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Field Technician (Computing and peripherals)

Choose the correct alternative:






Full Marks-50

You are installing a printer that is not supporting wireless network nor has Ethernet port. What will you
a. Set the printer as network printer
b. Set the printer as wireless printer
c. None of the above *
While checking a customer's system you find the mother board is faulty. What will you suggest to the
a. Sir, the mother board is faulty because some parts are blown off. Please replace the mother
b. Sir, I cannot do anything. Please contact the repair centre
c. Sir Please change your motherboard
d. Sir I want to call my Supervisor for his suggestion.
A customer is facing problem with internet connectivity. You call the customer. What will you ask him?
a. Will ask the customer what internet connection he is using*
b. Will ask which operating system he is using
c. Will ask him to check whether the service provide has locked his connection
A customer complaints that his computer is not powering up. You call the customer. What will you
suggest to him?
a. Check whether the plug is fitted properly
b. Check whether power supply has the required voltage
c. I will ask him to try to connect the PC on to different wall socket with different cables.*
Guideline 1. Problem regarding repair should be reported to companys repair station
Guideline 2. Problem regarding warranty issues should be reported to supervisor.
Guideline 3. Problem regarding Software should be reported to companys helpdesk
You are facing problems while installing windows in a customers PC while on site. To whom will you
report this problem to seek advice?
a. To the companys helpdesk *
b. To the companys repair centre
c. To your supervisor
d. To your colleague
You team is working on the urgent installation of a number of systems for a company which involves a lot
of cable connection. Your team asks you for your help in connecting the system. Tasks allotted to you can
be delayed up to 2 days. What will you do?
a. I will help them as my work can be delayed for 2 days *
b. I will tell the team that they manage themselves as it is part of their job
c. I will tell the team as I cant help them as I have my own work to do









You are at a customers place for system installation. While you are there you develop a good rapport
with the customer. After you finish the installation your customer requests you to go to his friends house
next door and check the problem he is facing with his printer. What will you do?
a. You will readily agree and do as the customer requested
b. You will talk to your supervisor and do as he suggests*
c. You will send your colleague to attend to the problem with the printer
You went to Mrs. Sharmas house for installation of scanner. She was very happy with your installation
work and said OH! Thank you so much. I did not know how to install this scanner. Now that you have
helped in installing it, I will be able to complete my work quickly. How will you respond to her?
a. Madam, I am so happy that I could help you. Please give me a positive feedback.
b. OK, you can call me again if you want to.
c. Madam, it is always pleasure to be of assistance to you. Is there anything else you want to
know? *
d. Madam, I am here to help you only. It is my job. May company pays me for this
You call a customer to ask about the location where he is living. The customer is having some hardware
problem. Which of the following is an appropriate question to enquire the location of the house of the
customer after connecting the call?
a. Sir. Where is your house?
b. Sir, I am calling from ABC computer. Can I know the location of your house?
c. Sir, Tell me the location of your house or I cannot come for installation?
d. Sir, myself field technician Sunil from ABC Computers. Can I know the location of your house? *
You and your colleague are sent together to a customers office for installation. Your colleague gets into
an argument with the customer. What would you do?
a. You will let this continue because that would not affect your performance
b. You will make both of them calm and talk to sort the problem*
c. You will enjoy the situation because you do not like your colleague
d. You will leave the place because it was affecting your self-respect
While working you had an argument with your colleague and he is continuously shouting at you without
any reason. What will you do?
a. I will ask him to mind his own business and not act like a mad man
b. I will ask him to leave the place
c. I will start shouting at him
d. I will be calm and try to talk to him to understand why he is shouting at me *
You have been assigned to do 40 tasks that you have to complete within 15 days. 25 of them are
installation and 15 of them are repair work. How will you plan you work?
a. Do both installation and repair together
b. Complete the installation task first*
c. Complete the repair work first
Which of the following is not appropriate way to interact with the customer?
a. Shouting back at the customer if the customer is shouting at you *
b. Being patient and courteous with an angry customer
c. Talking to the customer politely
d. Maintaining appropriate distance from the customer during conversation
A newly joined field technician accompanies you to a customers place. You find he is making mistake
during installation of Windows in a system. What would be your reaction?

a. Will ignore because it is not your headache

b. Shout at him for making the mistake
c. Will point out the mistake and guide him *
d. Will complain to your supervisor that he is not able to do the task properly
15. Passage: Companys policies to set the field trip: Problems related to out of warranty products should
be handled at the end of week. Software regarding complaints related to in warranty products should
be given first preference. Hardware problems related to in warranty products should be solved only
after the completion of SW products. Problems related to networking devices should be solved after HW
and SW related problems of in warranty products. Note the products which are purchased after 15
August 2013 are only under one year warranty. (Consider the present date 20 July 2014)
From customer care department you have received the following problems: Mr. Sharmas modem is not
working properly which was purchased on 18/12/2013, Mr. Sunil is facing software problem in the system
which was purchased on 19/9/2013, Mr. Gupta had complained that few keys of his keyboard is not
working which he had purchased last week, Mr. Vermas complaint is regarding CD Drive problem which
was purchased on 3 July 2013. Choose the table which shows the correct order for going on field trip.
a. Mr. Sunil Mr. Gupta Mr. VermaMr. Sharma
b. Mr. Gupta Mr. Verma Mr. SharmaMr. Sunil
c. Mr. SharmaMr. Sunil Mr. GuptaMr. Verma
d. Mr. Sunil Mr. GuptaMr. Sharma Mr. Verma*
[As Mr. Vermas product didnt have any warranty, It will be the last choice and as per the policies above
Software will be the first preference, Hardware will be the 2 preference & network devices will be the 3
16. If your supervisor points out your mistakes and gives suggestion on your work then what should you do?
a. Will take suggestion but will not repeat because it would take time
b. Will only listen to what he says but will not do as he suggested
c. Will in turn point out his mistakes so that he understand he can also do mistakes

d. Will make a note of the mistakes and the suggestion so that I do not make the same mistakes
and if the work is not of expected standard will redo it *
17. You go to a customer's place for soldering. You find that the soldering machines is not working. Probably
the motor of the machine has burnt out. But you need to complete the task today itself. What will you
a. Will report to the supervisor and wait for the next step.*
b. Will buy a new soldering machine, complete the task and then report to the supervisor
c. I will not do anything and inform the customer that I will not be able to do anything
18. You are working on installation at customers place. Customer care reports a customer complaint who is
facing problem in booting the system. The customers place is quite far from the place you are currently
working in. Your installation work will take time. Another colleague of yours is working in the same place
where the customer whose problem has been reported lives. Your colleague will need only 5 minutes to
reach this customers place. What will you do?
a. Will ignore the request and work on his system next day
b. Will ask your colleague if he can check the problem *
c. Will discontinue the current installation and go to attend the customers complaint

19. WAN One customer asks you to install application software to create an Electronic Interactive
presentation which will include audio and text. Which of the following should be installed?
a. Project Management SW
b. Projection graphics HW
c. Computer aided design (CAD SW)
d. Multimedia Authoring SW *
20. Summary
Problems related to software are reported to Helpdesk
Problems related to tools & equipment are report to Supervisor
Problems related to customer complaint are reported to customer support
While carrying out installation process, you face a lot of problems due to faculty tools provided by the
company. To whom will your report?
a. Supervisor *
b. Colleague
c. Customer support
21. What will you do if there is buildup of magnetic field due to placement of speakers near the monitor?
a. Click on monitors menu option and then click on moire to remove the magnetic field
b. Click on monitors menu option and to remove the magnetic field click on demagnetise
c. Click on monitors menu option and to remove the magnetic field click on degauss *
d. Click on monitors menu option and to remove the magnetic field click on OSD control
22. While doing repair of monitor at a customers place you find that they have covered the back side of CPU
with a plastic sheet. Based on company policy the CPU back side should not be covered with anything.
What will you do in such a situation?
a. I will inform the customer that the CPU should not be covered with anything and they should
remove the plastic sheet *
b. I will inform about this to my colleague but not to the customer
c. I will not inform the customer as it is his choice to keep the CPU covered
d. I will shout at the customer that he does not know how to keep the CPU and tell him that he
should read the manual properly
23. You are in the middle of installation of hardware at a customers place and your colleague calls you saying
that he needs some help with installing the SW at another customers place which is nearby. Your work
will be completed in few more minutes. What is the best possible thing to do at this time?
a. I will tell the colleague that I cannot help him as it is his job to do the installation
b. I will ask my colleague to do it the way he knows if it does not work out
c. I will finish my work and then go and help my colleague with his work *
d. I will leave my work and help my colleague as the customer he is handling should be satisfied
24. Passage
Customers Name



24 PushanRoad . (1 km from your office)


5 Harish Marg (4 km from your office)


10 Harish Marg (5 km from your office)


27 ChayaMarg(8 km from your office)

This table shows the list of customers whom you have to visit during the day. You supervisor has asked you to
complete the far-off installations first and then come back to nearby houses for installation. In which order will you
make the visits. Assume that all the customers stay in one direction from your companys centre?

RohanRamSureshRamesh *

25. You receive a call from a customer who wants to talk to your colleague to solve a problem he is facing
with his system. The colleague of yours is not available at office right now. What should be your best
response to this call?
a. I am sorry Sir, he is not here right now. I will ask him to call you when he is back
b. Please call back later
c. I am sorry Sir, he is not here right now. If you wish I can help you with the problem*
d. I will inform him that you called