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After researching Peter Woods photo agency my next task was

to work on Adrian Dennis agency. Dennis photographs

revolves mostly about sport, as he captures many sports events
such as gymnastic competitions and rugby world cups, to
Champions League finals. His photos have appeared in media
forms like print journalism as he has worked for newspapers
such as the independent and the new york times. Dennis
photos are brilliant because they capture pivotal moments in
I like this image because of the focus on the main
sporting events
is the
to draw isnt
it, but thethe lens of
the camera. shallow focus still keeps the background subjects
in shot.

The lighting is something that I like about this

image as the singular beam of light creates a very
good visual effect.

This picture is one I find appealing because of the

fact that the angle is level with the subject which
allows the viewer to see it clearly.

The focus of the picture is something that I like as it

allows to see immense detail on the two subjects.

The timing of the photo is something I like as it is

captured as a major event is happening, and the
camera angle also allows us to see the event from a
good point of view.