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BSB50215 Diploma of Business/BSB51107 Diploma of

BSBPMG522 Undertake project work
1. Case study analysis
2. Project develop project planning documents

Please tick to indicate that you understand the following statements:
I/We declare that:
This assignment is my/our own original work, except where I/we have
appropriately cited the original source (Appropriate citation of original work
will vary from discipline to discipline).
This assignment has not previously been submitted for assessment in this or
any other subject.
For the purposes of assessment, I/we give the assessor of this assignment the
permission to:
Reproduce this assignment and provide a copy to another member of staff;
Take steps to authenticate the assignment, including communicating a copy
of this assignment to a checking service (which may retain a copy of the
assignment on its database for future plagiarism checking).
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Assessment BSBPMG522_Undertake Project Work

Version 1.1 January 2016

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Outcome Criteria
1. Complete Project Scope and Planning document including
a) project objectives and deliverables
b) risk management and contingency planning
2. Design monitoring and reporting tools, including a Gantt chart
3. Develop communication process plan
Whilst undertaking this task, did the


1.1 Access project scope and other relevant


Yes No

1.2 Define project stakeholders

Yes No

1.3 Seek clarification from delegating

authority of issues related to project and
project parameters

Yes No

1.4 Identify limits of own responsibility and

reporting requirements

Yes No

2.1 Develop project plan in line with the

project parameters

Yes No

2.2 Identify and access appropriate projectmanagement tools

Yes No

2.4 Develop and approve project budget

Yes No

3.3 Establish and maintain required recordkeeping systems throughout the project

Yes No

3.6 Undertake risk management as required

to ensure project outcomes are met

Yes No

3.7 Achieve project deliverables

Yes No

5.1 Review project outcomes and processes

against the project scope and plan

Yes No

5.2 Involve team members in the project


Yes No

5.3 Document lessons learned from the

project and report within the organisation

Yes No

Assessment BSBPMG522_Undertake Project Work

Version 1.1 January 2016


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Task 1: Case study Analysis
For this case study, you will need to analyse the Case Study The Case of the
Unidentified Risks in your student resources at the Hibernia eLearning site
and answer the following questions:
a) In around 2-300 words, identify the deficiencies in the project planning and
budgeting process that have contributed to the unsatisfactory results at
project completion.
b) When problems arose during the project, what steps should have been
taken during the problem resolution stage to ensure that the project
reached its goals? (2-300 words)
c) Your final task is to imagine you were the project manager for Arbor
Industries and complete a Learning Log on the Lessons Learnt on the
project using the format below

What did you do well in delivering the

activity, stage or project?

What did you not do so well in

delivering the activity, stage or project?


They had prior experience in the field

They failed in creation of a formal

project management plan

High levels of creativity were

employed in the project

Failure to foresee problems such as



The projects estimated initial budget

was the most friendly

Failure to plan for possible

occurrences led to the budget
growing significantly


Proper agreements were made

between the two companies

The agreements were verbal and not



The project was completed three

weeks ahead of the planned

The budget was exceeded by more

than fourteen percent


Task 2
To prove your competency, you will utilise current projects or any previous
project at your workplace to demonstrate how you can apply your project skills
and knowledge in your position. Talk to your trainer about the appropriateness of
the project topic before you start. Ideally, use workplace projects to progress
both your studies and your projects simultaneously.
Alternatively, you can use the case study example in your text book as a suitable
substitute where a workplace example cannot be provided. The 1st phase of the
case study is on Chapter 13 on Page 361 Apply your knowledge
Assessment BSBPMG522_Undertake Project Work
Version 1.1 January 2016

Page 3

Office Fitout Project: Assume you are to fit out a floor of a new building as office
space for the organisation you work for or an organisation of your choice. The
documents office-fitout-guide and office-fitout-checklist in your student
resources folder provides a comprehensive guide to all the steps involved in
managing an office fitout.
Whichever project you choose, either from your own experience or using the
case study, you will need to complete the following steps.
Stage 1: Your first task is to:

develop a project scope document using the Project Scope Form v1.0
Jan 2016


Identify the stakeholders using

2016 form

the Stakeholder Analysis v1.0 Jan

c) Write a statement of responsibilities for the project manager position

(Approx. 150-200 words)
Stage 2: If you are using the Office Fitout Project, the instructions for stage 2 are
on Page 372 Apply Your Knowledge Question 1 of your textbook. For this
stage you need to:
a) Develop the Project plan including:

Work breakdown structure and project schedule

similar document)

(Gantt chart or


A risk breakdown structure and contingency plan use form Risk

log and contingency plan_v1.0 Jan 2016


A communication plan including project monitoring and progress

reporting plan (these monitoring and reporting milestones should
also be reflected in the work breakdown structure)

b) Write around 150-200 words on strategies you could use to:


Consult with project team members


Provide support to project team members


Involve project team members in the review process

During the project development stage there is need for a communication plan to
be developed. The communication plan is a document detailing the
communication process across the individuals and groups involved in the project.
The project should also be developed and split into functional groups or modules
who will each have deliverables which will add up to the culmination of the final
project. The different members of the project can receive support from working
in teams of development of the different phases of the project and the
organization can award the teams for completion of each milestone within the
project. Motivation during project development leads to its great success due to
highly encouraged and motivated team members. The project team members
can also be involved in the review process by them being consulted on their
opinions on the current status of the project as well as the changes they would
propose to its success.
Stage 3: If you are using the Office Fitout Project, the instructions for stage 3 are
on Page 377 Apply Your Knowledge Question 3 of your textbook. For this
stage you need to:
Assessment BSBPMG522_Undertake Project Work
Version 1.1 January 2016

Page 4

a) Describe and explain the reports you would prepare over the life of the
b) Prepare a document for completion and sign off of the project
The sample project management templates v1.1 Jan 2016 in your Student
resource folder will assist you in preparing the plans and reports required for
these tasks or you can design your own documents. This document also includes
a very useful Project Checklist at the end.
Evidence of the following is essential:

Developing a Project Plan

Examples of monitoring

Knowledge of relevant legislation.


Simply list the activities and tasks in column A, select an appropriate time
interval (days, weeks or months), allocate the dates to columns B onwards and
plot the expected time duration (total time from start to completion) under the
appropriate column by selecting shading from the Format/Cells/Patterns menus.
When you wish to provide a status report simply colour or shade in black those
items that are completed or estimate the percentage complete. This will give you
an immediate visual representation as to whether or not you are on schedule.
You may wish to add extra columns for assignment of responsibilities etc.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9




Identification of Problem
Definition of Problem
Suggestion of Possible Solutions
Choosing of Best Solution
Analysis of New Environment
Invitation to Tender
Selection of Vendor
Project Initiation
Review of the Project
Completion of the Project
Time / Date





Assessment BSBPMG522_Undertake Project Work

Version 1.1 January 2016



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templates are also supplied in your eLearning resources folder:

Assessment BSBPMG522_Undertake Project Work

Version 1.1 January 2016

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