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The Army Institute of Law, as a part of its endeavors of providing and facilitating its support to the student
community of the Country takes immense pleasure in announcing the 5th Edition of its National Moot Court
Competition, Checkmate 2015. The event this year will be held from March 20, 2015 March 22, 2015.

The previous editions of Checkmate National Moot Court Competition have proved to be an enriching
experience for the participants, especially in the field of Criminal Law owing to its unconventional and
challenging moot propositions and high standards of judging. The discipline and transparency with which this
competition is conducted has contributed in its previous successful chapters leading to an increased participation
from year to year since its inception. The 4th Edition of this competition saw the participation of 36 teams.

The registration form, rules and the moot problem have been attached herewith. We look forward to receiving a
positive response from your Institution. Kindly confirm your participation via provisional registration by 2nd
February 2015.

In case of any queries regarding the competition, you may write to us at

Warm Regards,
Moot Court Society,
Army Institute of Law


Deadline for Provisional Registration:

2nd February 2015


Deadline for Registration(Hard Copy)

13th February 2015

(Along with a DD for Rs 2500):


Deadline for seeking clarifications to proposition:


Deadline for Memorial Submission:


22ndFebruary 2015

a. Soft Copy

6th March 2015

b. Hard Copy

10th March 2015

Oral Rounds: 20th March 2015 to 22nd March 2015

Registration and memorial exchange from

(1400Hrs onwards)


Prelim I, Prelim II and Quarter Final Rounds

21.03. 2015


Semis- Final Round & Final Round



The Checkmate 2015 - Army Institute of Law National Moot Court Competition will be held from
20th22ndMarch, 2015 at the Army Institute of Law, Sector 68, Mohali, Punjab.
(a) The language for the Competition shall be English.
(b) Participation is restricted to bona-fide law students either enrolled in the 3-year L L.B law course or the 5-year
integrated law course.
(c) Only one team from each participating college shall be registered for the competition. Each team shall
comprise of three members only (two Speakers and one Researcher).
(d) The oral rounds shall comprise of:
1. Preliminary Rounds
2. Quarter- Final Rounds
3. Semi- Final Rounds
4. Final Round

(a) Participation for the Competition is strictly by Invitation.
(b) The teams should first provisionally register through e-mail by sending a mail to subject
Moot Court Registration Checkmate 2015) by 2ND February 2015
(c) After confirmation of provisional registration, the hard copy of the registration form along with a demand draft
of Rs. 2500/- INR shoud be received by the organizers on or before 13th February 2015 by 1700HRS drawn
in the name of Registrar, Army Institute of Law, Mohali, payable in Mohali.
(d) The Registration forms shall be sent to:

(e) No change in the names of the participants shall be permitted after the receipt of the registration
form, except at the sole discretion of the organizers.
(f) Registration fee is non refundable.


The dress code for the oral rounds shall be advocates attire, i.e Black and White combination
including Blazer and Formal Shoes. The participants are requested to dress up in Western Formals for
the other events taking place during the competition.

The participants would be provided Accommodation for the period of the Competition at the premises
of the Institute. Please note that separate accommodation will be provided for girls and boys. The
accommodation will be provided from 1700Hrs on 19th March 2015 to 1000Hrs on 23rd March 2015.
The pick-up and drop facility will be provided to and from the institute to the railway station, airport
and bus stand for the participants. The participating teams are requested to send in their travel details
by 6th March 2015 at or before 2330HRS.

The following requirements for memorials must be strictly followed. Non-conformities will be penalized:
a. Each team must prepare memorials for both parties to the dispute.
b. The briefs shall be consistent with The Criminal Procedure Code 1973 (Revised).
c. Once the memorials have been submitted, no revision, supplements or additions will be allowed.
d. All participating teams shall submit 6 sets of written memorials (6 Petitioners and 6 Respondent
memorials). The Cover Page of the memorials for the Prosecution shall be in Blue and the Defense
shall be in Red.
e. One advance soft copy in pdf format of each of the memorials for both the parties to the dispute must
reach the organizers latest by 6th March 2015 on by 2355HRS.
f. One hard copy of each of the memorials is to reach the organisers by 10th March 2015 at the below
mentioned address by 1700Hrs
g. Late submissions will result in 1 point penalty per team per day.
h. The written memorials shall conform to the below standards mentioned below:
i. Written submissions shall be printed on white standard A4 size paper.
ii. The font and size of the text used in all parts of the written submissions (except the covers) shall be
in Times New Roman, 12-point and footnotes shall be in Times New Roman, size 10.
iii. The text in all parts of each written submission shall have 1.5 line spacing except the text of
footnotes and headings which shall be single spaced.
iv. The comprehensive arguments with appropriate citations shall be contained in the Pleadings. The
teams shall follow the 19th Edition of the Bluebook mode of citation.
v. The Pleadings shall not exceed 20 pages.

i. The memorials have to be submitted on typed A4 size paper printed on one side and must contain:
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Index of Authorities
Statement of Jurisdiction
Statement of Facts (Argumentative statement of facts would attract penalties)
Questions of Law
Summary of Arguments
Arguments Advanced
Appendix (Optional)
Exhibits (Optional)


1. Knowledge of facts and law (20)
2. Proper and articulate analysis (20)
3. Extent and use of research (20)
4. Clarity and Organization (20)
5. Citation of sources (10)
6. Grammar and Style (10)
k. Memorials must have a one inch margin on all sides of each page.
l. The cover page of the memorials must state the following:
The Case Title and Team Number on TOP
Identity of brief as Prosecution or Defence
m. The identity of the Institution or the members shall not be revealed anywhere in the memorial.
Violations of this provision shall result in penalties including disqualification. The decision of the
organizers will be final. The hard copies must be exact print outs of the soft copies. Non-compliance
with this rule would entail disqualification.
n. The memorial would be assessed only for the preliminary rounds for the selection of the best and
second best memorial.

There will be a total of two Preliminary rounds of arguments, one Quarter Final Round; one Semi-Final
Round and consequently one Final Round.
a. Registration, Orientation and Draw of Lots will be held on 20thMarch 2015, and the teams are requested
that in all probability to kindly report latest by 1400HRS.
b. There will be two preliminary rounds of argument per team, once as Prosecution and other as Defence.
c. Teams will be provided with their opponent teams memorials after the conclusion of draw of lots.
d. Preliminary rounds will be held on 21st March 2015.

e. Top eight teams will qualify for the quarter-final rounds. The qualification to the quarter-finals will be
based on:
i) Win Points (2 wins)
ii) In case of a tie, teams with the highest aggregate of scores in the Preliminary rounds (inclusive of
memorial marks) shall be considered to be the winners.
f. The teams are required to submit the Opposite side memorials to the court clerks after the conclusion of
each round.
g. The Best Advocate and Second best Advocate will be decided on the basis of the scores of the
Preliminary rounds only.
a. The Quarter Final Rounds would also take place on 21st March 2015.
b.Qualification to the Quarter Final Rounds will be based on win points. In case of a tie in the preliminary
rounds, teams scoring the highest point will move into the Quarter Final Rounds.
c.The teams will be provided their opponent's memorial after declaration of preliminary results and the
draw of lots for the Quarter Final Rounds.
d. Knock Out Round
a. The Semi-Final Rounds and Final Round will be knockout rounds.
b. Semi- Final Rounds and Final Round will be held on 22nd March 2015.
c. Knock Out ROund
a. Each team will get a total of 30 minutes to present their case.
b. Each speaker should speak for a minimum of 10 minutes.
a. Each team will get a total of 45 minutes to present their case.
b. A speaker shall not use more than 25 minutes of the total time.
The maximum time provided would include the time that each team may want to reserve for their
rebuttal/sur-rebuttal. At the commencement of each session the team shall notify the Court Officer as to
the division of time between the 2 speakers (including rebuttal/sur-rebuttal).
a. Student counsel may introduce him/herself to the court in the usual manner and may also state their
names. However, the team's college affiliation shall not be indicated to the judges at any time.

b. Further all team members shall refrain from identifying a team's college at any time and in any manner,
including, but not limited to, wearing any identifying items (such as college clothing, ties, patches, or
pins) or carrying identifying material (such as books with a college logo or college seal etc.)
1. Knowledge of Law (30)
2. Application of Law to Facts (25)
3. Ingenuity and Ability to Answer Questions (30)
4. Style, Poise, Courtesy and Demeanor (10)
5. Time Management and Organization (5)

a. Teams will not be allowed to observe the orals of any other team till the time the team is declared to have
advanced to the next round. Scouting is strictly prohibited. Scouting by any of the teams will result in
b. Any team can file a written complaint with the Administrator, regarding a case of scouting. The decision
of the Administrator will be final.
c. The researchers shall sit with the speakers at the time of the orals and shall not attend the court sessions of
any other team participating in the competition.

a. Winners:

Rs. 20,000/- INR

b. Runners-up:

Rs. 15,000/- INR

c. Advocate of the Year:

Rs. 7,500/- INR

d. Second Best Advocate of the Year:

Rs. 5,000/- INR

e. Best Memorial Award:

Rs. 7,500/- INR

f. Second Best Memorial Award:

Rs. 4,500/- INR

* All the Participants will be awarded Participation


a. The participants are expected to behave in a dignified manner and not to cause any unnecessary
inconvenience to the organisers. Deference to the Judges of the Moot Court Competition is expected to
be maintained within and outside the Court Hall.
b. The Organisers reserve the right to take appropriate action for any unethical, unprofessional and immoral


a. If a team scheduled to take part in a round does not appear within 10 minutes of the scheduled time, the
other team shall be allowed to submit ex-parte.
b. The criteria of rebuttals shall not be considered in such cases for evaluation in place of which an
average for the same would be given on the basis of the marks scored by such team on other criteria.
The Material in the Moot Court proposition is not intended to and does not attempt to resemble any
incident or any person living or dead. All material in the problem is fictitious and any resemblance to
any incident or person, if any, is not intended, but merely co-incidental.
a. The Organizers decision as regards the interpretation of rules or any other matter related to the
competition will be final.
b. If there is any situation which is not contemplated in the rules, the Organizers decision on the same
shall be final.
c. The Organizers reserve the right to vary, alter, modify, or repeal any of the above rules if so required
and as they may deem appropriate at anytime
d. Any dispute arising in the moot court rooms during the rounds would be at the discretion of the presiding
officer of the respective court room.
d. In any kind of conflict, the decision of the Principal, Army Institute of Law, Mohali would be final.


1. Riha Kaushal is a twenty eight year old girl who was the apple of her fathers eye. Since she had lost her
mother at a very young age, Nitin Kaushal had brought her up as a child who had never known no for an
answer. Kaushal had made his millions in the world of high-end retail. He was a person who lived with the
times and hence, despite his advanced age, was an extensive user of social media. It was through a
conversation on Twitter that he had bonded with Sehajbir Singh over their love for the finer things in life. It
was in the comments section of Nitins blog that Sehaj had first noticed Riha, and things had progressed
from there. Her marriage to Sehaj had just been finalised, and things couldnt have been better.
2. However on the tumultuous night of December 31st, 2014 she lost her father in an unfortunate accident,
when his private plane crashed. The death came as a huge shock to her, and it had a far-reaching effect on
her personality. She no longer wanted to marry anyone, much less let anybody even come close to her,
fearful that she might lose him or her as well. Sehajbir, was still in London when this incident happened
and she forbid him from ever seeing her again. Sehajbir himself was quick to move on, and this went on to
further affect her already altered persona.
3. At the funeral, she was approached by her old friend Chandandeep Juneja who tried to console her by
telling her about an experimental, but world-renowned invitation only program called Stargazer that had
greatly helped another friend deal with the loss of a parent. She rebuffed him for even suggesting
something like that, that too at the funeral, at a time when she was still in the process of grieving. Chandan
persisted, and urged her to at least give it a try, stressing on the fact that they were hundreds of thousands
of people across the world trying to get in, and he was offering her a chance that people would pay
thousands of dollars for.
4. Even two weeks later Riha was having a hard time coming to terms with this tragic reality, but it was only
with the help of her old college friend Ish that she was getting by. Ish and Riha went back seven years, and
from the time they were still in college, Ish had always liked her. While Ish believed that they were
destined to be together, and had frequently brought this up with her, Riha had always kept him in the
friend-zone. She would, however, ever so often hint of a relationship. This was the only spark that Ish had
needed to come back to her side in her hour of need, after all these years, and she was grateful for it.

5. On the night of 14th January 2015, Riha for the first time, logged into her email account that was flooded
with people expressing grief, alongside the usual spam. One email however caught her attention, it was
from Nitin Kaushal, and it simply said Yes Rihu, its me. Chandan helped me get in touch with you. Click
here so we can talk. She was stunned. Riha picked up the phone and immediately called Chandan, who
explained to her that he had gone ahead and signed her up for the Stargazer program. It was the first real
breakthrough in artificial intelligence, and scientists the world over had hailed it as significant as the man
first discovering the wheel. The way it worked was that the program collected all the information about the
person that it could from the internet, social media, blogs etc. and identified a pattern and a manner in
which that person wrote, his likes, tastes and so on. It then basically tried to replicate the person using AI,
so you could chat with that person about virtually any subject. The experience would be as if the said
person was away, and you were chatting via Instant Messages.
6. The next day she found the courage to click that link, and sure enough Nitin Kaushal was ready to talk to
his dear daughter. The responses to anything she asked sounded just like what her father would have said,
and it was uncanny how well the technology worked. Being a modern, savvy girl, she was aware that this
wasnt real, and that Nitin was not the one talking to her, but it felt real and, more importantly, it felt good.
Her moods were improving, she was beginning to get back on her feet, and get back to her job that she had
been neglecting. In a few days, it was as if Nitin had never passed away, and was merely away on one of
his business trips. People around her were amazed at how well she was coping; little did they know that
Stargazer was the spell that was working its magic.
7. Ish couldnt be happier for Riha, and he was convinced that it was his presence that had helped her
overcome this tragic loss so quickly. To his mind, this was yet another sign from God that they were meant
to be together. On February 1st he bought a ring. The next day Ish asked her to dinner at Cosmopolitan, the
most exquisite place in town and popped the question in front of the restaurants 200 guests. Memories of
Sehaj and their broken relationship came rushing back to her, and with that came the realisation that her
father had indeed died and that she had been living in a bubble. She left without saying a word, and Ish was
incensed at this rebuff, and he let his determination to get this girl foster.
8. Riha stopped using Stargazer and once again started to become miserable. Owing to the success that the
program was having with her, her case was actively being monitored at the Stargazer HQ in Los Angeles.
Worried by the sudden termination of the program, Jagteshwar Sohi, M.D. Stargazer, specially informed
the creator of Stargazer, Manu Sharma about this development, even though he didnt normally look at
individual clients. Sharma immediately recognised Riha from his days in college. Both of them had a thing
for each other, but they had never really pursued it on account of Ishs presence. He smiled to himself;
strange are the ways of the world he thought.

9. Manu Sharma immediately personally took charge of her case and directed all Stargazer employees that he
would conduct the project himself and that it stood classified for everyone else at the company. He decided
to invite Riha to an even more experimental section of Stargazer. She received an email that asked her to
upload all the video and audio clips that she had of her father. The email informed her that this project was
purely experimental and expensive, but the lure of being able to talk to her father was too much for her to
pass up.
10. Two days later, she received a call from an international number Hello Baccha, its me! The person on the
other side sounded just like her father, and was speaking in exactly the same manner as he did. Riha knew
he wasnt real, but she couldnt help herself. She started spending hours on the phone everyday. She
mentioned wanting a big cake on her birthday like every year, and sure enough the AI powered persona of
Nitin Kaushal sent a huge French Vanilla Mousse cake at midnight.
11. Buoyed by the uplift in Rihas mood, Ish sensed another opportunity to approach her. He started sending
flowers to her workplace, her house, started calling her continuously, buying her, at times, unwanted gifts.
Riha mentioned all of this to her father, and asked him for ways to get rid of this relationship. He
advised her to have a frank conversation with him, but that had no effect, instead Ishs overtures were only
growing. Frustrated she told Nitin that she couldnt take it anymore and was afraid shell end up doing
something to herself. The AI powered call was immediately disconnected. Ten minutes later Nitin told her
that hed thought of something. He asked Riha to call Ish to her home, and pretend that he was going to
outrage her modesty, bruise herself a little, hit him with something and run away from the house and call
the police. That way, Ish would be put in jail and shed have her life back once and for all.
12. Since to her mind, it was her father telling her to do this she went ahead with the plan. On the evening of
the 14th of February at about 7 pm, after both of them had a glass of wine, she screamed for her safety and
hit Ish with a vase on the head and ran from the house shouting Save me! Save me! and called the police
from her mobile phone. The police arrived at the scene within 10 minutes and found Ish unconscious inside
Rihas home. She narrated to the police how he was harassing her, and how he had come to her house
uninvited that evening as well. She further stated that after consuming wine Ish had become frisky and had
attempted to assault her and that she had, with great difficulty, escaped from his clutches and called the
13. On examination Ish was found to be dead, and the police sent the body for a postmortem examination.
Meanwhile to verify Rihas claims, the police sought to interview her friends and colleagues and also went
through her call history. While they did find a few calls from Ish, the majority of the calls that she had been
receiving were from an international number, and at odd times of the day. Her IM logs also indicated that
she was chatting with someone, which her phone identified as Dad. However, knowing that Mr. Kaushal
had passed away a little while ago, the police became suspicious. They brought in Mr. Salil Sabhlok, a
cyber security expert to consult and get to the bottom of this mystery.

14. After due analysis Mr. Sabhlok informed the police that the calls and IM were coming from a company
based in the U.S. called Stargazer.
He explained to the police how the company was a pioneer in the field of Artificial Intelligence and what
its business was.
15. On February 16thwhile Manu Sharma was visiting India, the police summoned him for questioning. The
next day the police decided to register FIR No. 27 at Police Station Sector 3, Chandigarh under Sections
302, 120-B, 34 of the Indian Penal Code 1860, in which Manu Sharma was also named as an accused along
with Riha Kaushal. During the course of investigation the police interviewed the M.D. of Stargazer who
revealed that while their system was completely autonomous, it was, to a limited extent, influenced by the
inputs given by the handlers and psychological specialists to tweak its code to better humanise it. He
further stated that he knew Manu Sharma from his college days, and he didnt believe that Manu Sharma
was capable of something as devious as using Stargazer to help eliminate Ish from the equation, so that he
could be with Riha. Although he did say that he found Manu Sharmas actions in classifying Rihas files
16. On the 17thof February Manu Sharma called a press conference in which he labeled the actions of the
police as myopic and called the police an agency that was still living in the 1900s. He went on to explain to
the press how the police was missing the basic premise that Stargazer is based on Artificial Intelligence and
therefore he possibly could have no control over what that machine said to Riha, and how she chose to
interpret it. In any case, Riha had agreed to the terms and conditions of the program that categorically
stated that the users accepts all risks and consequences for the use of the service, and that the company
shall have no liability whatsoever in any form as a result of the usage of their service. He further pointed
out; that it also wasnt a case where he had been negligent in any aspect that involved the prevention of a
crime, as all transcripts of the communication between parties are secure and deleted at the end of each
day. Therefore, he possibly couldnt be held responsible for any actions of the AI software.
17. In a brief statement, the investigating officer of the case Sahil Sethi said that there was more to the case
than what met the eye, and that the police force is a modern establishment that consults with the best minds
on cases such as these. Ish was a dedicated police officer and we are very saddened by his murder. We
want to assure the public that we shall bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice. I will not say
much so as not to jeopardize the investigation, but Manu Sharma isnt as clean as he claims to be. On 14 th
February Ishs call records show that he had received a call from the same number that Stargazer had been
using to call Riha. Thats not all, as it turns out her ex-fianc Sehajbir is an investor in Stargazer. Ill let it
rest at that for now.
18. The following day media reports carried a story about a teenage internet genius named Vaibhav Sharma
who was so fond of Coke Zero that he had made an automated bot that ordered 20 units of Coke from
Internet sites that serviced his area the moment it was offered on a 5% or more discount.

The code for the bot included his payment details and delivery address, so the entire transaction was
automatic and seamless. One day that bot had accidently ordered Coke from a decoy website setup by the
police to catch drug peddlers and that had brought the police to his door step and led to the registration of
an FIR against Vaibhav. He had claimed that he couldnt be held responsible for the crime as it had been
committed by the bot and also because he lacked the necessary intent to commit the crime.
19. Taking cognisance of incidents, where serious crime were being blamed on machines that could act for
themselves - independent of manual instructions, the Central Government got issued an ordinance dated
20.02.15 banning commercial research, sale or dissemination in any other form of hardware or code that
possessed characteristics of Artificial Intelligence including, but not limited to programs which are
considered bots in common parlance. This was done to discourage citizens from committing crimes and
then blaming them on machines that couldnt be prosecuted and punished under law.
20. Manu Sharma immediately approached Vaibhav with an offer of legal assistance, which he gladly
accepted. Both individuals filed petitions under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973
seeking quashing of the respective FIRs qua them. However, the Honble Punjab and Haryana High Court
vide order dated 23.02.15 was pleased to dismiss both these petitions in limine on the ground that the police
was yet to present a chargesheet, and it would not be proper to quash the FIRs at this preliminary stage
21. Aggrieved by this order of the Honble High Court, both Manu Sharma and Vaibhav preferred Special
Leave Petitions before the Honble Supreme Court against the order of dismissal. In a separate petition,
Manu Sharma also challenged the governments move to ban all forms of AI, being violative of the
Constitution of India and other laws of the land.
22. The Honble Supreme Court was pleased to issue notice in all aforementioned cases, and list them for
arguments together on March 20th 2015.

Criminal Appeal No. 32 of 2015, Manu Sharma v. U.T. of Chandigarh

[Arising out of SLP (Crl.) No. 25 of 2015]

Criminal Appeal No. 33 of 2015, Vaibhav Sharma v. State of Punjab

[Arising out of SLP (Crl.) No. 27 of 2015]

W.P.(C). No. 16 of 2015, Manu Sharma v. Union of India

The Material in the Moot Court proposition is not intended to and does not attempt to resemble any incident or
any person living or dead. All material in the problem is fictitious and any resemblance to any incident or
person, if any, is not intended, but merely co-incidental.


1. Name& Address of Participating College/University :
2. Contact Number Of College : _______________________________________________
3. Name of Counsel I : _______________________________________________________
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b. Class/Gen : ___________________________________________________________
4. Name of Counsel II : ______________________________________________________
a. Phone No./E-mail:_____________________________________________________
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5. Name of Asst. Counsel (Researcher) : _______________________________________
a. Phone No./E-mail:_____________________________________________________
b. Class/Gen : ___________________________________________________________
6. Whether accommodation is required : _______________________________________
The Counsels and Assistant Counsel are the bona-fide students of the College.
Seal & Signature of the Head of Institution

Details of Payment of Registration Fee:

a. D.D. No.___________________________________________________________________
b. Name of Bank_______________________________________________________________
c. Drawn on __________________________________________________________________

Travel FORM

1. Name & address of Participating College/ University :
2. Arrival Journey :
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Return Journey :
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Details of Contact Person (For the Journey):

1. Name : _____________________________________________________________________
2. Phone Number :______________________________________________________________
Signature of Contact Person


Dr. Bajirao A Rajwade

Asst. Prof of Law

Mrs. Shiva S Sharda

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Ms. Gurminder Kaur

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Dr. Kulpreet Kaur

Asst. Prof of Law

Ms. Pratiksha Mishra

Convener, Moot Court



1. Dr. Bajirao A Rajwade (Faculty Convener Checkmate 2015) - +919814013531

2. Ms. Gurminder Kaur

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