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Bika LIMS Installation

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Linux Installation Steps


Bika LIMS User Manual

Installing Bika LIMS
Developing Bika LIMS

3. Windows Installation Steps

4. Extras

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This document details the installation steps for Bika LIMS version 3.1 from the Plone Unified
Installer package for Linux, as well as the setup for Apache as web proxy to make the LIMS
available on the standard http port 80. The process should be similar for MacOSX and other
Unix-type operating systems. The gcc compiler, python, the python-dev library and git are all
required, you may use those already installed on your operating system. Basic skills with
GNU/Linux terminal are required.

Linux Installation Steps

1. Creating your Bika LIMS root directory
Create the directory where you want to place your LIMS instance and call it 'bika'. In this recipe,
we'll place bika inside a /home/user directory, but ask to your system admin about the best place
in your case.
$ cd /home/user
$ mkdir bika

2. Installing required system packages

$ sudo apt-get install python-dev build-essential libffi-dev libpcre3-dev
$ sudo apt-get install gcc autoconf libtool pkg-config zlib1g-dev git-core
$ sudo apt-get install libssl-dev libexpat1-dev libxslt1.1 gnuplot libpcre3

Bika LIMS uses the WeasyPrint module for pdf creation, so some other packages will be
needed. For Debian 7.0 Wheezy or newer, Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric or newer:
$ sudo apt-get install libcairo2 libpango1.0-0 libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0

3. Installing Plone 4.3.2

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23/06/14 13:42

Bika LIMS Installation bikalabs/Bika-LIMS Wiki ...

$ wget -nc

Untar the archive and run the installer:

$ tar xzf Plone-4.3.2-UnifiedInstaller.tgz
$ cd Plone-4.3.2-UnifiedInstaller/
$ ./ --build-python --static-lxml=yes --target=../bika standalone

This takes a while and some warnings might appear, omit them. Verify successful build from the
output of the installer script. Refer to Plone's installation documentation if installation fails:

Installation Complete


Plone successfully installed at /home/example

See /home/example/zinstance/README.html
for startup instructions
Use the account information below to log into the Zope Management Interface
The account has full 'Manager' privileges.
Username: admin
Password: xyz

4. Downloading Bika LIMS

$ cd ../bika/zinstance
$ git clone -b release/3.1 src/bika.lims

In this recipe, the Bika LIMS 3.1 release is used, which is the preferred version for production
environments. Change release/3.1 to develop if you want to use the latest Bika LIMS at your
own risk. Refer to git documentation for further information about how to update the source code
or change to another branch from the repository.

5. Edit the buildout.cfg

Open the buildout.cfg (in bika/zinstance dir ):
$ nano buildout.cfg

a) Find the eggs section. Add bika.lims and WeasyPrint :

eggs =

b) Find the develop section. Add src/bika.lims :

develop =

c) (Optional) Change the Zope instance port if the default 8080 is not used::
http-address = 8080

d) (Optional) Change the effective-user if plone is not the one used.

e) (Optional) Add the environment-vars entry for the ID-server for multiple-client installations,
noting port number. Refer to External ID Server documentation for further information.

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Bika LIMS Installation bikalabs/Bika-LIMS Wiki ...

environment-vars =
IDServerURL http://localhost:8081

6. Execute the buildout

Do the (verbose, if needed) buildout of the instance::
$ bin/buildout -v

This takes a while and some warnings might appear. Verify successful build from the output of
the installer script. Refer to Plone's installation documentation if installation fails:
*************** PICKED VERSIONS ****************
CairoSVG = 1.0.7
Products.ATExtensions = 1.1
bika.lims = 3.0
cairocffi = 0.5.3
cffi = 0.8.2
cssselect = 0.9.1
#Required by:
#bika.lims 3.0
Products.AdvancedQuery = 3.0.3
#Required by:
#WeasyPrint 0.19.2
Pyphen = 0.9.1
#Required by:
#bika.lims 3.0
gpw = 0.2
#Required by:
#bika.lims 3.0
magnitude = 0.9.3
#Required by:
#cffi 0.8.2
pycparser = 2.10
*************** /PICKED VERSIONS ***************

7. Get the admin's password

If the buildout finished successfully, an 'adminPassword.txt' have been created automatically
inside zinstance directory. That file contains the super-user credentials you'll need to create the
Bika site.
$ cat adminPassword.txt

8. Test run in foreground, noting error messages if any and taking

corrective action if so:
$ bin/plonectl fg
2011-11-13 12:06:07 INFO Zope Ready to handle requests

9. Add the Plone instance with Bika LIMS extension

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Bika LIMS Installation bikalabs/Bika-LIMS Wiki ...

Open a browser and type http://localhost:8080/

Set 'Plone' as identifier and ensure that the Bika LIMS option is ticked. If your server has no GUI
installed, you can use a terminal line browser like lynx :
$ lynx http://localhost:8080/

10. Start working with Bika LIMS

$ bin/plonectl start

Open a browser and go to your Bika LIMS instance: http://localhost:8080/Plone

Windows Installation Steps

1. Download and Install Plone
Currently Bika LIMS for Windows is only compatible with Plone 4.3.1
Download the Windows Installer from
Execute the installer and follow through the steps
For this guide we will assume the default location of C:\Plone43
For more information visit:

3. Installing Bika LIMS

Open C:\Plone43\buildout.cfg in a text editor
Add bika.lims to the eggs
eggs =

Run buildout from cmd ( Win >> type: cmd >> Enter )
cd C:\Plone43

A successful buildout should output:

Updating run-instance.
Updating service.
*************** PICKED VERSIONS ****************
bika.lims = 3.0
cairocffi = 0.5.4
cairosvg = 1.0.7
cssselect = 0.9.1
gpw = 0.2
magnitude = 0.9.3
products.advancedquery = 3.0.3
products.atextensions = 1.1
pycparser = 2.10
pyphen = 0.9.1
*************** /PICKED VERSIONS ***************

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Bika LIMS Installation bikalabs/Bika-LIMS Wiki ...

If you see the following error: Error: Couldn't install: cffi 0.8.2
Refer to: Troubleshooting: A) Dependencies
If you see the following error: Error 5: Access is denied
Refer to: Troubleshooting: B) Privileges

4. Setting up Plone Services

Run cmd as Administrator ( Win >> type: cmd >> CTRL + Shift + Enter )
Navigate to the Plone root directory
cd C:\Plone43

Install, Start and bring your newly created instance to the Foreground
this should stop the default Plone 4.3 Service
bin\instance.exe install
bin\instance.exe start
bin\instance.exe fg

If you see the following error: OSError: cannot load library
Refer to: Troubleshooting: A) Dependencies
If you see INFO Zope Ready to handle requests then the server is running
Point your web browser at http://localhost:8080
Congradulations!! you have a successful build of Bika LIMS 3.0 on Plone 3.4.1
You can now create a site

5. Upgrading Bika LIMS

Please refer to 4. Downloading Bika LIMS in the Linux Installation Steps

6. Notes
If you are having trouble starting bin\instance.exe fg as follows:
The program seems already to be running. If you believe not,
check for dangling .pid and .lock files in var/.

You can try the following steps:

-Find the running process id by opening the .pid file within your instance's var/ directory.
-Open the Windows Task Manager and stop the running process with the above identifier.
-Delete all .pid and .lock files in your instance's var/ directory.
-Start your instance.

-Run services.msc
-Search for Plone 4.3
-Try Starting or Stopping it along with your instance

7. Troubleshooting
A) Dependencies
You need to install some dependencies manually
Download and install bika_dependencies(Plone 4.3.1).exe from

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Bika LIMS Installation bikalabs/Bika-LIMS Wiki ...

This fixes the fact that Plone's buildout cannot compile the libraries required by weasyprint.
It installs the pre-compiled binaries into System32 and Plone's installation folder instead.
B) Privileges
Open Explorer >> Navigate to C:\ >> Right-Click on the Plone43 directory >> select

Select the Security Tab >> Click Edit >> Check Full Control Allow for necessary User /
Click Apply

Using apache to redirect http requests to Bika LIMS
Set up a domain name for the LIMS site URL and add the Apache mapping noting the Zope
server port used by the instance (default 8080). Follow the instructions here:

Update the Bika source code from the GitHub repository

Rename (or move) the src/bika.lims directory or rerun the git clone or git pull or switch
branches on the command line in the source directory src/bika.lims, then re-run bin/buildout.

Start with a completely fresh instance::

Rename/move the Data.fs.* files in var/filestorage (after stopping instance).

2014 GitHub, Inc.

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