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Dear Ballibay and Farm Arts Camp families,

2008 is shaping up to be a very exciting summer at the Ballibay Camps, and we are so glad to have your children with us!
Returning Staff
We are thrilled to have 2/3 of our staff returning from last summer in all program areas!
Kristin Fieseler, now a Tenured Professor of dance at DeSales University during the academic year, will again bring her
extraordinary skills as a dance educator and administrator to the direction of our dance intensive and her essential role as
Ballibay’s Dean of Campers for the First Session. She is joined by all returning dance staff: Associate Dean of Campers Lauren
Newby (for 2nd session & workshop), Jamie Drye (for first session and Dance Intensive), and Anna Coffou for the whole
In theater we have all returning directors: Ricky Stakem, Shani Murfin, and Shaina Rosenthal. All of our staff are multi-
talented, but the exceptional Shaina Rosenthal will also be bringing her skills to the Radio and Video programs. Former
camper and CIT Molly Miller will handle wardrobe or the theater department as a new member of the staff.
In technical theater we again have all returning staff: Associate Dean of Campers Nick Faber and Beth Parhum!
Jesse Miller will once again be directing our Rock-n-Roll program and Rock Intensive, Mel Howe and Jay Friedman will
lead up vocal and instrumental music respectively, with returning staffer Amy Shake teaching voice and instruments, and
Lisa Dallavalle will again head our waterfront!
Artists in Residence
We have an absolutely outstanding group of Artists-in-Residence this summer!
For the Dance Intensive, Kristin Fieseler's Annex Dance Company will be in residence, teaching classes, choreographing
new works, producing a dance film, and even performing with the campers in one piece on the Dance Concert.
Also during the Dance Intensive former staffer Adrienne Bauer will be coming to collaborate on the Dance on Camera
project and work with our video program.
For Session 2 of The Farm, world-renowned painter Samira Abbassy will be working with the campers on a wide range of
For Session 3 of The Farm, versatile New York artist Suzanne Goldenberg will be working with the campers in drawing,
painting, collage, and more. She will also contribute to gardening, just returning from her community garden work with the
Trust for Public Land in June.
During the Rock Intensive, Mike Fadem, New-York based musician and drummer for The Jealous Girlfriends, Mason Dixon,
and The Ladybug Transistor will be joining us to lead bands and teach drums, arriving just one ay after performing at the
Prospect Park Bandshell as part of Celebrate Brooklyn!
During Second Session, Jared Mezzocchi and 10 members of Inertia Productions will be workshopping a new piece and
offering master classes in viewpoints-based improvisation. Also Second Session, writer, performer, and multimedia artist
Linsey Bostwick, former assistant director of Big Art Group, will be workshopping a new multimedia dance piece with her
collaborators. Linsey and Jared are both my students in the M.F.A. program in Performance and Interactive Media Arts at
Brooklyn College.
First 4 Weeks Draft Schedule
This summer brings new ideas to our schedule of evening events. Included with this letter is the first draft of our evening and
special event schedule for the first 4 weeks of Ballibay and The Farm Arts Camp. The session for the rest of the summer will
look very similar, and we will be publishing a draft soon. Don't worry if you don’t understand all of the notations on this
schedule, some of them are for the staff's reference. Basically this schedule shows what's happening at 8:40 PM each day, with
a few exceptions (for instance; site-specific events at The Lake happen right after dinner, and our new monthly recycling
project is a daytime activity).
What's New?
A lot!
We've added a second bonfire to the first session, and two extended evening activity periods. We've added two site-specific
events at the camp's beautiful lake, and a Solos and Duets Café, an informal performance evening in the dining hall: spoken
word, songs, instrumentals, and movement (thanks Ricky!) We've revived The Ballibay Follies from many years ago,
somewhere in between (for returning campers) a Music and Dance Revue, Ensemble Concert, and something Completely
Also the daily schedule has changed a bit: breakfast will be at 8:15, and a new 45-minute activity period has been added to the
morning (9-9:45) that is for special classes and workshops, much like our current Evening Activities (7-8 PM). On the nights
indicated, the art studios will remain open and staffed during the nighttime program for campers at The Farm Arts Camp.
In video, all of our productions this summer will be shot in beautiful widescreen video, and our Dance Films will be shot in
High Definition!
Travel Information & Cabin Requests
If you have not yet done so, it is essential that you complete your required travel information and optional cabin request* at
Your Online Account
Please log in to your online account to ensure that your and your campers' information is correct & complete; particularly if
the camp office processed your registration for you.
Some things to check in particular:
• Persons authorized to pick up your children from camp
• Persons authorized to attend performances at camp
• Your contact information
You can login to your online account at:
Medical Form & Camp Downloads
If you registered more than 2 weeks ago, you should have received a camp medical form. If you have not, please call the
camp office at 570 746 3223, or download the form here:
Please have a doctor complete the medical form as soon as possible and mail to us with two small photographs attached. You
may also bring the medical form on opening day of camp.
Other downloads from this page:
• Motels and Restaurant Near Camp
• A Suggested Clothing List
• Other Suggestions for Packing and Preparation (also included in this mailing)
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!
My sincere thanks and best wishes,

John J.A. Jannone

The Ballibay Camps
570 746 3223