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If I were to choose from; speeding in a motorboat to swimming

choppy waves of the ocean,
I would prefer wading across the stormy waters profusely
moving my
arms; rather than the insipid journey in the cruise liner.
If I were to choose from; languishing on the flocculent couch to
sleeping on the stone cold floor,
I would prefer to caress the ground; roll wildly in unparalleled
exuberance; rather than the effeminate comfort of the bed.
If I were to choose from; transgressing the desert barefoot to
on profoundly hunched camel back,
I would prefer to walk feeling the tenacity of blistering sun on
back; rather than petulantly torture the innocuous beast.
If I were to choose from; reaching the pinnacle of the mountain
top on
cable car to clambering up using a knotted rope,
I would prefer to onerously scramble my way to the top basking
in the
spirit of paramount adventure; rather than descending on my
without flexing the slightest of my muscle.
If I were to choose from; drinking opulent wine floating in
glasses to crystalline liquid extracted from the belly of earth,
I would prefer rapidly gulping the scintillating water; rather
collapsing in a disheveled heap on the ground after devouring
the inebriating
If I were to choose from; inhaling artificial air from the compact
cylinder of oxygen to breathing directly from the atmosphere,

I would prefer to expand my lungs to their full capacity in my

drawing in ravishing puffs of oxygen; rather than respiring the
If I were to choose from; watching television to voraciously
infinite lines of literature,
I would prefer to exorbitantly exert my eyes trying to
perceive in the dormitories of my mind; rather than indolently
viewing gaudy
images flickering on the silver screen.
If I were to choose from; dancing in the sleazy discotheque in an
ambience of bombastic lights to swirling on the vast ground,
I would prefer to rambunctiously gyrate under the dazzling sun
rather than consciously moving my body in the realms of nimble
If I were to choose from; residing in the grandiloquent palace to
rustic interiors of a tumbledown hut,
I would prefer to live in the ramshackle barn with boisterous
of rain cascading freely through blatantly gaping holes; rather
than having a
fleet of bodyguards parading around my impoverished persona.
If I were to choose from; staying secure in custody of the corrupt
leaders den to flinging my life away for the sake of my country,
I would prefer; to indiscriminately shed my blood on the
rather than keep leading a life of opprobrious contempt.
And if I were to choose from; my beloved and boundless notes of
currency, I would definitely prefer her compounded with our
penurious condition

to live; rather than leading a lackluster life divested of the desire

struggle; a life utterly bereft of the zeal to live.