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70 Act II. A room on the grownd-floor of « conntry-house wear Perit. In the centre, at the back, a mantelpi with clock, mirror, dc. A glass door on each side shows the garden; two other doors opposite exch oth er, Chairs, tables, books, Writing-materials, ete. Ne 7. “De’ miei bollenti spiriti.,, Recit.and Air. (Rater Alfred im hunting-costume) Allegra vivace. (d= 132) Piano. (puts away his gun) le-i permenonvha di-let-lor fo-la - ron gia tre parted, of life itself Im weary. . . ‘Three monthshavenearly la emp 14400 lu he duc-al van isha dinge'my ‘below Vie - mo-ri, ¢ le pomepo- se fo-ste, ov, &-gli omaggiav. ver-za, Ve-dea schiao eiag - splendors, the gay and bril-liant cir-clewhere she, the star of beau-ty; enslavdthe hearts of Andante. cun disuabel-leta. Ed or con-ten- it la ‘all’ {fo do her homage. Andhere con-tent-ed with me to'roam the meadows, she forgets all for Adagio, me. Qui prés-soa lei io ri- ma - scer mi sen - to, € dal me, Her ‘gra-ciows presence re-news all_my ___be - ing, _sweet_en- Re - Fate sdor-do, ne gau-di | suo- i iui Tol pase is canceljd all dark remembrance of a past dis- = —_ a Andante.(4 = 60) sa ‘tract - - R —_ | jolitn = ti spi - ri-ti io - ¥a-ni - iar andwild” my dream of youth, star” onhigh to ‘el > ta tempro col pla-o she shone onme with ray be ti bere io w - glio,io to-gtionte — fe-del, “Live for me, ‘On earth, ‘onearth | love But thee,” fo vi- = vo, io vi - ¥o day, heav- = enimid joys ce- PPP. qua. di, lo vi~ voqua-sfincicl. Val didie dis-Se: xt - Fe-he 10 roglioate Je. les - tial, inheavnI dream to be ‘When low she whisper ‘Live formeOnearth [ lovebut Pp 4 ~soimme - mo - re io since thatbright,that bless - ed day, in * vo, vi = Yo qua = vo qua-siin ciel, ___ ‘mid joys ce-les hheav'n] dream to be, dolerssino vi - véin ciel, -versoimmerhdre since that day, in heavn __ itself’ Ldreamtobe, s 7 7 = dim doleisstue Fi vo quasiinciel,. ah si, 10 vi - vo quasiin cie-lo, 16 Gi - vo qua-siin ah,sincethatblessed day, ah,since thatbrightandblessed day, inheavnl dream to 4000 4 a _Alllegro.(d = x0) a, don. de na, say, whence Anning. Alfred. vi Da Pa- ric gi Chi tel com mi- Se? Fu fa come you? Straight from Paris Who thither sent you? Who else Alfred. Anning, Aired gno-ra, Per-ché? Per a-lie » nar ca- val-li, coc-chie quanto anor pos-sie-de.Che mai mistress?Wherefore? It is her wish that all sheownsshall be at once dispos! of. Ahwhat {d = 80) Annina, . sen to! Lospendioe gran- a S bi-verdui bo lin. ghi. EB ta- say'st thou? It is ex - pen-sive to livelikethisyse - questerd, And [ PPS. ~* s “3 s iwr00 6 Annina. Alfred. ce- vi? Mi MZil Silengio jm -po - sto. Im - po - sto? knew noi! She bademenotto tell you. Shey. bade you? Annina. Vab- bi - so- gna? Mil- Je Iu - i - gi is need-ed? | Two thousind lou - is. . ~ qhesto Col - leq ~ eno -Ti Ta Si — But donot mention ord. be-fore your il tut - to val - goa fi-pa-farean~ co - there yet is time “to cancel all my = er - 78 Alle = 10%) Fi-mor-soloh in remorse, oh in = tur . but ruth = a ver omi ba - my sweet, fal-la = 25. O_ eri - doo gri - do del-lo- ihe shalt, thoushalt retrieve thy res fe hon = or; fe= morse pursue 14400 ston - tw da - olin-fa - fore the mor — oh in ~ . = —. que- sion ta la- = ve - ro, Tl lave my-shame be - fore ah ai, que-slon-ta, i, que - be ba- SS a wWonta Is. we. 1, ue son - ta.queetonia la-ve - rol 4 ont is fore the mor- rows beam, fore the morrow’s beam! 14400 ohin = fa- mi in - fa - = less fate 2 it ver mi ba my sweet, fal — In po. coinse- no-ae-que- - ™- ti, og = dog gri- do del still a&- while, and— bide, my heart, thou shalt, thoushaltretrievethy. gE te Wind wots. 9 — ro vin- di- ces re morse me, or Tit do’ » _ x ete £ 2 ston = Fos - sor! fore re— morse! ue - son Ahyes. Hi . eam! On deep — tebe —_ = a Ve > Toy que-ston - ta,questonfa la-ve- fa, Si, que - ston - fa Ta - it” before themarrowss my shame,e.. fore the mer-rewsbrage gill lave 80 s ss ra, sila - ve-ro, ah, Ton Ton ta la. ve = fore the mor - rowsbeam, it shall, shall be lavd be - ig 4 teaggis . k = = -_ = rey si, la - ve- ro, la-ve- ro, la-ve- ro, la - - fore the mor = rowsbeam! Oh re. morse,oh re - morse, oh & * 2 Sey | ve - ro! re- morse!