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NO more Snore Anti-Snore Wearable Smart Band Launches on Kickstarter

Introducing the discrete and intelligent anti-snore smart device from NO more Snore. The
NOmoreSnore BAND stands out from even the few uncumbersome snore devices as it comes with
an application dedicated to its use and with a 30 Day standby time it is unrivalled by anything else.
London, United Kingdom, November 30, 2016 --( Introducing the discrete and intelligent
anti-snore smart device from NO more Snore.
A UK based tech firm have announced the Kickstarter launch of their revolutionary anti-snore, wearable
smart device.
Aptly named "NO more Snore," the device is unlike anything currently on the market. The intelligent
wearable offers users a refreshing alternative solution to dealing with snoring, through a smart, silicone
wristband packed full of intelligent technology.
The team behind NO more Snore have created a powerfully simply and intuitive design, requiring users
to do no more than put on the sleek wristband, open the mobile app, tap NOmoreSnore and go to sleep.
It really is that easy! The intelligent wristband will then monitor for sounds of snoring, before vibrating
powerfully to prompt the wearer to adjust their position - mimicking that well-known prod from a loved
The man behind NomoreSnore, founder Mark Van Der Spuy, owner of Aztech Films, commented: In
the UK alone, the NHS estimate around 15 million people suffer from snoring, causing sleeplessness,
fatigue, a loss of concentration and really irritated family members! The NomoreSnore wearable smart
band is a revolutionary new way to help alleviate the issues caused by snoring, without the need for
cosmetic products.
Beautifully designed, the minimalistic device has a hypoallergenic silicone build, offering a skin-safe,
smooth, lightweight and elegant addition to your sleep routine. Keeping function and convenience at the
forefront of the design, the NomoreSnore wristbands are fitted with USB rechargeable batteries, lasting
up to 30 days per charge - meaning you'll spend less time charging and more time enjoying quality sleep.
By detecting the start of snoring, NomoreSnore wristbands ensure wearers adjust their sleeping
position naturally, allowing the throat and neck muscles to relax in a neutral position, opening the airways
and preventing snoring.
NomoreSnore has been prototyped and tested comprehensively, meaning it's now ready to move in to a
retail phase. The company are launching a Kickstarter campaign to help bring the device to market. For
further information please search for NOmoreSnore on Kickstarter
About NOMoreSnore:

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The team behind NOmoreSnore are fully committed to delivering both the NOmoreSnore mobile
App and wearable bands to all of their Kickstarter backers. Being professionals with realistic targets, the
team have already designed, built and tested prototypes of the NomoreSnore bands. As a result, the
they're now ready, with the help of Kickstarter backers, to begin distribution and move into the retail
environment with this innovative smart device.

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Aztech Films
Mark van der Spuy
07513 752453
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