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Interview Questions With Answers In SAP WM

1) What is Transfer Requirement?

An instruction to move materials from a source storage bin to a destination storage bin in a warehouse complex at
a specified time.
2) What is Transfer Order?
A request to transfer of materials at a particular time from source storage bin to Destination storage bin in same
warehouse complex.
3) On what basis a TO will get generated?
On Movement Types
4) Which one will the system generates first, TR or TO?
First TR then TO.
5) At What level the release strategies gets defined?
Configured at Company code level.
6) What are different Movement Types?
101 GR Receipts
102 GR PO reverse
601 GI delivery
602 Cancel GI delivery
651 Sales return
909 GR Amendment Excess
7) Different stock types and storage types in WM?
Stock Types Unrestricted, Blocked, Quality Storage Types Rack, Open, Shelf, Damage.
8) Interim Storage types?
Goods Receipt area, Goods Issue area, Posting change, Difference.
9) Where you do the stock comparison between IM and WM?
T-code LX23
10) Storage location is IM or WM component?

11) Different types of picking and put away strategies, why? Justify.
- FIFO To sale the oldest material first
- LIFO To sale the latest material first
- Put away: Next empty bin, addition to the existing stock, mixed storage, fixed storage, open storage.
12) Difference between Storage units and Handling units
Storage unit is a container in which a material stored or transported whereas Handling unit the combination of
material and Packaging material.
13) Why one should create a Second TO in WM?
Second TO has to be created at delivery level to move the stock from intermediate storage type to Goods issue
(delivery) area for loading the stock into vehicle.
14) Can you configure the automatic TO creation at all document level?
15) Where do you configure the strategies for Put away and Picking?
SPRO -> Logistics Execution -> Warehouse Management -> Strategies -> Define Put away Strategies and
Logistics Execution-> Warehouse Management -> Strategies -> Define Stock Removal Strategies
16) Explain Warehouse Structure.
Warehouse structure contains a Warehouse number, Storage types, Storage sections, storage bins and finally
17) Can a single warehouse could be configured for more than one company code?
Yes it can be.
18) Tell me the different picking and put away strategies defined for xyz Client for different storage types.
For Rack, Open and shelf storage types the picking strategy is FIFO.
Put way strategy for Rack, Open, Shelf, CRD and Fixed Bin is Next empty bin, Open storage, open storage, open
storage and fixed bin respectively.
19) Can you tell me what all documents get created during GR entry in WM Process.
PO, Inbound Delivery, Transfer Requirement, Shipment and TO.
20) Where is control to confirm TO for Put away and Picking?
Control to confirm TO for Put away and Picking can be configured at Warehouse, Storage types and Movement
types levels.

21) Stock Uploading will happen at which Module MM or WM at rollout in xyz client.
First in IM(MM) then in WM.
22) Is Storage unit activation mandatory?
Its not mandatory
23) What is the importance of Quant number?
Whenever you do the GR system will generates one Quant number based on the combination of Material, Batch,
and Bin.
24) Will the system creates any dynamic storage bins during the GR?
Yes, it is in the Purchase Order.