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My name is Kendra Bilicki and I have been working in child care for 17 years. I grew up
in Bay View with my 2 brothers and a sister. I went to St. Lucas Lutheran grade school and
Wisconsin Lutheran High School for my early education. I met my husband Brad at Office Max
in 1998, we got married April 9th, 2004. We have 2 wonderful children, Makayla is our beautiful,
wonderful 7-year-old daughter and Landyn is our funny, loving 5-year-old son. I think working
in child care before becoming a mom gave me a lot of experience and made me better prepared
for what life had in store for me. Our family loves spending times together, we really enjoy the
outdoors in the summer and find lots of fun things to do like fishing, kite flying, or just
barbecuing in the backyard. We are also huge Packer fans and games are also family time that
can get very loud at times. Some of our favorite holidays are Thanksgiving, Christmas and
Easter, we spend this time with a lot of family and lots of great food.
I started my early education career at a child care called First Class Child Care. I started
working at Our Fathers Lutheran Child Care in September of 2000. I have spent some time in a
variety of age groups but my true passion lies with working with the 2 year olds. I really enjoy
watching them learn new things on a daily basis. I also love that they are ready to learn but also
all the different and very unique personalities that each and every one of the kids have. One of
my favorite activities to do with the kids is art. We use lots of different medias and most of the
kids love to participate. Another thing that I really enjoy doing with the kids is finding new and
different things to put into our sensory table so the kids get a feel for many different textures. It
is always fun to watch and see which kids will jump in with both hands and which kids need a
little more encouragement to try something new.

As an infant/toddler caregiver, I seek to develop the whole child: the spiritual, emotional,
physical, cognitive and social, aspects of each child. I will accomplish this through learning
activities, guidance, patience and an understanding of each childs individual developmental
needs. I will provide nurturing developmental care, which allows each child to develop at their
own pace to reach their full potential. I will provide a loving and caring atmosphere for each
child by striving to meet all their needs whether they be physical or mental. I will strive to
provide activities that promote learning and social skills. Routines are managed based on the
interests of the children. There will be a basic outline for daily activities but will vary depending
on the interests of the children. Learning will be promoted by reading books, singing songs,
encouraging communication and in our free play. I will be mindful of group size so that I may
provide one on one attention to each child every day to help them feel secure and know they are
special and an important part of society. Each child feelings, opinions and thoughts will be
encouraging to be expressed without judgement or being dismissed as not important. I will be
supportive of parents, encouraging their involvement and to have open and honest
communication so that we may provide consistency between childcare and home. I will try to
have a basic understanding of a familys culture and encourage families to share their culture
with the class whether it be through a book, food, or coming into the classroom to just spend
time with the children. I will strive to be a good Christian example and help each child grow as a
child of God. Without the love and support of families I could not care for the children on a daily
basis so I truly appreciate them each and every day.

Kendra Bilicki
801 Park Ave. South Milwaukee, Wi 53172 | 414 3045837 |

As an infant/toddler caregiver, I seek to develop the whole child: the spiritual, emotional,
physical, cognitive and social, aspects of each child.

Wisconsin Lutheran High School June 6, 1999
Northeast Technical College 2015 present

Some of my skills include organization, quick learner, lesson planning and am a team

Lead Teacher | Our Fathers Lutheran Child Care | September 2000 Present
Responsibilities include lesson planning, making schedules, communicating with

Lead Teacher | First Class Child Care | June 1999- September 2000
Responsibilities included opening the center, lesson planning

Professional Development Reflection and Planning

Adapted from the New Vision Assessment

Begin by thinking about your career and making specific statements about it. Use this tool to reflect on
your professional satisfaction and growth.

1. What excites you MOST about your job?

I am most excited about working with the kids on a daily basis.

2. What challenges are you currently facing in your work?

The challenges I am currently facing at work are trying to figure out how to make and keep a good
portfolio for each of the kids in my care.

3. What would you CHANGE about your current position? If more than one, please prioritize.
The only thing I would change is to have an assistant teacher in my room. Some days I feel I do not have
enough time to spend quality time with each child on a daily basis.

4. Of the topics listed below, reflect on each topic and describe what you do well and in what areas
would like to experience growth.

Child-Care Giver Relationships

I like to try to involve the children in everything we do throughout the day.
Observation and Planning
I definitely lack experience in observation and planning and hope to get some help and improve in this
Learning Environment

I feel my classroom has a good learning environment, it is set up into spaces for different activities to
Guiding Children
I am good at redirecting children when needed
Parent Relationships
I communicate with parents either in person or by letters home on the daily sheet.
Health and Safety
The toys in the classroom are not cleaned as often as they should be as much as I try to bleach toys that go
in the mouth I know I dont always catch them all.
Community Involvement
As a center we do not do anything currently with community involvement but the center has looked into
some opportunities to change this like having a flu clinic.
I am definitely lacking in this and not sure what I can do to change this.

5. List three job related areas in which you would like to learn more and gain skills
1. ___Observation and Portfolios______________________________________________________
2. __Lesson Planning________________________________________________________
3. _ Special Needs Care_________________________________________________________

5. Which Professional Organizations are you currently involved in?

a. _______National Association for the Education of Young Children
b. _______Wisconsin Early Childhood Association
c. _______ Local AEYC Affiliate
d. _______ Wisconsin Family Child Care Association
e. _______ Wisconsin Child Care Administrators Association
f. _______ Local Family Child Care Support Group
g. _______ Other, please specify
h. __*_____ Not a member of any professional organizations at this time

Take some time now to look at the previous sections you just competed. Reflect on recurring strengths,
areas of improvement, interests, desires and challenges. Then fill out this worksheet.

Professional Planning

Develop a professional plan with one or two goals and steps to achieve those goals
Goal - 1 year from now: _ Infant Toddler Credential
Steps to achieve goal

Timeline (be specific)

Finish the Infant Toddler Credential Classes

December 2016

Set a commission date

January 2017

Goal - 3 years from now: _Pursue my associate degree

Steps to achieve goal

Timeline (be specific)

Learn how to observe and plan from those observations

March 2017

Continue my education by taking online classes

July 2018