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The Reflection about letter T

(English Subject)
I like children and I like to deal with them. Children are the future. Teaching is significant to me
because I like to let students learn and improve their skills. In this semester I went to the private
school it was in the Al Resalah American International School. I teaches KG 2-A. Now I will
discuss about my reflection in Math lesson.
First of all, the lesson specially about letters. Letters are important things in our life because we
learn from the letters and if we learn letters will do what we want to do (communicate with
others and know how to read). The letter that I teaches students was letter T. I was engaged,
organized and prepared for everything in the lesson. I does the 5s in my lesson. I engaged
students by show them a video about letters and let them explore. It works because I let students
how to explore the lesson. Must of students said letters. After that I told them it is right the
lesson about the letter, but in the second video you will guess and will say about what the video.
After the exploring and explains, students had whole class activity. The whole class activity was
students had different pictures for various letters, they stick just the pictures who star with the
letter. It works well because in this way students should use the domains, cognitive when they
think and explore. Physical when using their fingers and body. Social when students work
together and share their materials. And emotional what they feel.
To improve the activity, I should make the activity more hand on because children learn more
throw hand on activity and play. There several group activities for three different levels. The first
group activity (high level) students wrote letter T, mama T and baby t on white paper. The
second group activity (middle level) students had a worksheet, they found letter T. t and circle
the letter. The third group activity (low level) students wrote letter T on the letter T and color
it. Also when children finished their activity, some of them made letter T with clay.
All the activities work well and students understand the lesson. The things that wrong and need
improve were do not teach students the small t like that because this t not for kindergarten
children, but it was the school curriculum. To improve the activities, connect arts with it or more
hand on not just worksheets. Actually I like the lesson, it was organized and MST like

everything's in the lesson. I hope to improve my MST feedbacks and improve the lesson. I will
never forget this day.