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B. 0.046

Find the angle formed by the
intersection of a face diagonal of a
face diagonal to the diagonal of a cube
drawn from the same vertex.

7. Determine the volume of a right

truncated prism with the following
dimensions: Let the corner of the
triangular base be defined by A, B,
and C. The length AB= 10 feet, BC= 9
feet, and CA= 12 feet. The sides at A,
B and C are perpendicular to the
triangular base and have the height of
8.6 feet, 7.1 feet and 5.5 feet,

A. 35.26

C. 33.69

B. 32.56

D. 42.23

2. The space diagonal of a cube (the

diagonal joining two non-coplanar
vertices) is 6m. The total surface area
of the cube is:

D. 0.065

A. 413 ft3

C. 313 ft3
D. 391 ft3

A. 60

C. 72

B. 311 ft3

B. 66

D. 78

8. The volume of a regular tetrahedron

of side 5 cm is:

3. The base edge of a regular prism is

6 cm and its bases are 12 cm apart.
Find its volume in cu. cm.

A. 13.72 cu. cm
15.63 cu. cm


A. 1563.45 cm3
1896.37 cm3


B. 14.73 cu. cm.



B. 1058.45 cm3
1122.37 cm3


9. A regular hexagonal pyramid whose

base perimeter is 60 cm has an
altitude of 30 cm. The volume of the
pyramid is:

4. The base edge of a regular

pentagonal prism is 6 cm and its
bases are 12 cm apart. Find its volume
in cu. cm.

A. 29.58 cu. cm.

A. 743.22 cm3
587.45 cm3


B. 2598 cu. cm.


B. 786.89 cm3
842.12 cm3


10. A frustrum of a pyramid has an

upper base 100 m by 10 m. and a
lower base of 80 m by 8 m. If the
altitude of the frustrum is 5 m, find its

5. The bases of a rigid prism is a

hexagon with one side 6 cm long. If
the volume of the prism is 450 cc, how
far apart are the bases?
A. 5.74 cm

C. 4.11 cm

B. 3.56 cm

D. 4.81 cm

6. A trough has an open top 0.30 m by

6 m and closed vertical ends which are
equilateral triangles 30 cm on each
side. It is filled with water to half its
depth. Find the volume of the water in
cubic meters.
A. 0.058

C. 0.037


A. 4567.67 cu.m
B. 3873.33 cu. m


11. The altitude of the frustrum of a

regular rectangular pyramid is 5m, the
volume is 140 cu. m and the upper
base is 3m by 4m. What are the
dimensions of the lower base in m?
A. 9 x 10

C. 4.5 x 6

B. 6 x8
7.50 x 10


12. The frustrum of a regular

triangular pyramid has equilateral
triangles for its bases. The lower and
upper base edges are 9m and 3m,
respectively. If the volume is 118.2 cu.
m.., how far apart are the base?
A. 9m

C. 7m

B. 8m

D. 10m

13. A cylindrical gasoline tank, lying

horizontally, 0.90 m. in diameter and 3
m long is filled to a depth of 0.60 m.
How many gallons of gasoline does it
Hint: One cubic meter = 265 gallons
A. 250

C. 300

B. 360

D. 270

14. A closed cylindrical tank is 8 feet

long and 3 feet in diameter. When
lying in a horizontal position, the water
is 2 feet deep. If the tank is in the
vertical position, the depth of water in
the tank is:
A. 5.67 m

C. 5.82 ft.

B. 5.82 m

D. 5.67 ft.

15. A circular cylinder is circumscribed

about a right prism having a square
base one meter on an edge. The
volume of the cylinder is 6.283 cu. m.
Find its altitude in m.
A. 5

C. 69.08

B. 4.5

D. 4

contains water to a depth of 2h/3 the

ratio of the volume of water to that of
the cone is:
A. 1:27
B. 2:3

D. 26:27

18. A right circular cone with an

altitude of 9 m is divided into two
segments, one is a smaller circular
cone having the same vertex with an
altitude of 6m. Find the ratio of the
volume of the two cones.
A. 19:27

C. 1:3

B. 2:3

D. 8:27

19. A conical vessel has a height of 24

cm. and a base diameter of 12 cm. It
holds water to a depth of 18 cm.
above its vertex. Find the volume of its
content in cc.
A. 387.4

C. 383.5

B. 381.7

D. 385.2

20. A right circular cone with an

altitude of 8 cm is divided into two
segments. One is a smaller circular
cone having the same vertex with
volume equal to of the original
cone. Find the altitude of the smaller
A. 4.52 cm

C. 5.04 cm

B. 6.74 cm

D. 6.12 cm

21. The slant height of a right circular

cone is 5m long. The base diameter is
6m. What is the lateral area in sq. m?

16. If 23 cubic meters of water are

poured into a conical vessel, it reaches
a depth of 12 m. How much water
must be added so that the depth
reaches 18 m.?

A. 37.7
B. 47

C. 44
D. 40.8

A. 95 cubic meters C.54.6cubicmeters

32. A right circular cone has a volume

of 128 /3 cm3 and an altitude of 8 cm.
The lateral area is:

B. 100 cubic meters

cubic meters

A. 16 5 cm2

C. 16

B. 125 cm2
15 cm2




17. The height of a right circular cone

with circular base down is h. If it

33. The volume of a right circular cone

is 36. If its altitude is 3, find its
A. 3

C. 5

B. 4

D. 6

34. A cone and hemisphere share base

that is a semicircle with radius 3 and
the cone is inscribed inside the
hemisphere. Find the volume of the
region outside the cone and inside the
A. 24.874

C. 28.274

B. 27.284

D. 28.724