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*8 N° 6.“ Ho capito.,, Aria. Allegro di molto. Masette.(dumbfounded staring at Don Giovanni? Ho ca-pi - to, Si-guor, si! Ob, of eourseSin, 1 perceive, Piano. | Sicguor. Chr — neil cap ie Ae 0. glace TS percone! ‘at ” Sour wien hh doar and dumb, 1st 2 ~ jiacoa vol eo - si al.tre re-pli-che non fos 00, M0, n0, NO, lds no,non um-biy take my Leave, meerto common seasesuc-cumb.NO, 06, 00, m0, 16 aév-er- > £ ‘¢-— 2 Jt Ya. lier voi siete gia ‘in bi Youre x genitleman,l know, That to. ¥ wind 2 ie oe 2 > tar non at-fe, To jabon- ta che vo - le-tea-ver doubt werewrong in-derd Vul-gar lovesyoucant wl - low — Gen.tle “wishes to a ee 2. * 2 59. + sside to Zerlina — SSE z= me, aver per ome, a-ver per me. Bricco-naccia, malan-dri-na, fostio- pede, gentle wishes to im — pede. By the Powers, Iwill shunthee. Ohthow * (To Leporelto ho wa io lead him off) nor la mia ru-i. nafos-tio-gnor ia mia rm - i-th it, thoubast undone me, oh, thow flirt.thou hast un - done a ese eee see (to Zerting) (aside,biteriyo o—¢ SS Hest tesa Eu ia oo sa mol sa Stig bechindhere! "THs aot whe thought “te findbere! gg gas ° ‘s pe SP ORs, | aed orese Nag=t = [r= x= to Zeri and Don G) * to oy avciail no-stre Ca-va - lie-re Cava - lie-raanco.ra AL — wa te, Strut a no bles hon-or, this should be the vassalS creed thisshould on f 2fte o on #2 2% (aside to Zerling) lierqan-co- ra te. Briceo - ac ~dri-nal— fo.stio— be the vas-sal’s creed. By the Powers, shun thee, Oh thou wia7 60 gnor ia mia ru- i - na,fo - stio-gnor la mia flirt, thouhast un-done — me, oh thou flirt thou bast to Leporelto, ES ee ‘Yen - go, ven-go! Re. sta, re -st co. sa Yes, di-rect-ly! Stay be-hind bere, "Tis not what T__ mol - tao-ne-stat faccinil no-stroCa-va- lie-re Cava thought 4 find here! AL.waystrust a no-ble’ honor. This should ¢ 2% ste. (to Zertina) eres . fe . . . —$—$——$—+ == Heraan-co-ra te, C: as te, facciajl no - stro be the vassal creed, Thisshould be the vas-sals creed, Al-ways trust a ne -ble’s 2 fem — 22% f= 1 2 . 2: Tle - re Cava. lie-rean-co rate, faccla il no -stroCa ~ va, ~ a ten. — — P lie - re Ca - va — lie - raanco-ra te, Ca - va - lie - ra ancora hoa — or, This should be thé vas —sals creed, This should be — the vassal’ P te, Ca - va lie - - ra te! (Bxit with Leporello,who hurries him into ihe creed, this “should be the was - sals creed, ‘Tavern Ap. s-—-s 2—8-85 Alfin siam li - be-ra— ti, Zerli-net-tagen-til, daqual scioeco - ney E he di -te, mio ‘At last we have dispatehldhim,Zerli-netta,to leave theboo-by liked nof;did 1 manage it = a ben? sb far pu-li-to?” Si-gnarebmiomai to! Chi? co. Ini? vl parcheun onest well, my pretty dai-sy? My ford,he’Ss my af fiancd! Who? that clown?think youa man of ea Z —— = 2 =F 147