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Technology Integration Form STUDENT PORTFOLIOS

Selected Technology/Resource Name:

Any, but more
suited toward
high school

Technology/Resource Type:



Source: (Web address, company name, etc.)
Associated Learning Standard(s): The resource may be generally applicable, if so, simply state that.
List any ISTE-S standards that seem to naturally align with the selected resource.
2a. Interact, collaborate, and publish with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of digital
environments and media
2b. Communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media and

Give a brief description of the technology/resource.
LiveBinders is basically a three-ring binder, but online. It allows you to have tabs and sub-tabs. You can
add documents, webpages, PDFs, images or videos in your binder. This is a good website to use to
organize all your resources, but you can also share your binders with others, which allows you to easily
and quickly share resources and ideas in an organized manner.


How might you use this resource in a lesson plan to promote student-centered learning?

Students could have a tab for every unit of the year. For each unit, they can put in resources that they
create, resources I provide them with, and outside resources that they find that helped them learn and
understand the material. Then they can use their binders to easily study for tests, because all the
information will be in one well-organized place. I think this would be especially helpful for high school
students because of cumulative finals. It would be an easy way for them to look back at all the
information they learned during the semester, and they would have resources to look back on if they are
having trouble recalling a concept. This would also be helpful for studying for AP exams. Students can
also share their LiveBinders with others and with me. Then, if the students have found any spectacular
resources that I was not aware of, I can share these with future students. They can also use their
LiveBinders during any future classes that draw on the same concepts, because the resources will still be

Value-Added Rating Scale


The integration idea described:

The integration idea


The integration idea described:

aligns to content standards

aligns to content standards

aligns to content standards

transforms a lesson in a way that

would be impossible or very
difficult without it; very likely to
increase student engagement and
contribute to mastery of the

enhances a lesson; likely to

increase student
engagement and support
mastery of the concept(s)

serves as a nice supplement to

a lesson but wouldnt necessarily
play a critical role within the

will most likely be used by

the students directly

will most likely be used by the

teacher during a lesson (e.g., a

optimal in a student-centered
environment where students are
active and engaged in learning


Based on the value-added rating scale above, how would you rate the technology integration
you described, using the selected resource?
I would rate this as a two on the value-added rating scale.

Explain your rating based on the rubric indicators.

I believe that this technology integration aligns with the content standards and enhances the
lesson. It especially is likely to encourage student mastery the concepts because it provides them
with one place where they can keep any resources that they find helpful, and they can look back
at these any time they need to. It will also be used by the students directly, and they can each
personalize their binder so that it is the most effective for their own learning. However, I would
not rate this as a 3 because I dont think it completely transforms the lesson. It would be possible
to do this sort of thing without technology, but I think using LiveBinders enhances the usefulness
and allows easier access to the resources students will actually use.

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