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97-DAZ + SEC -R3

* Full encryption support (Daz)
* Enhanced encrypted SLIC support (Daz)
* Encrypted SLIC support (Daz)
* Fixed possible ACPI checksum corruption in some cases
* More auto-detect fixes
* Reworked command line options:
--mode=X where X is:
0: default (auto-detect best method where possible)
1: alt method, relocates SLIC, RSDT, XSDT and RSD PTR to
low memory (same as --alt in previous versions)
2: SLIC low memory method, relocates SLIC to low memory
(same as 0.94/0.95 default method)
* Command line options can be mixed (previously only one could be
used at a time) e.g. --mode=2 --debug
* Made old method default again. Enable new method with --mode=2.
* Added extra space to generic menu.lst (davidxxw)
* Removed some unused functions and cleaned up others
* Small bug fixes to auto-detect (mode 0) (still needs work)
* Multi-page debug output works properly from menu (previously
it would quickly scroll multiple pages at once; now it waits
for a keypress, same as from command line) (davidxxw)
* SSDT search hang fixed. Default mode now skips this completely
but old mode should behave better. (thanks RyanThaDude29)
* New SLIC table placement method using lower memory when
available, otherwise previous method is used.
Previous method available from recovery menu ("Older" option)
* Recovery menu now accessed by pressing ESC or R (Opa)
* Changed "Windows 7" to "Windows" in menu (MyDigitalWife)
* Typo fix in help text
* Fixed changelog version mess
* Incorrect checksum issue in some cases (thanks tuvi123)
* Several bug fixes relating to table relocation
0.90 / Beta 8d:
* Moves out individual tables in the way of XSDT or RSDT expansion
if at all possible. If this fails, proceeds with usual relocaton.
This should help Mac compatibility. (thanks Barrym)
Beta 8c:
* Re-added a couple of lines of code that got removed by mistake
Beta 8b:
* Use alt mode when table clash occurs
Beta 8a:
* Tiny correction to an error check
Beta 8:
* Write-protected XSDT/RSDT tables are relocated (Dell, HP, etc.)
Simulated in VBox and on my PC this works, but not tested in
real world yet. May need tweaking.
* Installs new tables and SLIC to lower memory if needed
* New ACPI locating code; conforms to spec now (oops)
* Removed some debug messages that could sometimes appear
during successful boot (still visible in --debug)
* Still better SLIC placement (ongoing tweaks)
* Couple of small errors fixed from beta 7
* Added forced alternative loader mode (--alt) for testing.
Access this from the recovery menu.
* Fixed rare checksum-correcting bug (another oops)
Beta 7:
* Simplified debug output for easier debugging
* All fatal errors wait for a key press before continuing,
so you can read the error! It helps... :)
* Detects write-protected RSDT/XSDT (Dell, HP, etc.)
(currently no fix, just exits)
* Better table extending code (+ fixed bugs)
* Better SLIC placement in some cases
Beta 6:
* Locates more ACPI tables accurately now (sleep fix?)
* Fixed handling of table positions
* More checks
Beta 5:
* New feature: forceful mode. Tries to activate on systems where
some checks don't complete successfully. May cause problems.
Access this from the recovery menu.
* More fine tuning
Beta 4:
* Fixed bug: potentially not enough internal table storage
* Internal change: OEM data correctly copied from SLIC (Daz)
* Recovery menu bug fixes; also now red
Beta 3:
* More verification and safety checks
* Fix for Hazar's odd computer :) Thanks Hazar!
* Full recovery menu included (see below))
* Adjusted SLIC information for easier updates
Beta 2:
* Alters the RSDT table in the same way as the XSDT table
* Many more pointer checks to reduce crash likelihood
* Optimised menu.lst
* Initial version