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Study Guide for the NUR 309 Final Exam

Please complete all of the following questions prior to coming

to the final exam review at 12/1/2016 from 10 till 1pm.
* This symbol denotes information not in Quizlet. Quizlet
vocabulary for each module is foundational for success on the

Module One
Concepts covered from this material.
1. Explain to a semester one student what high touch and high tech
means. * (Assignment one)

2. A patient has a question about how the electronic medical record

assists with genomic data. What do you know about this process?
Page 12
An electronic health record organizes everything by data,
creating subject areas such as diagnosis, age, weight, allergies,
and even genomics.
3. A nursing instructor gives you an assignment linked to QSEN. You
are aware that QSEN has which kinds of objectives listed on the
website. (Knowledge, Skills, Outcomes)* (covered in multiple modules
and also website and page 9-10
Patient-centered care, teamwork and collaboration, evidencebased practice, quality improvement, safety, and informatics
4. Our college is going through accreditation and asked you to give an
example of a TIGER competency. You reply
Page 9
TIGER ensures that all nurses know how to use informatics, feel
empowered to safely deliver care that is also high-quality and
5. Your patient needs help to remember when they take their
medications. Which application is helpful for that purpose? What is an
Page 22
An application is a certain type of software that works with a
specific operating system; a medical app must not violate HIPAA
Walgreens, MedSafe, and VoiceMed

Study Guide for the NUR 309 Final Exam

6. A patient is using a VPN to contact their healthcare provider about
a sexually transmitted disease. They ask what is a VPN and how does
it keep me safe?
Page 35
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which transmits a file
using an encrypted tunnel so that others cannot view the file.
7. You leave your computer at the nurses station active with your sign
on and password. Another healthcare worker views inappropriate
content on that computer, your hospital security comes to you based
on the IP address. How were you traced?
Page 37
A dynamic IP address
8. You are monitoring a patients oxygen level and you see waveforms
on the monitor. How does the waveform display? (Hint what is a
graphic user interface) page 22
A graphic user interface (GUI) replaced the text-based DOS and
allowed a point and click system that also has information and
data presented as a picture or icon
9. Healthcare data transmitted via the Internet must be_________.
Page 28
10. A nurse manager is auditing the 12 patients on the floor with
intravenous lines for infiltration. When creating a chart the data must
be _____ before presenting to the 30 nursing staff in an infection
control meeting. Page 14 text

Module 2
Concepts covered from this material.
1. The infection control practitioner asks you to help on the audit trail
of a CAUTI. That means you will
Page 272
Review when the record was accessed, the point of access, what
components were accessed, and the date and times
2. A nurse practitioner is fined 20,000 dollars for not having
meaningful use of the electronic health record. This means that this
practioner did not .
Page 274

Study Guide for the NUR 309 Final Exam

3. A new surgery is being planned. The manager states that you

should create a workflow analysis. What steps would you take?
Figure 12-1 page 284
Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control, and Close
4. You are working in Galveston Texas and you have been designated
to stay through a hurricane level 4 with the unstable laboring patients
who cannot be evacuated. What computer interface plans would be
Page 290
A business continuity plan (disaster recovery)
5. What are two of the guidelines from the ANA code of ethics
relevant to the use of social media as registered nurse professional?
(Assignment 2-1)

6. Give three examples of how you protect the confidentiality and

follow HIPAA when you are in clinical.
Pages 57,314,411
Keep my clipboard with patient charts upside down when at the
nurses station
Only access patient records for patients I am assigned to
Only scanning meds for a patient in their assigned hospital room
7. You are using a bar code system to give medications. The patient
asks what that is you reply that an EMAR is
Pages 189-190 and 296

8. A patient in a rural area 90 minutes from a stroke center starts to

have signs and symptoms of a stroke in the ED. You would use which
informatics tools to improve access to care?
Pages 321-322
Telenursing, telemedicine, and telehealth
9. What is a contingency plan?
Page 290
A plan that addresses potential risks of significant
implementation problems in case of a cancellation of an
implementation plan
10. Your grandmother asks you to check on her church friend who is
on the floor where you are working. Your reply

Study Guide for the NUR 309 Final Exam

Pages 315-317
Since I am not her nurse, it would be a violation of HIPAA and
the patients privacy.

Module 3
1. A doctorate of nursing practice student is in your clinical area. She
states she is data mining on urological procedures at the clinic. This
means that she is -----Page 133 and 134
Using a form of research that has statistical techniques that
uncover hidden relationships that are predictive of some
2. One aspect of big data information it can be stored in a data______.
Page 133
3. You are asked to give a TED style presentation that means you
would mimic which format.
Page 85
High impact images
4. You are reporting the hours you have worked each month with
different case type patients. What would you set up?
Page 100 to 111
A spreadsheet
5. Identify in Excel what is a cell and how would you set up an
equation using cells.
Page 100 to 111
A cell is one of the rectangles in the table
Equals sign, parentheses, equation operation inside
6. A student is dismissed from the University for Extensive Plagiarism.
This means that the student ________.
Page 396
Stole someone elses intellectual property and did not give the
author credit
7. Your instructor asks that you complete an information search using
Boolean logic. What words are associated with this task?
Page 418

Study Guide for the NUR 309 Final Exam

8. You are in semester 3 in your writing course. The instructor asks

you to create a scholarly paper. Which attributes are associated with
this type paper?
Page 431
Online discussion postings, masters theses, doctoral
dissertation, and journal manuscripts
9. Explain what is an academic paper?
Page 417
Papers written for an instructor or professor in an educational
10. Name 8 best practices for creation of a software presentation as
outlined within chapter 6. (Use Box 6-1 on Page 84)
Appropriate pictures, right size font, the cognitive load theory is
acknowledged, one concept per slide, smart art, best
presentations are story-boarded, use colors that can be
distinguished even if color-blind, use multiple learning styles
like sound clips or songs

Module 4
1. A patient is showing new onset of facial droop and difficulty
speaking when you report this to the instructor you state that this is
_______. This is an example of which vocabulary of module 4.
Page 419
A stroke (clinical reasoning)
FAST acronym
2. A physician orders a new medication and a pharmacist checks the
order. The flow of information from the chart to pharmacy is an
example of which characteristic of good software for medical records.
(Vocabulary for module 4)
Page 425
3. The grading rubric for your scholarly paper states that only peerreviewed articles can be used for references this means
Page 428
You use a journal article that has been blindly reviewed by a
minimum of two nurse experts in order to assure that the
information is valid, quality, and reliable.
4. What is a PICO question?

Study Guide for the NUR 309 Final Exam

Page 429
A question that is used to investigate a type of evidence-based
care within the medicine realm; the acronym stands for
patient/problem/population, intervention, comparison, outcome,
5. What is a RCT?
Page 430
A randomized controlled trial provides a form of evidence that is
derived from a meta-analysis of trials and evidence-based
clinical guidelines
(The top of the pyramid is systematic reviews, and the next
highest type of research is an RCT)
6. You are evaluating a website for credibility. What does that process
Assignment 4-1
Who wrote, published or sponsored the website?
When was the site copyrighted?
What links are connected?
Who is the desired audience?
What is the sites domain?
What is the original source of information?
Are there footnotes, bibliographies, or references to verify the
Are those footnotes, bibliographies, or references reliable?
7. You are interviewing a patient who is readmitted for not taking
home medications. The first concern is to evaluate the patients
information literacy. What does that involve?
Page 425
This is the ability to know one you need information and how to
locate, evaluate and effectively use it
8. Name four issues that patients with either Parkinsons disease or
myasthenia gravis would have when navigating a medication
adherence application.
Assignment 4-2
Parkinsons (corrected by levodopa): tremors, memory
problems, digital immigrant, no caregiver to assist
o Too much acetylcholine
Myasthenia gravis: memory problems, digital immigrant, no
caregiver to assist

Study Guide for the NUR 309 Final Exam

o Too little acetylcholine because of antibodies on the Ach
9. When you start a new information search on the Internet you start
with a _______.
Page 430
Query or question
10. What UA library software programs could help you create a
reference list? *
Refworks or Endnote

Module 5
1. What is consumer informatics? How does this link to empowerment
of the consumer?
Page 420
This is a field of study related to healthcare information that is
accessible to consumers in a useful and understandable manner
2. Explain the concepts of health literacy and health numeracy.
Page 423
Health literacy is the ability to obtain and understand health
information in order to make decisions and includes the capacity
to understand things like drug bottle instructions, slips for
appointments, brochures filled with medical education,
directions from the doctors, consent forms, and also the ability
to negotiate complex healthcare systems
Health numeracy is the ability of a consumer to analyze and
interpret and then act on specific numerical information in
order to make an informed and effective healthcare decision (i.e.
a cholesterol level or blood pressure value)
3. You are creating a patient brochure and need to use a FleschKincaid grade level this means?
Page 423
It means that you are calculating a school grade readability
level with a formula that uses the average number of words per
sentence and average syllables per word (recommended FKGL
for patient education is 6)
4. A nurse is having a computer glitch and the IT department asks her
to find a navigation bar. This means.
Page 427

Study Guide for the NUR 309 Final Exam

This is a graphical bar across the top of a page that includes a

variety of choices and have multiple methods for access

5. One of your colleagues is arrested for accessing the deep web at

the workplace. This means that
Page 425
She is accessing sites not reachable by traditional search tools
Also called the invisible web (North Korea and China cannot
access the worldwide web)
6. Working in a healthcare provider outpatient clinic you use patient
portals for laboratory results this means.
Page 428
That you are using a secure website to provide patients with
access to data within their EHR
7. The software and an acute care site interfaces with four pharmacy
sites in the area. This is an example of -------.
Page 433
Structural interoperability
8. Identify geographic situations where there is high risk that
confidentiality can be violated. An example is two patients in the same
ED room.*
Two patients with the same first and last name that are on the
same unit
The elevator is the most common location that HIPAA can be
violated (second is the cafeteria)

Module six
1. When one student takes a test at 1pm, three at 3 pm, and 15 at six
pm this is called a _______ testing environment.
Page 418
Asynchronous learning
2. An instructor states that you have to complete a reading test prior
to coming to class. In the class you will demonstrate the skill you read
about. This is called _______.
Page 423
Flipped classroom
3. You are describing your preferred method to receive new
information. This is a type of ________.
Page 426

Study Guide for the NUR 309 Final Exam

Learning style

4. A hospital receives payment from Medicare related to the number

of _______ that are in the prescribed range.
Page 420
Core measures
5. At the bottom of a vital sign screen it is labeled dashboard. That
Page 366
It is a user-friendly system that provides real-time information
on key performance indicators with the intent of driving
healthcare decision making (i.e. car dashboard with
speedometer in everyday life, but vital signs within the hospital)
6. You attend a class that states the research was completed through
analysis of big data. What are those four attributes?
Module one pdf.
Variety, volume, veracity, velocity
7. How do the concepts of restricted license and telehealth intersect?
Page 431
Restricted license is the result of a framework for regulating
interstate practice and allows for the ability to practice
telemedicine across state lines, despite the fact that adopting
the license was a decision that remains in the hands of each
individual states boards
o You understand your nurse practice acts within your
jurisdiction and must be familiar and licensed within the
states you advise or practice
o Someone in the Armed Forces would have an unrestricted
Telehealth is health services delivered using electronic
technology to patients at a distance, and it extends beyond the
delivery of clinical services
8. If an evidence based practice document states the information was
obtained from a meta-analysis that means that..
Page 426
The information was obtained from systematic reviews of
research on research and is considered the highest level of
9. A nurse who will not take care of person due to a personal bias. Is
this a violation of the ANA code of ethics? How?

Study Guide for the NUR 309 Final Exam

Page 6, 7, 235
It violates the ethical tenant of social justice, or being fair to all
patients, as well as respecting human dignity and worth
(Specifically a violation of ANA Code of Ethics 1.3)
10. Simulation is a method that improves___________ in the clinical
Page 432
The value of the learning experience, as well performance;
muscle memory (return demonstration); memory retention