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E AZIN G MA MAY 2014 9: | lee 47 67 MINDBODY gets me back on my mat sooner.” Nahid de Belgeonne, Good Vibes MINDBODY software simplifies Nahid's s s. And 110 other daily eduling, payments and memberst s, too. 17 Fg 19, Bo 21, 22, 23 | 24 25 26 27, 28 | rob 10m, = @ soe @ Hatha Alt Levels, Welcome to the May issue of Yoga Magazine. Allof us would have faced challenges in our yoga practice ~ those familiar times when we just couldn't get into a pose no matter how much we try. So ‘When the Going Gets Tough’ we can use these difficult times on the mat as an opportunity to learn and grow. We also take a look at ‘Fierce Grace’, a new style of yoga from Mi- chelle Pernetta, a respected teacher and pioneer of Bikram yoga in the UK. Already gaining rave reviews, Michelle's classes are based on traditional yoga sequencing and blend the core poses of Ashtanga, Bikram, Power and Hatha yoga. Concluding last month's pregnancy yoga article, we feature two specially designed sequences, San Salute and Goddess Flow, to ensure mum’s-to-be are at optimal health and vitality in time for the big day. And for those of us not expecting the ‘pitter-patter of tiny feet’, there’s a brilliant Happy Heart sequence from our guest teacher Elizabeth Rowan, that works on the heart chakra Anabata to both offer and receive love. ‘And to get you ready for summer, we have a truly wonderful com- petition to win a prize package of a Tribest juicer and a weekend juice detox retreat at Champneys, Tring, with bestselling author and TV nutritionist Amanda Hamilton, There's also Mindfulness and the practice of yoga, expert trans- formative breathing tips to reduce stress, chakras and crystals, and much more. I hope you enjoy reading the magazine and | look forward to meeting with you in June. Namaste aa eee I3 contents Lae WIN A JUICING & DETOX PACKAGE FIERCE GRACE USING MINDFULNESS IN YOGA. 49 BREATHE BETTER PREGNANCY YOGA PART 2 72 HAPPY HEART YOGA SEQUENCE FEATURES Strategies to grow and learn when your practice gets tough RCE GRAC ‘Anew style that combines traditional yoga ‘sequencing and core pose with the latest fitness wisdom NANCY YOGA PART 2 jome practices for expectant mothers NEWS & COMMUNITY Welcome to the May issue The latest yoga news and studies COMPETITION Win a juicing package worth over £1000 4 CHARITY Breast Cancer Care's Pink Ribbon Walks READERS’ ASHRAM ASK YOGI DR MALIK Your yoga questions answered 4 MY STORY From panic to peace: A former actor stops pretending 60-SECOND INTERVIEW Tara Guber BEAUTY & FASHION 2B Products to improve vitality 35 FASHION Fabulous ethical fashion MIND BODY SPIRIT Mindfulness and the practice of yoga Breathe better — stress less 53 SPIRIT S| Chakras and crystals, NUTRITION 65 NUTRITION Celebrating National Vegetarian Week TRAVEL RAVEL The Bedruthan Steps YOGA PAGES 7 YOGA PHILC Philosophy and practice: Advancing on your life path part 3 ANATOMY OF A POSE Marjaryasana to Bitilasana (the Cat to Cow Pose) HILOSOPHY STUDIO REVIEW Bath Iyengar yoga centre CTION 5 F Elizabeth Rowan 86 Kneeling Bow 88 INTERN POSE Mermaid pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana variation) Bound Lord of the Dance pose (Baddha Natarajasana) 92 2 Happy hearts club UGHT READING 74 WHAT'S HOT The atest releases % ASTROLOGY Your May Vedic stars ‘Yogi Dr Malik H Malik Martin Gt Helena Rosas ART DIRECTOR Scott Middler Michele Pernetta Sally Parkes DNTRIBUT: me Leal Jennifer Moon ‘Aimee Hartley Naomi Nightingale Hugh Poulton Lisa Jakub Chris James Michael Eastwood Anna Rodgers AVE ‘Shyam Metha, Elizabeth Rowan David Choudry Yasir Syed ‘Ahmed Waheed NT ONLINE PUBLISHE Gareth Macfarlane ADVERTISEMENT DIRECTOR Natalie Tuerena, DVERTISEMENT EXECUTIVE Santosh Jairajh Alexandra Martinelt YOGA MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS ‘ADVERTISING SALES@YOGAMAGAZINE COM ' Change your ife | with YogaFit. today 14 Mind Body Fitness 7 conferences and over 600 Yoga Teacher Trainings “Everybody is a yoga body.” across North America. ~ Beth Shaw, Founder of YogaFit Training Systems SAVE 10% with code TTR-YJUK2014 at Charter Supporting Member School of the International Association of Yoga Therapists ee North Americas Largest Yoga School Seeley ee a a 2] LONELINESS KILLING MORE THAN OBESITY ‘A new American study suggests that being lonely is twice as deadly as being obese. Researchers tracked more than 2,000 men and women over 55, seeing whether they had people to talk to who shared similar interests. The loneliest ones died at twice the rate of those who had the most contact with friends and family during the six years in which the study was carried out. The scientists found that the only other big factor in an early death was poverty. Previous research has lined loneliness to high blood pressure, stress hormones, depression and a weakened immune system STOP SMOKING WITH YOGA ‘A new study published in the Journal of Women’s Health, shows that yoga can significantly reduce anxiety, tempta- tions to smoke, and increase overall wellbeing in a group of ‘smokers who were not already practising yoga. Participants attended two 6o-minute Vinyasa style yoga classes a week for 8 weeks, which consisted of pranayama exercises, seated meditations, yoga poses and relaxation techniques. The re- sults suggest that the positive effects of yoga on smoking ‘outcomes may be due to a reduction of the negative symp- toms associated with smoking cessation, decreasing stress and cigarette cravings, and improving mood and perception of quality of life, NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSN (F) NATIONAL VEGETARIAN WEEK NEEDS YOU Running from the 19th sth May, NVW is an YOGA MAY OFFER HOPE FOR EARLY PSYCHOSIS PATIENTS Doing yoga may help patients in the early stages of psycho- sis to improve their memory and attention while alleviat ing symptoms such as depression, according toa University of Hong Kong study. The study involved 60 patients who were receiving similar but not identical treatment for early psychosis. The patients were divided into two groups - one group practised 36 one-hour yoga sessions over a 12-week period, while the other group did not do any physical exer cise, The yoga-practising group showed a marked increase in attention and visual-motor co-ordination, and an aver age volume increase in their post-central gyrus, an area in the brain responsible for sensory functions; while the other group experienced a decrease in the same factors. Both groups showed improvements in their memory and symp- toms such as depression, but the yoga group showed more obvious improvements. EATING DISORDERS IMPROVE WITH YOGA A trial at Seattle Children's Medicine Department of yoga in treating eating disorders, demonstrated that yoga therapy has the ability to improve eat- ing disorders when combined with standard care, Patients were given 16 one-hour private sessions, and at the end of the study researchers found that yoga did not decrease weight, and body mass in- dex remained stable for all participants. The effect, yoga had on food preoccupation scores suggested that yoga was a successful recovery therapy and excellent opportunity for businesses, commu- nity groups and educational establishments to highlight vegetarian products, share a meat-free ‘mealor bring the benefits of a vibrant vegetarian lifestyle into the classroom. For individuals NVW is all about going vegetarian, discovering deli cious new foods and realising that your favou- rites can be made meat-free, fuss-free. Last year, their ‘What's Happening’ calendar boasted al- most 400 special offers, events, talks, discounts and promotions across the UK. This year they're asking you to take on the challenge and get your friends, family and colleagues involved. For more information, including online resources and reci- pes, visit could be effective as an intervention before or af- ter meals to reduce anxiety. 10} STRAWBERRIES CAN REDUCE CHOLESTEROL ‘A new study has been carried out in Spain to analyse the effect of strawberries on choles. terol. The research involved adding 500g of strawberries to the daily diets of healthy vol- unteers for a month, and took blood samples before and after the period to compare data At the end of the study, their levels of bad cholesterol dropped significantly while good cholesterol remained unchanged. Published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, the research team confirmed in other studies that eating strawberries also protects against Ultraviolet radiation, reduces the damage that alcohol can have on the gastric mucosa, strengthens red blood cells and improves the antioxidant capacity of the blood VEGETARIAN DIET MAY HELP LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE A review of 39 studies that included over 21,000 people, found that vegetarians had significantly lower blood pres sure than those who ate meat. The findings, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine suggest that a vegetar- iandiet could reduce aperson’s risk of heart attack by 9 per cent and risk of stroke by 14 per cent ifsustained over time. ‘Although the study wasnt able to identify which nutrients in vegetarian diets were responsible for the apparent ben- efits, researchers point to previous studies demonstrating that diets lower in sodium and higher in potassium and plant proteins al tend to lower blood pressure. os SOLGAR’ = >> NEW from Solgar « WALK, RUN, CLIMB, PLAY -You Can! SUPPORTS FLEXIBILITY, MOBILITY, AND RANGE OF MOTION* FEEL THE DIFFERENCE Finolly, the next generation in joint comfort, mobility, flexibility, and range of motion Solgar® 7 brings together bio-active nutrients that work to create on approach for cccasional “tweaks” and joint stressors brought on by exercise, sports, or physical activity.” COMP! sa een woe RETREAT WITH“; ou AMANDA = HAMILTON PLUS A FOLLOW-ON SUPPORT spy PACKAGE WORTH OVER £1000 “TITION TRIBEST GREEN STAR ELITE JUICER The extra-long Jumbo Twin-Gears deliver a juice yield like no other juicer, and the unique three stage slow juicing process extracts the maximum nutrient levels from your fresh produce. In addition, the Jumbo ‘Twin-Gears include bio-ceramic magnets within their core which pull maximum minerals into the juice, they also work to greatly reduce the oxidation process so that unlike with conventional juicers, your juice will stay fresh for up to 5 days, not hours. JUICE DETOX RETREAT AAs well a top of the range Tribest Green Star Elite Juicer, youll get to experience a 2-day juice detox retreat at Champneys Tring run by ‘Eat, Fast, Slim’ bestselling author and TV nutritionist Amanda Hamilton Whether you want to slim down, kick-start a healthier diet or just need a new approach, this 2-day juice detox programme is.a safe, simple and fun way to feel great in as short a time as possible, During your detox weekend, you will also enjoy Amanda's hugely popular seminar programme to learn her 5-step approach to staying in shape and optimising health -no matter what your age. Of course, with the stunning backdrop of at the Tring resort you will be able to make the most of the award-winning spa, exercise programme and inspiring surroundings ~ it's a perfect way to put ‘you' first. JUICE DETOX RETREAT INCLUDES: 2 nights’ accommodation Signed copy of Amanda's bestselling book “Eat, Fast, Slim” Al juices and smoothies for the programme 2 follow-on weeks of personalised menus Daily guided walks Thalassotherapy pool session (x 2) 3x one hour group sessions Detox goodie bag Unlimited use of facilities Up to 20 different classes per day ‘To win this juice-tastic prize, just answer this simple question: What is the name of Amanda Hamilton’s book? Enter online at Closing date: 30th May 2014 TERMS & CONDITIONS [Awinner wil be selected a random from al entries received within 10 working days ofthe closing date. riz wl be provided 36 ‘voucher and part coupon code worth the total cst ofeach individual product There sno cash alternative. Managements decsion lefinal Juicer wallbe patched free of charge on receipt of receiving winners deta A minimum numberof is requred to run the Fetreat and a maximum of 20, Should the minimum not be reached and the Break cancelled an alternative willbe offered. Winners responsible fr ther own travel. Competition is open to UK residents only, Competition run by Savant Distribution, LSt6 6OE. 3 “4 Breast Cancer Care is asking you to lace up your boots and walk together to help support those with breast cancer as it celebrates 10 years of Pink Ribbonwalks, With five beautiful walks to choose from in Oxfordshire, Perthshire, Derbyshire, Kent and London, walkers can join a guided 10 or 20 mile walk around some of the UX’s most stunning country estates, where they can enjoy a route suited to all abilities. People can find out more and register for the Pink Ribbonwalks, which take place throughout May and June. Each unique walk will have guides to keep you on track and cheer points where friends and family can gather to spur you on, and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of a Pink Ribbonwalk. Registration costs just £30 and walkers will receive a t-shirt and training guide to help prepare, and at the finish line will be treated to a well earned massage and post walk meal. Walkers at each location will be asked to raise £100 in sponsorship to help fund Breast Cancer Care's specialist services which help people live with, through and beyond breast cancer. Denise Lewis says “I know only too well how much people with breast cancer need the right support and information; my grandmother had the disease and I've had friends affected. That's why I have taken part in the Pink Ribbonwalks for a number of years now. So please join in -it's a great way to help Breast Cancer Care provide free vital support to those affected by breast cancer” You can register at or call 0870 145 0101 Breast Cancer Care is the only UK-wide support charity helping the thousands of people who wake upto the harsh reality of breast cancer every day. Our specialist nurses, local services and emotional support network mean there's always someone to tur to for information and support. fron wort itis working, Pink ro9® Ribbonwalk bloss#m yoga Azul Ue) 8 7 Yoga & Plates Pe eC eee Cn) A, Sere Cue Recut iets Prone oak Ue is offering you this amazing opportunty! Pa renee Peery well and celebrate life with Se ad mu ie re Ret Erte Year round Yoga & Pilates Retreat, as seen in The Guardian, The Times and The Independent Fuerteventura The Canary Islands ae eis We offer retreats 365 days per year. Join us for these upcoming highlights with Ce eo 10% off for Yoga Magazine readers*: That ling of th ‘and vy eho sexi © weingond imprest. Tiny wd ot nates wesead heb aod os st whan sno oad oh ln. Kundalini Wellbeing for mind, body & soul 20-27 Sep 2014 Ar 30 yor pistkig research his aug oes ren redcaeed od ‘cen vlae with Maestro Kartar Devi._Dyal-Kaur > ‘segpeetct i become a beater, “happie, songer person, . - ovdg of the tn se home a op ad 7a YY 5 Nee ee Cee ar DUS ue Ra) pecueee aed Ree eee rer aie Seem Ray reece Ue ats Peng MCE hel led POR UN oa Tur sm col lcd Pia Recut Pi eeuein scot Pee ee ee oe eed practice can become truly transformative, but not if you completely give Porro ect sea eee kong Cea RUN em eur ccna kurt scutes Pewee ere er een co gee eens ‘becoming so much of a struggle that you're in danger of injuring yourself or if it’s making your practice a place of misery and pain, then back off for ‘awhile. You could try doing a modification, or other poses that will help to open your body or strengthen your muscles to make that pose more SC On eee nd ee Re aoe ee keto ac preteen eer ee er setae am ‘or connection to your core strength, or your use of bandhas - there are Precio Coane ra ete ea eure | Ce he Oe R Conc Ask for the help you need. Gu a Each year on my teacher training we set a least favourite posture project’. Pee Oe Cet et og te ee cacy De ee Re eae ee Ce Raed ‘other people's top tips? How do they feel emotionally when they are in the pose? At the end of the training they give a 5-minute presentation to the eee en eee eee econ Se Coa ey ieee Pe te oe Cae eee eed Se eee See eee Ce Cn sc Cees TE ROL eek cay Pe ei gk kOe eure kad Rene eae ccc eeu as and common decency) then I should apply the same consideration to ‘myself. It changed things pretty radically. Often this pattern of mentally criticising ourselves can go unnoticed for Pore oe UR ite une cu a Ces Se eC eR cea cic Peer eta ee one er Cee ees De eee ere oR eee coc See eta Se Cue eee ere SORE out oe cee am trying something difficult and I'm proud of myself for trying’ or ‘Iam. Pee ee EU een card of yoga. We are already perfect, we have nothing to achieve, nowhere to Pees eae cr rece It we criticise ourselves then we probably criticise other people. We walk PRE a cure eu Runa eee am ey Pee Onecare mt ur scenic Rute ered write them down. Then see if they are enhancing you life and making you happier... or not! Then if you feel that it’s right, have the intention Pe er Oa Cee ey Lasater ‘Living Your Yoga’ both talk about this very clearly.) CN oxo Wri NOT ABOUT BEING ABLE FO BO FANCY LSI glee 70 POSES 22 PMN gs Sc Sctisg RICE ARB GOOD THEN EF WOULD ies] shy rsa) i heenercsoont eR ad y Sa Cee self-critical and judgemental and frustrated and Se ee Re ‘our life. Likewise if we are fearful in our yoga practice a Ome a CR a ea ee eu tet much fun! And we are creating those unhappy feelings by beli Ce ee ek eu Cc tm kk) ee eee en kuna Oe Rd aE CeCe Lacy ete ee ee td for anything that makes us unhappy or impatient. It's not the reality Cee Cece mene’ em eer Reena ae cme Olen Dee aU Cuma a cue ons Cm AEaa Ifour yoga practice always felt nice and good then it would never challenge Pee ee en ence It can be hard and it can be uncomfortable but it’s always worth it in the Ce Cu rc een uta eee Pine eMart Rae oe CMSs BLT Age EAs Geet anes i aay raa tel nee conta Neutinel it) TEACHING. SHE CURRENTLY RUNS THE MORNING ASHTANGA SEL F PRACTICE AT THE LIFE CENTRE INISLINGTON AND RUNS ANNUAL TEACHER TRAININGS INLONDON AND GOA SHE HAS PRACTISED AT ASHTANGA YOGA LONDON FOR AOU er eerie sh ca are etd BW teeter keel DOWNLOAD AND SUBSCRIBE TODAY! YOGA MAGAZINE MAY 2014 AND BACK ISSUES! love natural _, Seal love organic “a ie 4-6 July 2014 Olympia, London ie : = 7 Get your FREE tickets today! Download unlimited free tickets by visiting the following URL. ] Altematively, you can use this page as your ticket! oa ~~ An unmissable day out at London’s wipe = Download your tickets foday and you willhave ee — free_access to all 4 of co-locating shows! allergy free from | Hi Yogi Dr Malik, Istarted practising yoga about 9-months ago after being recommended it by a friend. I really enjoy my weekly practice and I've started to attempt the headstand pose. I manage to get into the pose okay, but then I start to wobble. Are there any tips you can recommend? Denise Flexible Advice Dear Yogi Dr Malik, Tam fairly new to yoga, but I don’t have much time to attend classes due to work commitments and a young family. Ihave been using a few DVDs at home but I find that I'm very stiff the next day after practising. Are there any warm-up exercises you can recommend? Steven Dear Steven, Warm ups are essential to help avoid stiffness and muscular and joint pains. There are a variety of exercises that you can try at home, but these are two of my personal favourites: Lie on your back, bend your knees and stretch your arms out to the side. Inhale deeply, bring the knees together and move them to the left. Tilt the head to the right, staring ahead Hold for 60-seconds, Now repeat on the other side (knees to the right side and looking to the left) Gently continue this for atleast four rounds For the next exercise, stand up with legs hip-width apart with knees slightly bent. Place the left hand on the left thigh and stretch up with the right hand. Now slowly stretch over to the left side, Hold for one to two seconds, Now repeat on the other side. Repeat the exercise at least four to six times. Digestion Dilemma Hi Yogi suffer with indigestion after eating. Are there any simple poses you can recommend? Sally Hi sally, You can try practising Vajrasana (Diamond or Thunderbolt pose), which isan excellent posture to help the digestion after eating, HOW TO PREFORM VAIRASANA Sit down on bent knees, placing your heels at the sides of your buttocks near the anus. Stretch your arms out in front of you, with your hands placed upon your knees, Sit up straight with your head up and looking straight ahead. Inhale and exhale as normal, Ideally hold the posture for at least 3-minutes, but you can practise this for as long as you wish, You should try and practise this asana for at least two times per week Lisa, and you will feel noticeable benefits after a few weeks. You should also practise Uttanpadasana (Leg Raised pose) ‘lara Guber When | took my first class there were six to twelve people in the class, and we wanted to find out what yoga was really like. We were told that if we did yoga for many years we would be well on the path to achieving enlightenment. Back then, when you admitted you practised yoga, there were raised eyebrows and quizzical looks. But we all knew that yoga was changing our bodies, minds, and hearts so we kept showing up for class, told our closest friends, and slowly and steadily the classes began to grow. Today it’s a massive lifestyle industry and its popularity has exploded in the last 20-years in our increasingly health-conscious and self-involved culture. Aggressively co-opted by the fitness industry, yoga is now ubiquitous. The small, open-spaced yoga class is at risk of becoming an endangered species. Today, there can be up to 100 people or more in a popular class. The ‘mats are an inch apart and you don't know the person next to you. You don't say ‘hello when you come in and you don't say ‘goodbye’ when you leave. Many. having moved on from aerobics, are there to get the socially desirable, lean, toned ‘yoga body” by sweating through a demanding class. And even in this tornado of current popularity, yoga still retains the image of a solitary practice. For years I was confident that students of all ages could benefit from yoga. Yoga Ed was specifically created for use in the classroom. The material was structured in the format teachers use every day: curriculums, units and lessons and designed to meet all national state and regional education standards. The structure allowed Yoga Ed's impact on students (and the school itself) to be measured using the tools and systems that educators use to assess academic achievement. In all schools that implemented the programme, Yoga Ed positively and significantly impacted the academic achievement and social behaviour of the students, These results have been assessed by several major universities including Harvard, Syracuse and USC. Such claims reflect a flawed understanding of the practice. The physical, emotional and psychological benefits of yoga are voluminously documented as science: that are not the consequence of faith. To achieve these benefits, a yoga practitioner is not required to express recognition of nor a belief in any deity of any kind. Yoga promotes” nothing but your ability to achieve personal optimal and total mind/ body wellness Contact Yoga grew from my yearning to expand my practice off the mat and share the dynamics I felt in my personal practice with a partner. Even though the benefits of working with a yoga partner are well known, I sensed that there was something beyond partner practice, something beyond the enhanced physical stretch: a heightened, more potentially transcendent and sacred experience that is centred in the heart rather than the body. I trusted this voice inside of me, followed my intuition, and began an amazing inner journey that is still going on today. The Seven Points form the foundatio Commitment, Love, Communication, Vision, and Union—these are the Building Blocks of Relationship that bring purpose and fulfilment to your life and those you love. As I describe in the book. I offer a series of poses for each Points that I feel expresses and evokes the energy of the particular Point. of Contact Yoga are: Trust, Passion. I've been married to Peter for 46-years, despite our demanding schedules, strong personalities, and pressures in the Hollywood community that contribute to the high divorce rate. Our individual yoga practices and The Seven Points of Contact at the heart of Contact Yoga keep our relationship healthy and grounded. The values of the Seven Points are the foundation of both our relationship and our family, Iwill continue to share Contact with the world and of course, continue to enjoy the amazing benefits that a lifelong yoga practice has rewarded to me CONTACT YOGA your iiloor CLEAN. BEAUTIFUL. DURABLE. COMFORTABLE. ZEBRA Calforsamples or loca viewing AVAILABLE IN GREEN, SAND AND GRAY This botanically-rich daily créme naturally delivers deep, long-lasting moisturisation and helps even skin tone. The natural blend of brightening Horsetail Plant, Marigold A body oil that bathes your and Echinacea extracts helps reduce skin body in healthy, antioxidant redness and discoloration and evens out rich moisture. Pure, Vitamin € skin tone. With regular use, skin sleft feel- Oil plus 5 essential natural oils ing soft and smooth with a beautifully even of Almond, Apricot, Avocado, tone. £19.99 ‘A maximum strength facial treat- ment, that combines Vitamin E Oil with an exclusive blend of seven es- sential natural oils, including Black- currant, Evening Primrose, Macada- mia Nut and Borage. Used at night it helps reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, and it's also excel- lent for treating scars and stretch marks, £9.99, Sunflower and Wheat Germ renew skin's softness. It can be used alone or applied to dry spots all over the body. £6.98 ‘An ultra-rich, daily remedy that's shown to significantly reduce the visible signs of ageing. Infused with powerful multiantioxidant complex of Ester-C®, Vitamin C, Thioctic Acid, Vitamin E and Green Tea, C-Effects™ Creme helps minimise the ageing effects of free radical damage and promotes healthy cell regeneration. Your skin will feel softer, smoother and rejuvenated. £11. egy ay EFFECTS” a ‘4:10 oy wel propane ong Mare re oo eee Provides stamina wherever and whenever you need it. It's a id tea drinks that gives a quick rush follow Wg crash. Solstic Energy hel from carbohydrates, the main source of fuel for the body. It contains B vitamins to support energy levels and fight the draining effects of the alternative to coffee an abrupt, vitality-sap day; Yerba Maté, a powerful herb that has been years in the jungles of South Ame tea extracts that help increase energy and vitality and Guarana seed whic! ins a naturally occurring caffeine that promotes a gradual, sustained increase inalertness. Contains only 12 calories, no fat and only 3g of Carbohydrates. £22.95 A powerful and highly effective 10-day course of five cleansing herbal products which collectively hel cleanse the body. They come in handy single serving cellophane packs and are to be taken alongside a nor al, healthy diet. £29.74 ised for thousands of nulated to help you towards your target t. The four key herbal ingredients have been cho: 9 their unique benefits and prepared in a way whi naximises their potency. Solstic Slim has a great fruity avour and is easy to use. It contains chlorogenic acid, a well-known slimming ingredient, and resveratrol, which 1as a number of health benefits. The Green tea extr. ontains epigallocatechin gallate which has been s! to help weight management programs. It also contains Yerba maté which is used in slimming supplements to lp promote feelings of fullness £20.66 wer packed with 15 vitamins and minerals in a sugar-free formula, with a combination of B vi tamins alongside vitamins A and C, magnesium, zinc and biotin and pantot henic acid, vitamin Ki, alcium and folic acid. The formula is designed to make them quick and easy for the body to ab: sorb, Each sachet contains only 15 calories, no ‘sugar and is low in carbs to support any weight loss programme. Expertly formulated for maxi mum bio-availability, these single serve sachet makes them convenient to carry in your bag and givesa great nutritional g0. £22.95 st when you're on the This is a high potency multi-strain probiotic supplement providing almost 12 billion bact —— ria per serving - almost four times more than other probiotics currently available. £26.95 LIQUID, PROBIOTIC ELEVEN CHLOROPHYLL Soe eee ot suena of es which are. natin —=—_- ey ich in antiondants. Supplies powerful rtriens to give the —— pody energy and vitality and help to maintain a healthy i powerful antioxidants. from Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants Bueberry, Mangosteen and that harnesses the sun's energy in photosyn Grapeseed that help defend esis, It helps increase the qualty and quan the body against fre radicals, ity of your red blood cells, improving the ficiency of oxygen transport and, as a result. giving you more energy and improving your HIbeing, Its a powerful antioxidant, has an- tiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits, helps regulate bowel habits and provides a rapid method of delivery of magnesium, vitamin K. vitamin C, folic acid, iron, calcium and protein. Naturally flavoured with spearmint oil. £11.48 £22.44 All available from Amazon and extracts to gently remove impurities while Jojoba aming cleansing gel uses natural sugar ar to remove excess oils and balance the skin's natural oll product With silica REMOVE Makeup & Grime Cleansing Gel, skin is left ising. £18.95 and toned and ready for mois A scientifically developed food supplement that was cre ated with the aim of helping the b collagen and s e the health ar skin. It contains unique Lipowheat™, which has been clin: y researched to increase skin hydration, It works on the deeper layers of the skin from the inside to target the visible of skin ageing from within. A convenient tablet form that is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. £29.98 dy to naturally produce d appearance This all-natural multipurpose bal .eply nourishes, soo id con tions dry skin and moisturises ch ips. It combines fermented Paw Pav xtract in a soothing base that includ Mineral Silica, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Macadamia Oil and Calendula extract This rich, hydrating balm protects and nly 100% naturally derived ingredients without the addition of petrochemi als, parabens or artificial colours or fragrances. £8.98 Available from Amazon and Does your website need a refresh? Are you thinking about breathing some new life into your website? If so then a move to HealthHosts might be your answer. We can build you a sparkling new website that just works including the latest SEO tools, social media features and blog post notifications to your subscribers, we help you stay connected to your audience, easily and automatically. Transferring an existing domain and email, no problem we take care of the whole process. Want to know more? contact us... © 01206 700005 (& ® i QG% he I hh =a ® ad t osts Purple Balance The Absolutely Natural anes Nutrition Brand chris james Mind & Body Cleanse yogamatters « 020 8888 8588 TULLY LOU ‘Think about the fun, fashion forward future of yoga wear. A collection of clothing that is practical, transferable a and makes you look good - even after fa vigorous work out. The image youre getting is probably something like activewear brand Tully Lou. This brand designs clothing for women of all ages who want to move away from boring activewear. Founded by a 25 year old fashion graduate and yoga instructor who was inspired to build a fashion conscious activewear line - Tully Louhas inspirational roots: After overcoming depression and an eating disorder designer Tully Humphrey became devoted to achieving health and happiness - believing that eating well and staying fit were the core factors in reaching this goal. This belief led Tully to create a line of stylish, durable workout ‘wear that possessed the style we look for in everyday outfits. Starting with an impressive line that is not to be missed Tully Lou intends to elevate women to achieve better health and consequently, happiness. CR eR a a maximum comfort and a seductive design are at ee een eee Succ? ee ae ee ee a eee a Made exclusively from pine tree prunings, this eu Ret mao re nl Ce a et Pree er eee ‘organic line are made to last. The continual use ey this ecology-minded brand who recycle the fibres ees ee Ae See) could form stunning lingerie, this remarkable French brand has done the impossible. And, as if ee eon me ary they also have the heavenly touch of cashmere and the comfort of silk. Could we ask for more? OU Cou ad JMEB It is time for yoga wear to get an exciting — new makeover from a design duo that is all 7 about blending style, design and functionality jablished 14 years ago by two British designers, Beverly Calvert and Si Manning - Homebody is providing a refreshing flow to yoga wardr. annah he brand, who sells exclusively to Harrods, started its journey yearsago designingnnightwear for men. Their aim was to offer an alternative raditional, predictable pyjamas. The suc Of this line spoke for itself and now the pair are having an equally notable effect, with a yoga collection for men and women. Every garment in the range features an exclusive fabric that moves with the body allowing comfort and flexibility. The transferable designs also make ais cgllection ideal for everything from exercise 10 comfortable TOURGIIG. \ebody has built its brand by revolutionising conceptions of what activity-specific clothing should be. Providing clothes with long-term wearability and appealing designs, this brand also produces all of its limited edition clothing in the UK. We can't help but applaud them Being organised is not exactly an easy task - especially when keeping up with a busy schedule and fitness routine, But, The Goddess II from Workplay is here to make carrying life's load that litte bit easier. ‘As a brand Workplay is as innovative as they come. This ‘company designs bags that cater to your needs and make changing from work mode to fitness mode a breeze, Women have enough worries, but Workplay make sure your everyday transformation from the office to the gym isnt one of them, ‘The Goddess Il provides all the tools you need to make life's transformations easier. This tailored multi-sport fitness kit has everything from a shoe compartment to a laundry bag, Practical and chic, The Goddess II takes care of things so you don't have to. PUL cad eer try TRAINING mats bags props blocks 01763 274 070 Gstomerservices yogoblis.couk 200 Hour HATHA & VINYASA YOGA MONE o RSs TEACHER TRAINING eae Wd severe HOW TO ACCESS YOUR PLEASURE ZONE Sisanio T fing wow Tee CL Fierce Grace is Michele Pernetta’s unique new Dele EN UR Cen else Rea Coe Pees eR Coe UCR Bate gS ala from beginner to advanced. eet tain coon pi lait taste Tat) Core (75 minutes). This slow, deep, stretching class allows beginners and Ene eee ee ee eae eT ae alignment and how to effectively work for maximum results, More hands-on corrections and help for injuries and misalignment. A slow, intense warm Up prepares the body for long, deep stretches to realign, resolve and release. Classic (90 minutes). Based on Pernetta's 20 years experience, our version Se ek ce ee ea toners for a rounded workout. 39 poses Fierce Grace (80mins + 10 min optional meditation). Our challenging but user-friendly general level class. This class combines the central poses of Bikram, Hatha and Ashtanga with deep twists, core strengthening, interval- training wisdom, abdominal work, hip openers and floor stretches to relax ee a ecu es Fierce (aka The Beast - thr 45 mins). An advanced class that takes students to the next level in strength, flexibility, balance, patience and sense of humour, this class includes arm balancing, inversions, lotus poses and deep Poet Sea (ene a ‘condensed class combines cardio vascular sweat inducing poses, strength, eo etc ed MICHELE PERNETTA > & z = = Ou MINDFULNESS AND THE PHYSICAL PRACTICE OF YOGA Whatever type of yoga you practise and whatever your level of experience, its synthesis with Mindfulness creates an experience that is light, fluid, flexible, and energetically effortless and deeply rewarding, Bringing the two disciplines together your body becomes a map of your mind revealing how states of mind arise moment-by- moment and bringing understanding directly through bodily sensation. This direct verification builds curiosity and confidence and provides a dynamic foundation for personal development anda less ego-led practice both on and off the mat. ‘You immediately see changes reflected in your body From the practice of Mindfulness you can use the ability to place attention in parts of the body at will, the capacity to release the body and mind back into balance and the clarity of intention moment by ‘moment. In this way mental and physical tension caused by striving can be released. ‘This synthesis of yoga and Mindfulness enhances both practices making each accessible in a fresh and engaging way through the other. Working with mind states experienced through the body ‘bypasses the internal dialogue and story making, that so often obscures the clarity needed to see what is happening in the mind. In a similar way, ‘working with restrictions in the body through the mind reveals how much of our sense of physical obstruction and limitation has little to do with flexibility, suppleness or lack of strength but more with reluctance to take responsibility for our experience in the present moment. YOGAMAGAZINECOM| 45 ‘Our stiffest muscle is between our ears. REVEALING CHOICES ‘The capacity to directly experience the tension created in mind and body by our attachment or aversion to whatever we are doing or anticipating is a characteristic of the nuts and bolts form of Mindfulness I've studied and practised with Bhante Vimalaramsi. When we cultivate direct observation of ‘our self-limiting reactions and how they occur, the real choices we have are revealed and with them the understanding that the responsibility for those choices is ours alone. ‘Most of us are familiar one or more of the following: “‘Twant to do this ‘Tean'tdo this’ ‘Tdon't like this’ ‘It's not going to defeat me! ‘Tmno good’ ‘Avllnever happen for me’ ‘Tike this, I want more’ Each of these dramas is played out continuously, both physically and ‘mentally all through the day both on and off the mat. Just listen to the resistance sometimes simply to stand on the mat for a self-practice. If we are not careful we choose to drown these out through distraction and striving, ‘Mindfulness can teach us instead to treat this tension as a signpost pointing towards what most needs addressing and understanding. Often we would rather follow our instinct to move purposefully in the opposite direction ignoring or pushing through this unwanted and uncomfortable experience. 46 |YOCAMK TAKING RESPONSIBILITY When we choose to be responsible for our mind states we turn towards them and investigate with curiosity and interest just what is going on. If we do just that, what we witness is a chain of events, one link after another of sensory experience and reaction triggering off one another often with accompanying stories and habitual emotions and responses. We can see how all of this conditions the present moment experience to conform with and support our personal beliefs both about ourselves and the world as it unfolds moment by moment, Tm too stiff, I can't do this, it won't ever happen for me, I'l never be able to." Just think for instance about the anticipation, expectation, fear, determination or whatever mental response there is around the prospect of inversions or backbends. The temptation is to resent this, believing that our practice and life will be so much better once we have mastered a troublesome se posture. Mindfulness invites a different approach: to see these postures as an opportunity to experience the richness of learning yoga has to offer. \~ CULTIVATING OPENNESS yal Not all displays of physical flexibility are expressions of opening. Our task isnot to strive for flexibility at the cost of openness. I's all about subtle and not so subtle tension. This tension can be so familiar that we no longer see it. t manifests in the body and also as a tension around the brain. This can be slight, but as we try to control and determine how our practice will be, it more often makes the brain feel like a dried walnut reflecting a closing off and a closing down. Our responsibility isto restore it to feeling like a fresh peach. This ability is cultivated through a soft listening which seeks to avoid a single pointed concentration, preferring a soft, spacious awareness that retains a wider sensitivity to the process of feeling, thoughts, images, ‘emotions and sensations. Key to the approach is maintaining a light touch with the mind. Try the mindfulness approach of smiling; the softening of the comer of your mouth and eyes and see how your mind lightens and brightens and how this helps to cultivate and maintain a responsive and ‘open listening in the moment. This way we can remain open, both within ‘our body and in our mind at the limit of our capacity. Here we rest against resistive tension, felt ike a supportive pillow rather than in tension, and this fine balance requires a mind that is softly listening at all times, WE JUST NEED TO GET OUT OF THE WAY With this soft listening we become sensitive to our internal dialogue and reactions and with it the impatience and judgements of our internal critic. We can start to see we hhave choices in the moment. Instead of following the siren call for increased effort in the name of ever greater flexibility, why not embrace openness and the surrender it represents bringing a freedom and softness to the body and mind that striving never brings however flexible the practice is? To surrender is to invite our ego to step out of the way land allow our yoga do us rather than the other way round. Im this way we remain open to the teaching yoga offers us, correcting us when we replace openness with tension land healing us as we learn to release this tension ever ‘more deeply. In this way our practice truly becomes self= teaching, self-correcting and self-healing, Bhante Vimalaramsi Bhante is a Buddhist monk living in America and teaches internationally, Visit his website aC Ui lg 48 |YOGAMAGAZNECOM “Breathing controls the functioning of every cell, and the physiology of the entire body...” 50 |YOAMAGAZINECOM ‘There are many breathing exercises available today which can help us improve our innate breathing pattern. We can exercise our respiratory muscles to work to their full potential and in turn we car experience how breathing well can steady any fluctuating moods, ‘Transformational Breath® is a self-healing technique which can help people access the full potential of their breathing system for b physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. The connected pattern! ‘which has proven to have many benefits almost universally includ increased energy, better immune response and increased ability deal with stress in a positive way. Breathing controls the functioning of every cell, and the p of the entire body, it is no surprise that improper breathing is @ contributory factor to il health. Transformational Breath® helps — correct old unhealthy patterns of breathing, releases tension fro the respiratory muscles which in turn encourages a fuller, conscious breath, Diaphragmatic breathing is paramount to the Transformation Breath® process. Experiencing a deep breath into the abdomen. rot only relaxing; it's been scientifically proven to positively the heart, brain, digestive and immune system, Once the b is moving in the abdomen, the upper lungs can be activated eventually the breath is full, connected and active. ‘There are many ways we can become more aware of our breathing. Here are some exercises to help you connect with your breath, — release tension from the body and calm the mind At Work: ‘Sit comfortably in your chair rest your hands on your thighs. help release tension in the shoulders and upper back: take a slow inhalation through the nose and raise the shoulders to the: Exhale and let the shoulders go, Repeat 5 times and then rotate shoulders backwards slowly. Be mindful of how you sit at your d ‘Make sure the shoulder blades are drawn down your back, the cl is lifted and allow space between the pelvis and the rib cage. A posture can help you breathe easier. Learning to breathe well also help you improve your posture. Commuting: Whether driving, on the bus or on a tube, sit and become aware of inhalation and exhalation. Make sure the lower abdomen isrisingon the inhalation (this can take some practise!) Don't force the breath, be in the present moment JOIN OUR FACEBOOK PAGE SHARE STORIES, GET THE LATEST YOGA NEWS AND MUCH MORE! op aaa Humanity is in atime of rapid transformation both personally and collectively. We no longer have the luxury of the past being our guide for the future - what served as our template hhas finished its cycle. We are in the process of creating a new ‘™map that will serve as our collective blueprint for the next cycle of humanity, For me, I have found that crystals have come forward to assist in this transformational. process. Crystals serve as guardians on our sacred journey towards wholeness, When we invite crystals into our yoga, or healing sessions we are welcoming intricate energies and universal principles into cour lives. We can, if we are open to it, participate consciously in the endlessly varied and dancing oneness of the universe. We can experience with our physical body the patterns of, the stars, earth and the flows of creation surging, moving exquisitely through us. Me ¥ CC the journey we are on i unknown to u capnrey each of uy to delve deeper into our percephion of ourgelver and cour place within humanity, 9 crystal is a bridge, the conduit for universal energies to dialogue with our consciousness, enabling us to grow, stretch and expand further into our being, The circular dance of our chakra system responds to nature's innate patterns within a crystal. Within my work I have found that by working with crystal mandala forms in meditation and yoga I have enhanced my experience of my divinity. In my new book Unfolding Our Light’ published by Findhorn Press 2013 - I introduce a way of integrating crystals within any sacred practice, be that yoga or healing, by creating simple crystal ‘mandalas for contemplation on universal themes of unity and oneness. A mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘circle. Nature expresses itself in many circular forms from shells, flowers and buds, to water bubbles: the list is endless, The circular theme varies throughout the world creating 1a multitude of sacred patterns. Many ancient traditions use mandalas to frame meditational, devotional and sacred ideas in a contained space. Mandalas focus not only us but also the themes we have invoked. When we create a crystal mandala for ourselves, another or a group, we create protection, not from something outside of ourselves but from our own everyday distractions. A mandala focuses our intention thereby enriching the universes ability to dialogue with us more fully Using my book practically, we offer ourselves to be attuned to crystals and thereby balancing our chakra system as well as our auric field. Our aura and chakra system work side by side, supporting us in being all that we can be. We can explore, through our chakra and auric imprints, who we are and why we are here. Thave been trading, teaching and healing within the field of crystal healing for over 25 years. Through my journey I have sought to marry crystal healing, the human energy field and chakra system. During my research I came across many references both in ancient spiritual texts and modern day writers that referred to seven levels of the aura as well as seven chakras, which contradicted my experience. I was bor being able to see the human aura as well as the chakra system. I see at least 10 layers to the aura and 10 chakra gateways. I started to understand that my work was to explore this subject and ultimately offer a model that reflected my own sight and understanding. As I was piecing it all together | explored the relationship between crystals, chakras and the human aura which led me toa profound experience. It was during this that I ‘met and dialogued with a Crystal Oversoul. This eventually led to the publication of ‘the Crystal Oversoul Attunements’ published by Findhorn: Press 2011. The dialogues I had with the Crystal COversouls that form the backbone of the book became the missing key that unlocked the door that enabled me to understand the ten layers of the at ten chakras, My new book ‘Unfolding Our Light’ is the result of this research — a navigation guide through the ten layers of the human aura as well as the ten. chakra gateways, supporting us to an awakening into the vast luminous beings that we are. well as how to awaken al With the help of the crystal kingdom and the Crystal Oversouls we are given the tools that enable us to expand our perception of who we are and why we are here. The journey we are on is unknown to us, requiting each of us delve deeper into our perception of ourselves. and our place within humanity. As we change and transform so does the field that all humanity draws from. The map of the future is being written by each of us and the way we live our lives. This new map will require us to stretch. how we envisage reality which is mirrored in the expansion of our chakra and auric perception We are on a remarkable journey towards a new humanity that was set in motion many thousands of years ago. By working with crystals within our practices we are supported in our ability to ride and thrive during this time. Being who we are in all our vastness will be the key to navigating through the next cycle of our incarnation, 01202 552233 e_ |e) © | al Has «F ae ~ PREGNANCY YOGA SEQUENCE 2 GODDESS SBA Ca eee ean he oe ae eee is step the feet out wide (at least a meter distance apart) ee ce eens Pe aCe ee grounded. Now interlace the fingers and reach the arms Poteet a Re agen Pome net eee et cr tte ceed eee aoc kes See een tee Deere esse UTKATA KONASANA / GODDESS POSE Now lower the pelvisa little more deeply by bending the eee eer ns wide squat position. Keep pressing firmly into t ere ees a etn rae are aligned over the ankles, Maintain an even breathing pean ete ea a erg Terence ues eee Cesena Races ae ay ninal muscles so it feels like the core Steen eta a kt ear beara y | “) When it comes to your baby only the No.1 for pregnancy will do Helping to make healthy mums and babies over the last 25 years, Pregnacare’ has always contained the recommended level of folic acid’ and is supported by unique clinical research with mums-to-be'. In fact, it’s the pregnancy multi- vitamin brand that UK midwives recommend most**. Trust Pregnacare® for the most important time of your life. Pregnacare @ Most recommended by midwives** & most trusted by | by mums tiredness fatigue es Conception - supported Original - with the Plus - dual pack with New Mum - with vit B12 by unique research’ recommended level of 300mg DHA" which & iron which contribute ‘As reported in press. 400mcq folic acid, B12, contributes to normal to the reduction of fatigue. 10mcg vit D and more. foetal brain and eye development. From Superdrug, © rorermen Holland & Barrett, Soon ‘supermarkets, ~ — chemists, health stores ca ANON, a VITABIOTICS eee "THE PREGNACARE® RANGE. a ements” as OF ALK ENN Deliciously healthy snacks thoughtfully crafted using nutritious organic wholefoods GO AHEAD, THINK BEOND! CEU) CMa a — Proich PROTEH PROVE paciel Beale D6 P= 6 Peo DEO WT Teh d Mindfulness for Yoga PCE Taal crce (ay £295 Estar) PON ee eT fra Pe ae) eee et 01869 340335 National ‘ees National Vegetarian Week 2014 runs from 19-25 May and is setting out to prove that going veggie is surprisingly simple, and tasty. Now in its 20th year National Vegetarian Week (NVW) is the annual awareness-raising campaign promoting inspirational vegetarian food and the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle, Dare to take the veggie challenge? “Studies show that vegetarians are less likely than meat eaters to suffer from type 2 diabetes, heart disease, many cancers and some other medical conditions. Vegetarians are also less likely to be obese and tend to have a lower average body mass index (amy National Vegetarian Week Do you dare to take the veggie challenge from 19 - 25 May 20147 ‘Switch your diet for a week and discover a whole new world of tasty and tempting dishes, Whether you are getting acquainted with more fruit and veg, doing it for a bet, trying to boost your five-a-day or you are looking to expand your choice at meal times while doing your bit for the planet, There are plenty of reasons to join in the celebration of all things vegetarian and meat-free that will take place across the UK. Everyone is welcome to get involved. If youre a business or organisation its the ideal opportunity to promote your vegetarian products, services or other activities to the public. Going veggie... Being vegetarian is not only good for the environment animals and your own health and wellbeing, i's also a fantastic opportunity to try delicious new foods. In fact, vegetarians enjoy every kind of world cuisine you can think of including Greek, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Indian and AMtican amongst others. "Growing crops to feed people rather than animals uses less land, water and other resources. The amount of land needed to produce food for someone following a typical meat-based diet could feed two and half vegetarians, or five vegans.” Hearty classics such as roast dinners, barbecues, fry-ups, pies and chillies, burgers, quiches, and salads to curries, bakes and stews are enjoyed by vegetarians, and even mouth-watering desserts and tempting treats like cheesecake, brownies, fruit crumble, apple pie, ice cream, not to mention a huge range of veggie-friendly sweets and chocolates are enjoyed too! In short, a vegetarian diet can be every bit as varied and interesting as one that includes meat. In fact I would go as far to say that many vegetarians have a more diverse diet, due to breaking free from the traditional meal foundation of ‘meat and two veg'! Becoming a savvy vegetarian There are a few food and drink items you might think are perfectly suitable for a vegetarian diet that actually have some rnon-veggie ingredients Cheese Some cheese contains animal rennet so check the packaging for indications that the product is suitable, Parmesan is never vegetarian as it must. bbe made with calf rennet to carry that name. You can find out more about rennet and cheese by going to Pesto A key ingredient of pesto is cheese and it’s often ‘made with Parmesan. Some versions of pesto are vegetarian though, so a quick check of the jar is. recommended. Worcestershire sauce Most brands of Worcestershire sauce are unsuitable for veggies as they contain anchovies, Check for vegetarian Gummy sweets Sweets with a gummy and chewy consistency will almost always use gelatine. If you love gummy sweets check your local health food store or supermarket as some do stock vegetarian, Caesar salad dressing Pre-made Caesar salad dressing available at supermarkets uses anchovies more often than. not, and vegetarians never eat fish, Non free-range eggs Given that vegetarians prefer free-range, organic or higher welfare eggs, be aware that when you see egg as an ingredient it's often from a caged hen If you want to be sure something is completely suitable for vegetarians, as yourake the transition to vegetarian food youl find yourself more aware of products and ingredients that are not suitable fora meat-free diet "Going vegetarian is a journey and you'll learn more about food labels, ingredients and other aspects of vegetarianism as time passes. Going veggie for the taste: Sweet Potato Burger with Griddled Pineapple & a Chili salsa. If you like a good burger you will love this ultimate veggie burger. The pineapple and chill provide a bite and a kick. Beware, this is seriously delicious! 68 Sweet Potato Burger Serves: 4 Preparation: 10 mins ‘Cooking: 40 mins Simple Moroccan Salad Serves: 4 Preparation: 10 mins *can be vegan Ingredients + 600g sweet potatoes + 2 tbsp olive oil * Lonion, finely chopped + 2 cloves garlic, crushed + Ltsp ras el hanout (Moroccan spice mix) +5 pineapple rings + 1 tsp rose harissa (or harissa) + 100g breadcrumbs + 50g almonds, coarsely chopped + 100g pumpkin seeds, crushed + Salt and pepper, to taste + Gram flour (chick pea flour) to coat the burgers + 4 wholemeal buns For the relish + 3 bird's eye chilies, finely chopped (will be hot, you may wish to use milder chilies) +2 spring onions, finely chopped. + % lemon, juice only +1 tbsp tomato puree Method + Preheat the oven to 220C/Gas 7. Cut the sweet potatoes in half and bake in their skins on a lightly oiled baking tray for 30 minutes. When they are soft, scoop out the flesh and set aside * Meanwhile gently fry the onions in 1 tablespoon of olive oll until soft. Add the garlic and ras el hanout, Continue to fry for another 30 seconds, string continuously * Chop one of the pineapple rings into small cubes and put ina big bow! with the cooked sweet potato flesh, fried onions, rose harissa, breadcrumbs, almonds and pumpkin seeds. Season to taste * Form the mixture into burgers. You can make four thick or eight thin burgers as preferred. Coat them in the gram flour and shallow fry until golden on each side. * While the burgers are frying, make the relish by mixing all the ingredients together. * Griddle, or gril, the remaining pineapple rings on ‘each side. * Assemble by placing one burger in each bun followed by the griddled pineapple then the relish ‘Add the second burger on top, if using, and serve with the Simple Moroccan Salad (recipe below) Simple Moroccan Salad Ingredients ‘standard tn of chickpeas, dined and rinsed “red onton, ty aloed +2 tomatoes, chopped © 100 wate + 100g ready to eat dried apricots, finely chopped + Lisp olive oil ey Fa Ey + % tsp ground cumin. + Salt and pepper to taste Method * Place the chickpeas, onion, tomatoes, watercress and apricots into a serving bowl. * Mix together the oil and cumin and pour over the salad, * Season with salt and pepper. Yum Yum!! eR MEDITATION TEACHER Ce oot Comte “OGRE AG oa TRAINING COURSE ‘Established 1946 = Facilitator: Dr Itai Ivtzan ecognsed courses lo 3 Full Saturdays: May - June 2014 For full details Petters a ass aCe ae ibsitinecemean tir mrcnt setts THEDIGITALPANACEA.COM YOUR FREE RESOURCE TO ALL THAT'S NEW IN THE WORLD OF WELL-BEING Learn how to enhai health with 100% essential oils ste The Digital Panacea If you are a parent, you may understand how holidays can be at the very least, a bit stressful Long gone are those days where you can suddenly decide to go on a romantic, fun ‘weekend away with your partner or go out for that spur of the moment Friday night dinner with friends, Taking holidays with children usually requires lots of extra planning to decide a) where can you go that will make you all happy b) what stuff do you really need to take c) how will you all get there d) how will the kids cope with the travel and accommodation arrangements e) will the kids, your partner and you, actually enjoy yourself once there, and f) will it turn out to be such a nightmare that perhaps you should have stayed at home in the first place? The journey itself and time spent planning everything, can be that stressful, you may need a holiday just to get ‘over all of that Luckily you don't always have to experience a family holiday like that. The Bedruthan Steps in Mawgawn Porth on Cornwall's East coast is one of the best places to visit with kids. This award winning “Cornwall Hotel Of The Year 2012; sits behind i's sister hotel (also award winning) The Scarlet. Both hotels sit on an impressive mountain overlooking one of the areas finest golden beaches. The Bedruthan’s white exterior, although not exactly attractive (it does have a Dit of a 70's Austin Power's vibe to it) really does not matter so much, due to what's found on the inside, and of course that stunning sea view glimpsed from most areas of the hotel, really means that you should never judge a book just by it’s cover. From the moment you step into the hotel grounds, you instantly relax, and for us, this ‘was welcomed. We had travelled by train from London taking us 65 hours in total from when. wwe left our home in East Sussex. We went on the First Great Western train line from Paddington and when we arrived, we were tired, hungry and just in need of a rest. There are so many wonderful aspects to this hotel. The guest rooms have recently undergone a new retro look with fresh, bright, colours, with. beds and pillows so comfortable, that I can. almost guarantee you a brilliant nights sleep, But the best part were the kids bunk beds and cots provided for those with small children. The ther fantastic feature was that the rooms had inbuilt baby monitors so when you were dining at night, you could put the kids to bed, turn the ‘monitor on, lock the door and go to dinner with. your handheld device which would let you know if your child wakes up. With one of the hotels two restaurants, (both serving local ingredients as much as possible) ‘The Herring’ was only around the corner, so it allows you to dine in style and peace, yet get back to your room quick sticks if needs be, Due to the UK's such unpredictable weather, fear of it ruining your holiday is usually well and truly fon your mind, But at the Bedruthan, there is so much to do inside for both adults and kids, For the litle ones there are fun activities such as story telling, yoga, a fantastic day care centre for kids and a créche for new-borns and smaller children, as well as a huge jungle gym with ball pits, tunnels, climbing frames, slides and soft play area. We won't ever forget seeing our daughter race around squealing with delight and doing so much exercise from all of the climbing and playing, she fell asleep with exhaustion of the best kind. It meant that during our dinner, she didn't wake up at all. For the adults, who are after alittle down time, you can visit the Bedruthan’s impressive spa; skilled therapists offer exquisite treatments using the Irish Eco brand Voya. There is a large indoor heated pool for both kids and parents to use, but the private spa area with various steam. rooms and saunas is just for the grownups. In the summer, the huge outside pool (complete with paddling pool for smaller children) is the place to be for both the kids and adults alongside their café. Adults can also visit the Tranquility