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2017 - the Year of the High-Rise High-Rise; Experts Join Synergy Sotheby's

International Realty
Las Vegas, NV, December 28, 2016 --( Just a block west of the White House is the General
Services Administration's headquarters. Inside its beige concrete walls is 90,000 square feet of space
allocated to the incoming presidential transition team. Today, that space sits vacant.
Instead, the new President-elect has decided to conduct most of the transition's business high above Fifth
Avenue in Trump Tower. The New York Times reported Trump discussed with his advisors just how
much time would he need to spend in the White House, claiming he was more comfortable living at his
Manhattan address. How often the unconventional president will spend in his high-rise residence is
unclear at the moment. What is clear is how all the recent press coverage of Trump Tower has placed the
high-rise lifestyle back in the public conscience at a level not seen in years. Its convenience, amenities,
luxury and status all on display across the world.
But unlike Trump Tower in Manhattan, where one of the 238 exclusive residences start upwards of
$2,700 a square foot, a similar ultra-luxury building with an exclusive Las Vegas Boulevard address will
run less than $1,000 per square foot.
Unlike other cities around the country, the high-rise market never had the opportunity to mature in Las
Vegas, says Jennifer Graff of the Graff Luxury Team, a recent addition to Synergy Sotheby's
International Realty. Many of the properties slated for construction never were built because of the
recession, which means there's very little inventory overall in Las Vegas - and that's with most properties
selling at half what prices were in 2007. Here in Las Vegas, someone can attain the luxury high-rise
lifestyle of the super wealthy without having to pay the prices that other US cities command. We even
have our own Trump Tower with condo hotel residences priced at less than $600 per square foot."
Jennifer, and her partner Michael Bell, are specialists in the luxury condo market and have a combined 30
years of experience. She doesn't believe current market conditions will last. Now that The Strip is
making a comeback with a new convention center in the works, and with just about every major
convention, like the Consumer Electronics Show, calling Vegas home for years to come, hotels are
commanding rates at an all-time record high. We expect demand to increase as well for residential
high-rise properties up and down The Strip.
During the Great Recession almost a decade ago, construction pretty much came to a halt after CityCenter
was completed in early 2010. But since the completion of the 20,000 seat T-Mobile Arena which broke
ground in 2014, and MGM Resorts International's,The Park, with its immersive outdoor experience just
outside the arena that includes new shopping and dining, The Las Vegas Strip is entering into another
renaissance, this time more focused on entertainment and less on gambling. On the horizon, is the
Malaysian-based Resorts World, a $4 billion hotel and casino project slated to begin in early 2017. In
addition, Steve Wynn is proposing a $2.5 billion expansion to his property that will include a 38-acre
lagoon complete with a sandy beach, a possible 1,000 hotel rooms, and a boardwalk with upscale shops,
restaurants and nightlife. Also in recent news, is the new NHL expansion team, The Golden Knights,
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slated to play at T-Mobile Arena and the Las Vegas city council has just approved a plan to build a new
$1.9 billion stadium in order to lure the Raiders, which could be Vegas' first NFL franchise.
But with all The Strip's activity, including new home developments, there are no new high-rise projects in
the works. High-rise inventory continues to remain limited. With close to $27 billion slated for
development on The Strip in the next five years, there are no new high-rise properties planned, Graff
says. That means we'll see more demand with less available inventory, and that will continue until prices
rise enough for developers to see the value in building more residential.
The Graff Luxury Team joined Synergy Sotheby's International Realty this past November. "Michael and
I are honored to be joining the Sotheby's prestigious brand and long established history," Graff said. "By
combining our experience and expertise with the Sotheby's International Realty reputation, we are
looking forward to strengthening our presence in the local Las Vegas market."
Synergy Sotheby's International Realty, a member of the independently owned brokerages within the
Sotheby's International Realty network of more than 19,000 associates with 850 offices and located in 65
countries worldwide.
For more locations and additional information visit
For more information on the Las Vegas high-rise lifestyle, visit or contact:
Jennifer Graff
Michael Bell

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