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EDU 4010

November 17, 2016

Field Experience Reflection

Edward T Barringer

I did my field experience observations at Githens Middle School. I observed the Raven Team,
part of the 8th grade at Githens. My mentor teacher, Ms. Franks was a big help to me. She
answered any questions that I had and was very welcoming to me each day that I was there.
I am glad we were given the opportunity to make these in-class observations, not only for this
class, but many of the other classes that I have taken these past couple of years. My one
complaint would be for an involved observation such as this one, I think NCCU should be more
involved in finding co-operating teachers, rather than having us, the students, having to impose
ourselves on the teachers. I know there are people at the schools that place us in the class, or
at least at GMS that is the way it works. Never-the-less we, NCCU, are asking a lot of the
teachers in a time when they are on timelines to get everything covered without also having to
babysit would be teachers. In other words, it would be nice if NCCU had a list of co-operating
teachers for the students to contact, knowing in advance that we are wanted and they have an
idea of what we are asking of them to let us do within the class.
I was interested in the many ways Ms. Franks presented the learning concepts to the students. I
think Powerpoint is still the overwhelming choice of teachers to make presentations, but she
incorporated just enough variety to keep the students engaged most of the time.
My biggest disappointment and thus my greatest fear is the lack of classroom management by all
of the teachers I have observed. In many cases, it is a direct result of lack of support from the
Ivory Towers in downtown Durham as well as that of all Schools of Education across the
country. Not to mention the lack of support from the administration at the school itself. One
example of this is the practice of sending students out of a class and into the class of a fellow
teacher (team member) class. I saw this occur on more days than not at GMS, in some cases it
just seemed they were simply swapping problems for the moment. My only solution is not the
politically correct option, but as I have said on many occasions, anybody can make an A in
conduct. I know we need inclusion, and in most cases I am all for it, but we cannot continue to
allow students with obvious behavior problems to continue to hold back the rest of the students
who are in school to learn and participate in constructive ways.
I also learned firsthand these teachers are very caring, giving, and bright people. They want what
is best for the students and I truly believe they grieve when they see students who are not
motivated to try and do their work.