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Directions: Jesus Christ encourages us to love and accept everyone. List at

least 10 virtues to help you follor Jesus good example and accept everyone.
Write your answer on the scroll.


Directions: draw a
which shows love and accepting the different
members of our society. Write your answer on the blank.

1. ___________ Calling my classmates by their Christian names.

2. ___________ Cracking jokes through name calling.
3. ___________ Making fun of my playmates.
4. ___________ Greeting all school visitors politely.
5. ___________ Not sharing my food with my classmate who is non-Christian.
6. ___________ Helping open the door for a disabled person.
7. ___________ Read Bible stories to the children from our adopted community.
8. ___________ Welcoming the new classmate who comes from a different country.
9. ___________ Ask forgiveness from my classmate to be recognized by my teacher.
10.___________ Praying for sick people all over the world.

TRUE OR FALSE Write T on the blank is the statement is TRUE, and write F if
the statement is FALSE.

____________ 1) Every person has a conscience.

____________ 2) Christian conscience cannot be formed.
____________ 3) God gave us the ability to recognize and love what is good and avoid what is evil.

____________ 4) It is unchristian to hurt those who cause us harm.

____________ 5) The Holy Spirit enlightens our minds and helps us make wise decisions.
____________ 6) Reading and reflecting on the Gospel stories can help form our Christian
____________ 7) It is right to do your homework on time.
____________ 8) It is wrong to tell lies to your parents.
____________ 9) It is right to help out your teachers.
____________ 10) It is wrong to cheat during examinations.
____________ 11) To be anointed means to be chose by God, as manifested by oil poured on the
for a mission.
____________ 12) To practice authentic use of freedom, we can do whatever we want to do, even if
it is
not according to the teaching and example of Jesus Christ.
____________ 13) Free acts are acts which are only good for some and not for all, and not always in
accordance with moral standards.
____________ 14) Contrition is sorrow for ones sin.
____________ 15) Sin is any thought, word, or action that makes us closer to God.
____________ 16) In praying the Lords prayer, we profess our sincere sorrow for having sinned
____________ 17) True conversion leads us to follow Christ.
____________ 18) We commit sin when we choose to do things against Gods law and when we fail
loves our neighbors.
____________ 19) True conversion is a change of heart, mind and will as inspired by the Holy Spirit.
____________ 20) We acknowledge our sins by our own effort and strength.
____________ 21) God gave His people alaw of love for them to be faithful to their covenant with
____________ 22) We enter into a covenant relationship with God through prayer.
____________ 23) Following Jesus Christ means loving and serving God and our neighbor.
____________ 24) Keeping the commandments is the way to eternal life.

____________ 25) God remains faithful in spite of our unfaithfulness to Him.