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Organizational Change/Development Research





The Management Dilemma

a. Whats going on in the organization (a brief overview of the
b. What are the issues the organization faces (think in terms of
the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model: There can be external
issues, internal issues, or a combination there of).
The Management Question
a. What needs to change (*notethere may be many issues, but
focus on the ones you are most familiar with, or view as most
i. Diagnosis (You can select from the McKinsey 7-S model
or the Nadler-Tushman Congruence model
1. Use this research as part of your literature review.
b. A literature review of why this is important. This can be from
academic journals, and can also come from periodicals such as
trade publications, BusinessWeek (or similar periodicals),
newspapers (especially The Wall Street Journal).
The Change Initiative
a. What you believe needs to be done (if you were in charge, or
what you would present to management to do) to resolve the
management question.
i. What will your change be?
ii. What major challenges will you/the organization face in
implementing the proposed changes?
iii. Who are the stakeholders in this case who can have an
impact, for good or ill on the change initiative? What
influence can they weild?
iv. What types of resistance are you/the organization likely
to encounter? How will you address each type of
v. What strategies will you use?
1. Use either the Armenakis, Harris, Field
Institutionalizing Change model or Kotters 8-Step
b. A literature review of why this change initiative is the best
a. What are the outcomes you seek?
b. Using the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model, how does this
change initiative, if successful, bring the different parts of
the organization back in alignment so that the desired
outcomes can be achieved.


c. What will you do to evaluate the results of the

a. Final thoughts, etc.

Reference page (NOTE: You should be using outside sources to bolster

your case for change, support for the type of change, etc. so you should
(a) be citing these sources within the body of the change analysis and
plan and (b) including a reference page at the end. NOTE: Both citations
and references should be done using APA guidelines. Just a hintwhile you
can follow this outline (if you wish, but use some format so I can follow
along), dont list the reference page with a VI or whatever. Center the
word References and then include your references below that.