a personal interest survey and
then meets with students individually to discuss their survey results. The teacher can best use
this information for which of the following purposes?
a. exploring ways of making content meaningful for students
b. advising students about their future college and career choices
c. identifying areas of the curriculum to emphasize in instruction
d. organizing students into long term instructional groups
19. Which of the following steps is most critical in developing a successful behavior intervention plan
for a student?
a. asking another teacher to observe the students classroom behavior patterns
b. engaging the students peers in motivating the student to correct the problem behavior
c. arranging a psychological evaluation for the student to rule out a possible behavior disorder
d. identifying conditions that prompt and reinforce the students behavior pattern
20. A seventh grade student is having difficulty in algebra class and is beginning to lose selfconfidence. The teacher analyzes the students performance on class activities and assessments
and develops algebra exercises that use the students identified strengths as a foundation for
acquiring new skills. This strategy is likely to
a. creating opportunities for the student to experience success
b. increasing the students willingness to attempt challenging tasks
c. facilitating the students ability to earn higher grades
d. lowering expectations to alleviate the students level of stress
21. Students in high school class have highly diverse cultural backgrounds. This diversity can be
expected to have the greatest positive effect on teaching and learning by:
a. providing opportunities for students to apply conflict resolution skills
b. enhancing students social communication skills
c. redefining students personal values and beliefs
d. exposing students to a broad range of perspectives and ideas
22. Which of the following instructional practices is most closely aligned with BF Skinners theory of
a. organizing learning experiences around one concept or big idea
b. emphasizing the use of open-ended learning experiences and questioning strategies
c. individualizing instruction to address varied strengths and needs
d. developing instructional objectives that define measurable and observable outcomes
23. Chunking is a learning strategy that is used primarily to facilitate which of the following cognitive
a. determining the best of several possible solutions to a problem
b. applying learned content or skills in a new concept
c. making connections between concepts in multiple content areas
d. managing or recalling large amounts of information
24. A high school biology teacher who is introducing a unit on the cell creates an analogy for
students between the parts and functions of a cell and the parts and functions of a factory. This
is an effective and appropriate approach to use with students primarily because it
a. supports students understanding by linking new concepts to to something familiar
b. requires students to activate their higher order thinking skills
c. engages students attention by presenting new concepts in a way that is entertaining
d. demonstrate to students the relevance of the content to their lives


25. You receive a phone call from a person who indicates she is now tutoring a student in your class.
She would like you to provide an overview of the academic areas which the student is having
difficulties. What is the first thing you should do?
a. Find a time and talk with the tutor about issues you see within the classroom
b. Call the parents
c. Put together a packet of information to share with the tutor
d. Offer to invite the tutor in to have a discussion and observe the child
26. Which of the following should NOT be a purpose of a parent-teacher conference?
a. To involve the parent in their childs education
b. To establish a friendship with the childs parents
c. To resolve a concern about the childs performance
d. To inform parents of positive behaviors by the child
27. Which of the following statements is true about computers in the classroom?
a. Computers are simply a glorified game machine and just allow students to play games
b. The computer should replace traditional research and writing skills taught to school-age children
c. Computers stifle the creativity of children
d. Computers allow students to be able to access information they may otherwise be unable to
28. If a student has a poor vocabulary the teacher should recommend that:
a. The student read newspapers, magazines and books on a regular basis
b. The student enrolls in a Latin class
c. The student writes the words repetitively after looking them up in the dictionary
d. The student uses a thesaurus to locate synonyms and incorporate them into his or her
29. What is the main purpose of a review lesson?
a. To automatize certain responses
b. To achieve mastery of the old lesson
c. To study the old lesson for further understanding
d. To discover relationship between the old and the new lessons
30. With equitable access to educational opportunities in mind, which does NOT belong to the
a. Non-formal education programs
b. Mobile teachers
c. Increase of scholarship and loan grants
d. Founding of science high schools
31. Which does NOT contribute to a reliable criterion-referenced grading system?
a. Departmentalizing exam for each subject area
b. Identification of standards for mastery
c. Teachers construction of their own tests
d. Teachers use of same standards for mastery
32. Miss Castros best measure of the test scores that is not affected by high and low scores
a. Mode
b. Mean and mode
c. Mean
d. Median
33. Beth, a junior high school student, live by this moral principle: I will treat every classmate with
respect not because my teachers tell me so but because I believe that I have toIn what level of
moral development is Beth?
a. Pre-conventional morality
b. Conventional morality
c. Between pre-conventional and conventional morality
d. Post-conventional morality
34. Report cards are schools traditional way of informing parents about their childrens achievement
in school.Which statement about report cards is true?
a. Report cards give an accurate picture of what a child can do
b. Report cards do not convey much about childs strengths and weaknesses because they only
show marks such as 78s or 85s VS or NI
c. Report cards tell childs level of intelligence
d. Report cards reliably predict childs acquisition of survival skills
35. Teacher S is convinced that his task is to bring the pupils ideas to consciousness by way of the
Socratic dialogue.To what philosophy does Teacher S subscribe?
a. Realism

b. Pragmatism
c. Existentialism
d. Idealism
36. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
a. At birth, there is often a slight regression such as loss of weight
b. Pre-natal environment influences the infants adjustment in post-natal life
c. Pre-natal period is characterized by slow growth and development
d. Prolonged and internal maternal stress contributes to infants difficulty in post-natal adjustment
37. Which of the following test allow for a comparatively broader sampling of topics?
a. Extended response essay
b. Short answer type
c. Limited response essay
d. Objective tests
38. Which score distribution shows the scores in a very narrow range?
a. Bimodal
b. Platykurtic
c. Left-skewed
d. Leptokurtic
39. A teacher clarifies her thinking to answer the question How shall I as a person in authority
behave to achieve the objectives for my students?This results in the use of
a. role modeling
b. transactional analysis
c. discovery strategy
d. demonstration methods
40. Which of the following types of tests is least applicable in measuring higher levels of
a. Multiple Choice
b. Matching
c. True-False
d. Completion
41. A big story breaks in your local newspaper. You want to use the headline as an inquiry device.
You might begin by
a. showing the headline and then asking for a volunteer to read the story to the class and interpret
the meaning
b. explaining what you believe to be the underlying causes
c. asking the class to infer connotations and denotations from the headline
d. describing the background of the storyy as you know it
42. Which guideline should be followed for behavior modification strategy to be effective?
a. Never use negative reinforcement
b. Work one behavior at a time
c. Use the same rein forcer for each class member
d. Do not use class pressure
43. Failure syndrome is one student problem type met by teachers.Which of the following is NOT a
characteristic of students under this problem type?
a. Expect to fail
b. Are convinced cannot do the work
c. Are duly anxious about making mistakes
d. Often give-up easily
44. Which one is an examination of member work by the group where the group offers suggestion on
how to improve the work?
a. Forum
b. Fish bowl
c. Round table discussion
d. Critiquing session


45. To commit to memory the differences between stalactites and stalagmites, you tell yourself:
Stalactites grow from the ceiling. Stalagmites grow from the Ground What principle did you
a. Organization
b. Association
c. Meaningfulness
d. Attention
46. To come closer to the truth we need to go back to the things themselves. This is the advice of
a. pragmatist
b. idealist
c. behaviorist
d. phenomenology
47. The professional role of teachers has changed from the sage on the stage to guide from the
side. This implies that
a. teachers must cling to their power to improve roles
b. teachers stress on their role as lecturer
c. teachers must project an Almighty-Omniscient image
d. teachers must act more as facilitators of learning
48. It is advisable to provide manipulative materials to a child in his early childhood to develop
a. reading readiness skills
b. social skills
c. numerical skills
d. pre-handwriting skills
49. The idea of preserving nature and not excessively interfering in its operation or else suffer some
consequences is an influence of
a. Taoism tradition
b. Hindu tradition
c. Confucianist tradition
d. Buddhist tradition
50. Teacher V is convinced that students should know something about the world in which they live
for this is the best guide in conducting their daily affairs.Teachers Vs thinking is in line with that
a. an existentialist
b. an idealist
c. a realist
d. a pragmatist
51. Which of the following is considered the most important characteristic of a good test?
a. Administrability
b. Reliability
c. Validity
d. Usability
52. The distribution of scores in Chemistry examination is drawn and found to be positively
skewed.This means that
a. the scores are all above the mean
b. there is a lumping of scores at the right side of the curve
c. the scores are all below the mean
d. there is a lumping of scores at the left side of the curve
53. To use Maslows ideas on Hierarchy of Needs, which one should teachers AVOID to develop selfdiscipline among learners?
a. Create a supportive environment
b. Help students develop self-image
c. Believe in students
d. Make learners realize that their worth is determined in how they
54. Which is NOT a characteristic of dynamic punishment?
a. Appropriate
b. Fair
c. Formative
d. Ruthless
55. The developmental task of learning to get along with age-mates belongs to what developmental
stage according to Havighurst?


Early childhood
Early adulthood
Middle childhood

56. One approach to test scores interpretation is criterion referencing.Which ones characterize
criterion referencing?
I. It depends on a detailed specification of a behavioral domains of interest
II. It compares a students performance to standard indication of mastery
III. It makes use of percentile rank and standard scores
IV. It is interpreting test performance by comparing a single students score with the scores
earned by a group.
a. III and IV
b. II and IV
c. I and II
d. II and III
57. Teacher P holds that values are culturally or ethically relative and depend on group or personal
preferences that vary with the situation, time, and place.The teachers thinking is more of
a. a realist
b. an idealist
c. an existentialist
d. a pragmatist
58. What follows is a lesson objective in Literature:Using the six description of the elements of a
good short, identify in writing the six elements in the short story by O Henry with complete
accuracy.Applying the Robert Magers principle on writing performance objective, which is the
criterion measure?
a. The six elements in the short story by O Henry with complete accuracy
b. Identify in writing
c. With complete accuracy
d. Using the six description of elements for a short story
59. Rodel is very aloof and cold in his relationship with his classmates.Which basic goal must not
have been attained by Rodel during his developmental years according to Ericksons theory on
psychosocial development?
a. Autonomy
b. Initiative
c. Generativity
d. Trust
60. The discrimination index 1.0 means that
a. 50% of the lower students got the item correctly and 50% of the upper students got it wrongly
b. there is no difference between the lower and upper student
c. all lower students got an item correctly and upper student got it
d. all students in the upper group got the item correctly, no student in the lower group got it
61. Which of the following is NOT true of the human brain according to research?
a. The brain is like a sponge absorbing information until it becomes saturated
b. A child has more than 115 billion neurons
c. No one develops his/her brain power to the fullest
d. 95 to 96% of the brain power is unused
62. According to research, persons learn least with what they
a. see and hear
b. touch and taste
c. hear and touch
d. smell and taste
63. Which is a characteristic of a Filipino child-rearing practices?
a. High nurturance
b. Supporting of critical thinking
c. Low discipline
d. Low independence training


64. These skills given below are integrating thinking skills EXCEPT
a. synthesizing
b. organizing
c. summarizing
d. focusing on details
65. Teacher D gave a test in grammar, she found out that one half of the class scored very low. She
plans to give another test to the pupils who scored very low to find out exactly where they are
weak. Which type of test is this?
a. Achievement Test
b. Diagnostic Test
c. Placement Test
d. Intelligence Test
66. What follows is a lesson objective. TO SOLVE 80% OF THE GIVEN PROBLEMS
Applying Robert F. Magers principle on writing performance objective which is lacking?
a. Condition
b. Performance
c. Material
d. Criterion Measure
67. Early childhood is regarded as the teachable moment for acquiring skill because children at this
a. are healthy and enjoy whatever they undertake
b. enjoy games
c. are growing fast
d. are adventurous
68. Which is NOT a characteristic of anecdotal records?
a. Incident is objectively described
b. Incident recorded is significant
c. Factual
d. Incident is recorded long after it has happened
69. Which ones can tell a teacher whether a score distribution appears compressed or expanded?
a. Standards scores
b. Measures of correlation
c. Measures of variability
d. Measures of central tendency
70. Which was the first body to perform regulatory functions over the teaching profession?
a. National Board for Teachers
b. Professional Regulation Commission
c. Civil Service Commission
d. Board for Professional Teachers
71. What follows in an analogy type of test.
Hand is to elbow as foot is to
a) muscle
b) knees
c) leg d) toes
What is WRONG with this analogy type of test?
a. The relationship of the first pair of words is not equal to the relationship of the second
b. The items are not grammatically consistent
c. The options are constructed in parallel language
d. The distracters are not plausible
72. Feedback
a. Feedback
b. Feedback
c. Feedback
d. Feedback

is said to be the breakfast of champions.Which one does this imply for schools?
focuses on problem correction
scares school administrators and teachers
is the basis for compensation
is essential in the continuing quality improvement of the school

73. Gage and Berliner believe that lecture is appropriate when

a. students are below average in ability
b. the information is not available elsewhere
c. higher cognitive learning is sought
d. the information is complex
74. One moral hazard in late childhood is the development of moral code based on peer or mass
media concept of right and wrong.What can be one educational implication of this?
a. Parents and teachers must discourage children to view TV.

b. Parents and teachers must integrate discussion of peer and mass media concept of right and
wrong in the class
c. Parents and teachers must limit their children exposure to mass media
d. Parents and teachers must advise children to avoid peer group
75. What is the first step in constructing achievement test?
a. Determine the content and skills covered by the test as gleaned from the lesson objectives
b. Determine the highest rating to be given to students
c. Assess the teaching capability of teachers
d. Determine the characteristics of the students
76. Teacher begins her lesson with warm-up exercises by focusing on specific bits of information to
maximize student participation.What type of questions will she be asking?
a. Divergent
b. High-level
c. Evaluation
d. Convergent
77. The use of a table specifications assures the teacher and the pupils of a test with
a. reliability
b. predictive validity
c. construct validity
d. content validity
78. The claim of a benefactor to the gratitude of his protegee is called
a. alienable right
b. acquired right
c. imperfect right
d. perfect right
79. A quiz is classified as a
a. diagnostic test
b. formative test
c. summative test
d. placement test
80. To test if values have really been imbibed, a teacher should use which value measuring
a. Unobtrusive observation and anecdotal records
b. Projective techniques and moral dilemmas
c. Rating scales and conflict stories
d. Likert scales and rating scales
81. Suffering is caused by selfish desires.Whose teaching was this?
a. Lao tzu
b. Mohammad
c. Confucius
d. Buddha
82. Which developmental stage is claimed by psychologist to be the troublesome stage, gang age
the age of conformity or the age of creativity?
a. Late childhood
b. Early adulthood
c. Early childhood
d. Adolescence
83. The western thinker who emphasized the God-man relationship and the role of reason the
supreme faculty of man in morality was
a. Thomas Hobbes
b. St. Augustine
c. Thomas Aquinas
d. Aristotle


84. In what situation may a teacher NOT repeat a question?

a. When a teacher is dictating a question
b. When a teacher is in a large room with poor acoustics
c. When an inattentive student fails to get the question
d. When the question is multi-faceted
85. Which is the first step in planning for an achievement test?
a. Decide on the length of the test
b. Define the instructional objective
c. Select the types of test items to use
d. Build a table of specification
86. The eastern philosophy, which asserts that ones duty is to achieve self-annihilation and
absorption with the great-self is
a. Hinduism
b. Buddhism
c. Taoism
d. Confucianism
87. Teacher D wants to develop moral reasoning among her pupils.Which one should her/she
a. Concept mapping
b. Games
c. Conflict stories
d. Simulation
88. The process whereby a culture is transmitted from members of one society to another is called?
a. Integration
b. Acculturation
c. Assimilation
d. Enculturation
89. Which of the following can a computer NOT do as an information processor
a. Analyze test and test items
b. Score test and other relevant information on one or many pupils
c. Interpret test results
d. Create test data files
90. The Third Elementary Education Project (TEEP) was a project of the Department of Education
(DepEd). Its purpose was to improve the quality of and access to elementary education with the
particular objectives of strengthening the capacity of DepEd to deliver elementary education
more effectively; improving pupil participation, learning achievement and reducing dropout rate;
and actively involving the community and local government units. Where was this implemented?
a. 26-SRA Provinces in the Philippines
b. the depressed deprived and under solved in Mindanao
c. 20 poorest of the poor provinces in the Philippines
d. the Cordillera Administrative Region
91. Which was William James pragmatic thought?
a. Morality is for persons
b. What is right or wrong depends on the situation
c. Something is true if it works
d. Everything in this world is tentative a series of means and ends
92. Teacher C wants to develop in his pupils the skill to organize ideas.Which one fits?
a. Simulation
b. Brainstorming
c. Game
d. Concept mapping
93. While teacher N teaches, she moves from general statements to particular instances and
applications.She is engaged in
a. Deductive logic
b. Inductive logic
c. Intuition
d. Philosophical analysis


94. Which interactive teaching should be AVOIDED?

a. Using multiple-response strategy
b. Using put-down strategy
c. Asking more divergent questions
d. Asking more evaluative questions
95. Which does an expanded score distribution imply?
a. A comparatively uniform set of scores
b. A comparatively homogeneous score distribution
c. A comparatively higher standard deviation
d. A comparatively lower standard deviation
96. For effective classroom management which one should be avoided?
a. Stick to classroom regulation consistently
b. Use classroom regulation to establish classroom routine
c. Involve students in the formulation of classroom regulation
d. Make as many regulations as you can
97. Which guidelines should be observed for effective behavior modification?
a. Do not use group pressure
b. Use the same reinforced for each class member
c. Work on a behavior at a time
d. Never use negative reinforcement
98. Which statement correctly applies to panel discussions?
a. The teacher decides on the topic
b. Require previous research or study
c. Are spontaneously generated
d. Require simple skills on the part of the students
99. Which is NOT positive verbal praise term?
a. Terrible
b. Fantastic
c. Wonderful
d. Splendid
a. That
b. That
c. That
d. That

Which of the following is assumed under the doctrine of IN LOCO PARENTIS?

students are not yet ready to handle full adult responsibility
parents have the primary duty to educate their children
students are prone to commit infractions of disciplinary conduct
students should be under parents monitoring and control

Which type of test is least useful in education diagnosis?
a. Multiple Choice item
b. Matching item
c. True-False item
d. Short Answer item
To enhance quality, efficiency, and access to elementary education, the New Elementary
School Curriculum took effect in June, 1983.Which is NOT a feature of NESC?
a. Congested curriculum
b. Emphasis on mastery learning
c. Strong emphasis on the threes
d. Emphasis on values education
From the results of a math achievement test, Teacher Z noticed that a number of students
failed to get the items on fraction.Which one should the teacher do next to help the pupils
a. Conduct remedial teaching
b. Confer with the parents of the children concerned and ask for their help
c. Prepare and administer diagnostic test
d. Revise test items


Based on the Code of Ethics for Teachers, which teachers practice is unethical?
a. Giving due credit for the work of others
b. Continuing professional education
c. Manifesting pride in his/her profession
d. Proselytizing in the classroom
A teacher who equates authority with power usually does the following EXCEPT
a. shames
b. develops self-respect in every pupil
c. retaliates
d. intimidates
The following are moves of the government to democratize access to education and
training opportunities EXCEPT one
a. Employment of para-teachers
b. Opening of barangay high schools
c. In-service training for teachers
d. Implementation of Philippine Equivalency Placement test
Who of the following will trust least the senses as a source of knowledge?
a. Idealists
b. Existentialists
c. Realists
d. Pragmatist
How do you call an achievement test in which scores are interpreted in terms of relative
ranking within a defined comparable group?
a. Proficiency test
b. Diagnostic test
c. Norm-reference test
d. Criterion- reference test
The cephalocaudal law of developmental direction states that development
a. spreads outward from the extremities to the center
b. spreads outward from the central axis of the body to the extremities
c. spreads over the body from the foot to the head
d. spreads over the body from head to foot
The philosophers who maintain that truth exists in an objective order that is independent
of the knower are the
a. pragmatists
b. existentialists
c. idealists
d. realists
The following holds true to the discovery method EXCEPT ONE
a. it applies previously learned skills and content
b. it is inductive exercise
c. it requires careful observation and systematic research
d. it requires synthesis of thoughts for the learner to perceive something that he has already known
Teacher D observed one of her pupils to be exceptionality quiet and staring out the
window. At the end of the period the teacher wrote down the behavior of the pupil on that day
and added her own interpretation of the observed behavior.What did the teacher accomplish?
a. Sociometric form
b. Interest inventory
c. Anecdotal record
d. Observation note
Robert Hutchins argued that education should cultivate the intellect as well as the
harmonious development of all human faculties. Since human nature is rational, knowledge
resides in an unchanging, absolute, and universal truth. Hutchins is more of a
a. a progressivist
b. a reconstructionist
c. a perennialist
d. an essentialist
Nicole is 9 years of age.Following Piagets Development Theory, at what stage of
development is she?
a. Preoperational

b. Concrete operational
c. Sensorimotor
d. Formal-operational
Which thrust on value formation is meant to help the students make use of their thinking
and scientific investigation to decide on topics and question about values
a. Value clarification
b. Moral development
c. Analysis
d. Value inculcation
Which of this maybe used by teachers to provide students opportunities for meeting their
needs and other areas of concern?
a. Problem checklist
b. Educational or occupational information
c. Personal inventories
d. Tests
Education is a means to upward mobility, DepEd reaches out to every school child even in
remote places where the number of pupils does not warrant the creation of a regular class.
DedEd does this through the
a. Teacher-Child Parent Approach
b. Drop-out Intervention Program
c. Non-Formal Education Program
d. Mobile Teaching Program
The Filipino tendency to resort to the easy way out from a term paper as a course
requirement by hiring a ghost writer or by passing a photocopied term paper proved which
Filipino trait?
a. Lack of discipline
b. Ambivalence
c. Anticipation
d. Pakikisama
Educators claim that because of the revolution in technology, which literacy is a
fundamental as the 3Rs?
a. Computer literacy
b. Rational thinking
c. Right conduct
d. Functional literacy
In line with the strengthening of ethical and spiritual values, religious instruction shall
take place in the public schools with the following conditions EXCEPT one.
a. The government shoulders the expense for such teaching
b. Parents/guardians express their desire in writing that their children/wards be taught religion in
c. It is optional
d. The instructors must be designated approved by the religious leaders of the religion to which
children/wards belong
Which curricular move served to strengthen spiritual and ethical values?
a. Re-introducing Science as a subject in Grade 1
b. Integration of creative thinking in all subjects
c. Reducing the number of subject areas into the skill subjects
d. Introduction of Value Education as a separate subject area
As Filipinos, our sense of humor is sometimes inimical to growth and developmental
persons and as a nation because with this trait we tend to
a. take things personally
b. escape from our responsibility
c. take serious matters lightly
d. wait for others to tell us what to do


A test consists of a graph showing the relationship between age and population following
it is a series of true-false items based on the graph.Which type of test does this illustrate?
a. Interpretive
b. Problem solving
c. Laboratory exercise
d. Performance
A teacher notices glaring mispronunciation of vowel sounds among her students
necessitating more practice.Which of the following activities would be a most help?
a. Review
b. Assignments
c. Dictionary use
d. Drill
Marking on a normative basis means that
a. grade show how a student achieved relative to other students
b. fewer students must get high mark
c. some students must fails
d. the normal curve of distribution should be followed
a. The
b. The
c. The
d. The

Who will benefit from Braille numbers in elevators?


In the original state of nature, people were uncorrupted it is the artificialities of society
that corrupt people.This was taught by
a. Locke
b. Rousseau
c. Lao Tzu
d. Confucius
In KrathwolsTaxonomy of Objectives in the affective domain the highest level concerned
a. valuing
b. characterization
c. receiving
d. responding
It has been found out that the more parents talk to their pre-school age children the
sooner the children learn to talk.This shows that
a. development occurs as a result of maturation
b. development is aided by stimulation
c. there are social expectations for every stage of development
d. pre-school age as a developmental stage has its hazards
The American moral philosopher who popularized the ethical principle that the rightness
or wrongness of an act depends on the situation was
a. Charles Pierce
b. William James
c. John Dewey
d. Joseph Fletcher
Bernadette enjoys games like scrabble, anagrams and password.Which type of
intelligence is strong in Bernadette?
a. Spatial intelligence
b. Interpersonal Intelligence
c. Linguistic intelligence
d. Logical mathematical intelligence
A group of people asserts that their culture is superior to another.This exemplifies
a. cultural conflict
b. ethnocentrism
c. cultural gap
d. norm conflict
Educational institutions are mandated by the Philippines Constitution to inculcate the
following EXCEPT
a. love of humanity
b. love of education

c. respect for human rights

d. patriotism and nationalism
Monarchies, aristocracies, tyrannies and oligarchies have all of the following
characteristics, EXCEPT
a. ruler is determined by hereditary succession
b. citizens vote in elections
c. citizens do not have any direct role in policy making
d. citizens are not organized into political parties
Which does not belong to the group?
a. Magnetic board
b. Flannel board
c. Bulletin board
d. Chalk board
My right ends where the right of the other beginsThis implies that
a. rights are inalienable
b. the exercise of human rights is limitless
c. rights are inviolable
d. rights are not absolute
A student is bored and is restless. Teacher looks for an opportunity to incorporate
athletics into the discussions because it is students interest.What is this disciplinary technique
a. Direct appeal
b. Hurdles lessons
c. Interest boosting
d. Humor
Ericksons eight stages of human growth include all of the following EXCEPT
a. intimacy versus isolation
b. basic trust versus mistrust
c. parental dependence versus individuality
d. initiative versus guilt
Which practice should schools NOT do to make grades comparable?
a. Determine the weight that each grading factor should receive
b. Use a common conversion table for translating test scores into ratings
c. Put an end to constructing departmentalized examinations
d. Arrive at a consensus regarding factors to be included in a grade for a particular subject
In what period of child is physical growth fastest?
a. Early adolescence
b. Prenatal period and early adolescence
c. Prenatal period
d. Early childhood
A teacher fails to listen to what a poor performing pupils says because of teachers bias to
pupil.Which Filipino trait is illustrated in this case?
a. Extreme personalism
b. Passivity
c. Extreme family centeredness
d. Lack of refection
One basic element in cooperative learning is positive interdependence.Which one
correctly explains what positive interdependence means?
a. Each student must communicate effectively
b. Students must feel they are responsible for their own learning and other members of the group
c. Each student must be held accountable for mastery of the assigned work
d. Students must work together to resolve conflicts


Roy is a senior student with a keen sense of what he can do and cannot do.Based on
Gardners Multiple Intelligence Theory, in which intelligence is Roy high?
a. Interpersonal intelligence
b. Logical-mathematical intelligence
c. Bodily kinesthetic intelligence
d. Intrapersonal intelligence
The Code of Ethics for Teachers covers the following EXCEPT
a. all teachers from pre-school to secondary whether academic, vocational, technical or nonformalall public school teachers
b. all private schools teachers
c. all college instructors
Zero standard deviation means that
a. more than 50% of the score obtained is zero
b. 50% of the scores obtained is zero
c. the students scores are the same
d. less than 50% of the scores obtained is zero
Which is the least authentic mode of assessment?
a. Experiments in science to assess skill in the use of scientific method
b. Oral performance to assess students spoken communication skills
c. Paper and pencil test in vocabulary
d. Artistic production for music or art subject
The view that ones culture is better than those of others is called
a. cultural relativism
b. ethnocentrism
c. ethical relativism
d. xenocentrism
The following are characteristics of a self-discipline individual EXCEPT ONE
a. makes good use of his/her freedom
b. decides rationally
c. acts impulsively
d. takes responsibility
The directions of a test are made simple, clear, and concise.Which of the characteristic of
a good test does this illustrate?
a. Scorability
b. Administrability
c. Economy
d. Objectivity
In the formulation of classroom regulations, which of the following should a teacher
refrain from doing?
a. Teacher and the class should makes as many regulations as possible
b. State classroom regulation as clearly as possible
c. Enforce classroom regulations consistently and fairly
d. Enlist student aid in the formulation of classroom regulation