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3436 Harvest Ridge Lane, Buford, GA 30519 | (770) 843-2235 |

Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville, GA
Master of Arts in Teaching- English Education Concentration

December 2016

Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville, GA

Bachelor of Arts in English- Creative Writing Concentration
Minors in Theatre and Creative Music Media

May 2015


Gainesville High School, Gainesville, GA

Student-taught 9th Grade Honors English for over a month.
Delivered a lesson segment on Maya Angelous I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.
October 2016-November 2016
Instructed students on the fundamentals of poetry and citing textual evidence for claims.
Baldwin High School, Milledgeville, GA
Student-taught World Literature to high school students.
January 2016- March 2016
Facilitated discussion of both domestic and world current events
Engaged in one-on-one collaborative work with students
Early College, Milledgeville, GA
Student-taught English for six weeks to 8th grade students.
October 2015- December 2015
Engaged in collaborative problem-solving with students
Designed and executed a six-day unit plan focusing on performance poetry
Baldwin High School, Milledgeville, GA
Student-taught Fundamentals of Drama, and Acting to high school students.
August 2015- October 2015
Led many theatre activities and interactive lessons
Collaborated on planning and teaching a weeklong Scriptwriting unit plan
Early College, Milledgeville, GA
Student-taught creative writing to 7th grade students
Presented teaching demonstrations
August 2014- May 2015
Wrote lesson plans related to the art and craft of creative writing.
Maxwell Preschool, Lawrenceville, GA
August 2008- May 2009

Student-taught and planned developmentally appropriate activities for children

ages 2 1/24 years

Collected research pertaining to childhood development .

T-5 Secondary English Education (6-12) Results Expected January 2016

Passed Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE)

English Content I and II

Baldwin High School, Milledgeville, Georgia

YES! Program English Tutor
Consulted with students regarding questions and concerns about their coursework
Encouraged and motivated students independent work
Columbus State University Writing Center, Columbus, GA
Writing Center Consultant

Provided writing assistance to students of all levels and disciplines

January 2013- May 2013

September 2011-January 2012

Helped students organize, develop, and focus drafts and guided students
through usage and punctuation errors.

Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville, GA

Graduate Assistant
Investigated the effects of racial microaggressions in education
Engaged in clerical duties including record-keeping as needed
Edited important documents pertaining to the MAT program

August 2015-May 2016

Playing with Process: Gamification, Post-Process Pedagogy, and the Future of Writing Centers
MnWE Writing Cultures, NCC, The Future of Writing Centers, UT
Co-developed a game in the early stages of development, gamifying
June 2012- April 2013
the writing process through a Choose Your Own Adventure game structure.

Camp Dream, Warm Springs, Georgia

Camp Counselor
Provided individualized care to special needs campers
Identified and met camper needs
Assisted campers with hygiene as needed
Helping to lead camp activities and encouraged participation

May 2012


My Dearest Love
The Arden, Poetry


The Raindrops of Language

The Arden, Creative Non-fiction



Holiday Concert Extravaganza, Milledgeville, GA

I worked with internationally recognized composer David Hamilton on a holiday song; my poem,
When the Cold Awakens is the last and longest movement in his multi-movement piece and its
title serves as the title of the piece.


Echoes of Peace, Visions of Hope, Milledgeville, GA

I worked with David Hamilton and gifted 4th and fifth
graders to write a song dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting.


Empire State Evening, Milledgeville, GA

I wrote the lyrics to a song called Narrative on 54 th and Madison, a song
capturing the life of New York street performers, composed
by James and Cannon McClain and performed by the Max Noah Singers.