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Mentoring connects students to the following

resources and services:

Counseling & Academic Advising

As a first generation college student,

I would not have been able to make it
without Josephine, my mentor. She has
been a positive role model and success
coach for me, helped me navigate the
complex college system, opened my eyes to
various college experiences...
She is a person I am not afraid to ask
questions about issues related to my
academic, personal and professional
development. She was so kind and
knowledgeable about college resources
and services. With her support I was able
to stay in good academic
standing as well as persist to

For more information, please contact

Dr. Charles Muwonge, Program Coordinator at

Tutoring, Reading & Writing Studios

Student Life & Leadership
Special Services
Financial Aid Office
Work Study & Internships
Career Services
Transfer Options
Student Service Labs
Veteran Services



A Student Retention Initiative

Macomb Community College

14500 E. 12 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48088

Your Mentor will

Obtain and share knowledge about the

institutions environment
Provide advice regarding academic and
professional advancement
Provide emotional support and encouragement
Encourage mentee to ask questions
Introduce the mentee to other key individuals
and resources inside and outside the institution
Help identify opportunities for mentee

How to get involved

Mission Statement

To mentor, motivate, encourage,

and offer students the opportunity
to discuss and examine issues surrounding the
challenges students encounter in college and how to
overcome those challenges so that students have the
skills to succeed in the classroom and/or graduate.

Student (mentee) will

Provide evidence of C grades, a 2.0 GPA

Demonstrate regular attendance beyond the
three-week mark each semester.
Report academic progress to role model/mentor.


Student success will also be measured by attendance

at meetings.

Offer workshops, seminars, field trips, and mentoring

to students so that they develop an understanding
of success and the skills to succeed in the classroom
and/or graduate.


The mentoring program is designed to support

students in their transition to Macomb Community
College. This objective is achieved through active
participation in one-on-one interactions between
mentors and mentees with a goal of promoting the
students personal and professional development.

Opportunity for Peer Mentors

Upon successful completion of the program,

students will be asked to become peer role models/
mentors to help guide and support other students at

In addition, Mentors will

Inform students of campus resources

Inform students of opportunities/activities on


Inform mentees of important

dates on campus

Students will be given a progress form for an

instructor to sign indicating student:

Provide encouragement/
support to mentees

Attends class
Submits work
Maintains a C or better
Students who are not succeeding will be put on an
intervention plan developed with the role model/