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Grade: 6
Subject: Language Arts
Unit: Writing
Lesson Duration: 40 minutes
KSAs: 1,2,4,5,7,8,9,11,16,17


General Learning Outcomes:
Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to explore thoughts,
ideas, feelings and experiences.
Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to manage ideas and
Specific Learning Outcomes:
1.1 Discover and Explore
3.1 Plan and Focus: Focus attention, Determine information needs,
3.3 Organize, Record and Evaluate: Organize information
Students will:
Organize significant events or memories from their own lives in
chronological order
Write out these events in complete and detailed sentences
Key Questions:
1) Can students arrange events in their
Walking around helping
lives in sequential order?
students come up with
Can students write out these events in
complete and detailed sentences?
Listening to the conversations
the students come up with
Looking at the students
timelines to see what they
have determined to be
significant in their lives
Written/Performance Assessments:
The timeline
Resource #1:
Resource #2:
Resource #3:
Resource #4:
Blank paper
Timeline template put on the Smartboard as an example
Introduction (5

Hook/Attention Grabber:
Assessment of Prior Knowledge: A class discussion based on their last social
studies lesson about timelines of Ancient Athens all the way to present day
Expectations for Learning and Behaviour: Students will be expected to write in
complete sentences for each event. Class discussion and talking is okay, if it
gets too loud or students are off task, then they will be expected to work alone
and not talk.
Advance Organizer/Agenda: A class discussion about what a timeline is. Make
sure to emphasize to students that these are significant events in their lives;
they dont need to be happy necessarily. Then I will show them an example on
the Smartboard of what a potential timeline looks like. They can come up with
their own or follow the example provided. The year they were born all the way
until there should be 11 or 12 events based on their ages. If students want to
make predictions about their future and come up with more events thats fine
Differentiation: Lenny will be expected to come up with a few events; I am not
interested if what he comes up with didnt happen, just as long as hes writing.
Makayla will only have to come up with a couple events. She has a tough time
with remembering the past, will sit with her as much as possible to try and
prompt examples.
Transition to Body:
Body (45 min.):
Learning Activity #1: Class discussion
Ensure that every student is fully aware of what a timeline is. Connect it to
their previous Social Studies lessons. I will put up a template of a potential
timeline for the students to use if they so feel like it.
Learning Activity #2: Timeline writing
Students will create their own timelines based on significant moments in
their lives in chronological order. Will spend the rest of the class and
potentially more on this activity.
Closure (2 min.):
Feedback From Students:
Transition To Next Lesson: