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I will blossom into an island of sparkling newness; diffusing a

river of profusely humanitarian empathy,
But only at the crack of marvelously voluptuous dawn; tomorrow.
I will ubiquitously waft a wave of irrefutable righteousness;
annihilating every trace of salacious lechery entrapped within
my persona,
But only at the first rays of ethereal Sunrise and beauty;
I will diligently assimilate all principles of holistically sagacious
life; spawn into an eternal flower of uninhibited mankind,
But only at the primordial unfurling of brilliantly royal morning
and cheer; tomorrow.
I will flamboyantly march towards the most bedazzling targets of
tranquility; incinerating the candle of humanity in every
household besieged with miserably
asphyxiating darkness,
But only at the unraveling of timeless sunshine and rhapsody;
I will exuberantly race towards the ravishingly tantalizing
finishing line; wholeheartedly embracing every cloud of
philanthropically glittering success,
But only at the unveiling of silken light and heavenly
boisterousness; tomorrow.
I will enthusiastically adore every benevolently animate and
inanimate entity; with profound empathy in my impeccable soul,
But only at the whispering of scintillating morning and
exhilaration; tomorrow.
I will compassionately blaze into a perennial fireball of titillating
seduction; magnificently enamoring all nubile maidens of my
But only at the fulminating of crusading brightness and
patriotism; tomorrow.

I will dance with unprecedented euphoria under the blanket of

resplendent stars; unequivocally surging forward with my
comrades in the voice of unflinching existence,
But only at the commencement of bountifully mystical light and
ecstasy; tomorrow.
I will rhetorically encapsulate all fathomless artistry lingering in
the spell binding atmosphere; on the vivacious kaleidoscope of
my barren canvas,
But only at the evolution of vibrant illumination and
enchantment; tomorrow.
I will celestially uplift all those bereaved and gruesomely
orphaned children; towards the corridors of gloriously
unsurpassable happiness,
But only at the approaching of immaculately white light and
poignant newness; tomorrow.
I will wholesomely emancipate from even the most infinitesimal
of evil; shrugging every iota of ludicrously pathetic delinquency
from my countenance,
But only at the shimmering of optimistic light and romantic
fragrance; tomorrow.
I will ebulliently party with all my mates in inscrutably
traumatizing pain and withering; blissfully maneuvering them
towards the footsteps of Omniscient prosperity,
But only at the very first chirp of the melodious cuckoo and
dynamism; tomorrow.
I will flirtatiously wink behind the gorgeously Sun soaked
gorges; innocuously reminiscing my most revered moments as a
child in the sacrosanct lap of my mother;
But only at the rising of Orange light in the cosmos and
torrentially endless life; tomorrow.
I will profusely write countless lines of aristocratically Oligarchic
literature; entrenching every bit of fabulously serene beauty of
this gigantic Universe,
But only at the unfolding of enthralling scintillation and
incredulous transpiration; tomorrow.

I will amicably sequester one and all under my spotless roof;

wipe the tears of all those disastrously maimed and sprouting
with spurious richness alike,
But only at the radiating of miraculously Omnipotent morning
and dewdrops; tomorrow.
I will condone all those who I might previously penalized for
inadvertent fallacies of theirs; commence my humble expedition
to metamorphose this planet into a perpetual paradise,
But only at the holy shimmering of dazzling light and golden
honey; tomorrow.
I will indefatigably pray with all my heart; soul and conscience;
for God to bless all those mothers having unfortunately lost their
children at war,
But only at the nascent unfurling of vividly astounding
brightness and melodious tranquility; tomorrow.
I will unrelentingly dedicate each beat of my passionately
palpitating heart; every instant of my beleaguered life to the
service of unassailably wonderful and godly mankind,
But only at the ripening of Omnipresently healing Sunrise and
limitless enthrallment; tomorrow.
And so poor man; he loitered and worthlessly killed a countless
todays waiting for a tomorrow that never came; and would
never ever come; as it profoundly abhorred people who wasted
their majestically sparkling present; dreaming of an
uncertain future; which only God had the right to preside and