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English Guide


Write the definitions for the six tenses and give an example for each
Present simple of verb be
R=is to refer to an action or event that takes place habitually.
Subject + verb simple form to be in simple present + Complement
I am happy

R=Are verbs used to give orders, commands and instructions
Give me that tap, please
Past Simple of be
R=is used for an event that occurred at a definite point of time in the
past. The forms of past simple of be are was and were.
Subject + verb simple form to be in simple past + Complement
You were in London
Used to Present simple
R= expresses the idea that something was an old habit that
stopped in the past. It indicates that something was often repeated
in the past, but it is not usually done now.
Jerry used to study English.
Present Progressive

R=express the idea that something is happening now, at this very

moment. It can also be used to show that something is not
happening now.
You are learning English now.
Past simple
Express the idea that an action started and finished at a specific
time in the past
I saw a movie yesterday
Going to.
Express the idea in the future, when we have decided to do
something that is when we are talking about our intentions or plans
Im going to buy a laptop for working with my co-workers. .

Write questions with How long and the present perfect. Use
for and Since.
1. A: I work for a company of solicitors in London.
B: _____How long have you worked_ for them?
A: (Six Years.) _I have worked there for six years____.
2. I used to have a beautiful old Volkswagen camper van.
B: How long have you had it?
A: (More than twenty years. I finally sold it about five years ago)
I have had it for more than twenty years. I finally sold it.
3. I drove to Manchester yesterday.
B: How long have you drove to Manchester?
A: (About three hours.) I have drove for about three hours.

4. We spent our holiday in Japan holiday last year.

B: How long have we spent there?
A: (Only two weeks) we have spent there since only two weeks.

Write sentences with have you ever.

.1. you/ridden/horse/a/ever/Have/?
Have you ever ridden a horse/?

Have you ever won a competition?
Have David ever flown a plane?
Have you ever seen a ghost?
Have you ever visited London?
IV. Complete the sentences. (Both/neither/do/does)
1. My brother likes video games but I ________dont___
2. My girlfriend likes romantic movies but her sister __doesnt .
3. _____Both______ of them like the dogs but ___neither_______ of
them like the cats.
4. He likes baseball and she likes basketball and ___both_______ of
them like soccer.
5. Juan likes classic cars but his girlfriend ____doesnt______.
Write sentences with already and yet.
1. _I have already listen to music in my room.
(already/to/listen to music)
2._I have not gone to swimming yet_
(not/go to swimming/yet)
3. I have not played the guitar yet.
(not/to play/the guitar /yet)
4. I have already helped Jaime in the kitchen.
(already/to help/ Jaime in the kitchen)
VI. Complete the sentences with your own ideas and use Too/enough/That.
1.Hes ___too__ young to drive _a car_________.
2. She isnt old ___enough__ to drive _a bicycle__________.
3.Hes not strong __enough___ to carry it __with his arms_________.
4.She is _too____ weak ___for carrying that______.
Write the next sentences in passive voice.
1. Rita writes a letter.
The letter is written by Rita
2. They build houses.
The houses are built by them
3. The man is doing the eating

The eating is being done by the man

4. My brother ate all the candy.
All the candy were eaten by my brother