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Venus in the 12th House

I can t feel a thing; All mournful petal storms are dancing inside the very private
spring of my head.
Franz Kafka to Milena
The twelfth house symbolizes everything hidden, invisible and locked away. Venus
is exiled to a Neptune island here, and the individual will long to take the pe
rson they love away to a private place where the rest of the world melts away be
neath their entwined hands. They may experience secret romances and attract unav
ailable, clandestine, or unavailable partners. The boundaries between themselves
and their partner tend to be dissolute, and they absorb every emotional impulse
circulating. 12th house Venus people carry a deep, pure love for collective hum
anity, and see the divinity of themselves through the eyes of others. They typic
ally feel weighed down by the suffering of people and repulsed by cruelty. Their
deep sentiment, moral vision and frustrated idealism may cause a complete withd
rawal from the world and rejection of people in general.
Venus 12th house people crave relationships although they can struggle identifyi
ng their own needs and developing assertion within them. The seeming inorganic n
eed for interpersonal communion usually associates with a deeper urgency, an inf
erno burning from the lining of the soul, one that seeks an intimate, divine com
munion. And through the arms of others they come home. Love letters are their pr
ayers. The individual may absolutely relish in solitude, or on the contrary, bec
ome overwhelmed by the darkness. Their fear of isolation may pressure them to se
ek relationships out of loneliness, and these are typically unrewarding and dest
ructive. A disarming and analgesic aura makes the individual brilliant soul soot
hers and solicitous company who resonate in counseling or psycho therapeutic pro
fessions. The 12th house relates to places of seclusion - prisons, asylums, inst
itutions, and Venus here may involve themselves in relationships with prisoners,
someone mentally unstable or factitious relationships with strangers or celebri
12th house Venus people may experience intense troubles expressing themselves in
relationships or distinguishing themselves as individual amongst a crowd. Throu
gh the faces of others, they unlock their own transcendental divinity, and perce
ive the century old gods and goddesses circulating in people. The collective hea
ling powers of the 12th house are transmuted through the individual, and the cel
estial love of Venus creates an angel of humanity whose light radiates in touch
and affection. In the 12th house we are locked away, and Venus here may feel a t
housand oceans away from people, on the outside looking in, as if a divine obser
ver, one who appears to scatter the heavenly love dust and vanish just as myster
Aphrodite Rising
First of all, I made this Venus in the 12th house definition in base of what I k
now and I ve gathered across the internet and also my own conclusions of having it
in my chart as well as people I know. I really felt the need to disclose those
myths saying Venus in 12th house only brings sadness and sorrow in matters of lo
ve, which is absolute nonsense and I m here to refute, therefore bringing a new pe
rspective about this position and how and what it really means.
Let s start with the basic: Venus represents in a chart all matters involved in re

lationships and attraction. So then, Venus embodies love, tastes, values and, si
nce these are said to be more present in women, it also represents femininity (b
oth in men and women) and the ideal of the other in a relationship.
Now, the 12th house is the house of endings. The 12th house is where it all ends
, or where it could also begin. Remember every ending is also a beginning. The 1
2th house accumulates everything that has passed through all the other houses (l
ike Pisces with the other signs before it), so it is also the house of wisdom, a
nd at the same time of innocence (or wisdom through innocence?). This house, as
anything related with Neptune and Pisces, is elusive, because as its wisdom and
chamaleonic nature, it has no form or real essence. That s why the 12th house is a
lso said to represent the womb, the life before birth (and it makes sense since
it s the house before the ascendant, the first house, which is stated by the hour
you were born). The 12th house is therefore a place of possibilities. It is wher
e you develop when you re weak and you can t on your own -like a fetus- so this is t
he place where you can hide yourself and seek refuge, that why it s associated wit
h hospital, wards, mental institutions, sanatoriums and such. The 12th house is
also the house of dreams, since the womb is a state of unconsciousness, the 12th
house also has to do with it and every other unconscious/altered states. But th
e thing with the 12th house is that it s only accessible to those who are capable
of letting their ego die. This is a place inhabited by selfless beings, by peopl
e who in understanding their suffering and that of others have come to the concl
usion that the ego is a lie and that selfishness and greed can t be allowed anymor
e in their lives. The 12th house could be an indicative of how you spend your la
ter years in life.
In conclusion, the 12th house is a place of healing and wisdom-gathering for tho
se who open their hearts, but to those who can t see beyond the self, this place b
ecomes suffering, sorrow and undoing. Think of it in this way: the 12th house is
a formless space. Think of 2D white landscape. People who can see beyond the il
lusion of this world (and for that you don t need to be a guru or in a Nirvana sta
te) will see in that place hope and quietness, and suddenly the place will feel
like a paradise, with prairies surrounded by wildflowers and deers. But to those
who can t let themselves to follow the flow, will feel as if caught in a whirpool
, trapped forever in a prison that goes beyond their power. And that room will s
eem like Hell.
Now, what happens when Venus sits in the 12th house in the natal chart? What is
this ego talk and how is it modified when Venus comes into the picture?
Let s remember one thing: Venus is exalted in Pisces (and let s remember too that ev
ery placement, good or bad, has it s own positive and negative connotations, even
exaltations). A planet in a sign is how it is expressed, how it s energy is, but a
planet in a house it is best expressed, where it s energy is focused. When Venus
is in the 12th house, the best place Aphrodite could find herself is the very pl
ace that gave birth to her. Aphrodite, or Venus, was born when Uranus gonads fel
l on the sea. Sea, in mythology, is represented by Neptune. Venus emerged from N
eptune, and that is way it s said Neptune is the higher octave of Venus.
So people who have Venus in the 12th house are apt
luative and relationship functions in places where
pen to encounter throughout their lives people who
who are escaping and are hidden, who are in search
themselves, or at the same time, people who have a
n see beyond the illusion of the self.

to show and develop their eva

people need to heal. They hap
are lost, who have suffered,
of help and can t take care of
high amount of wisdom, who ca

This people s values and relationship functions then subjected to function in thes
e places, because that s where they function the best, and it s because all these pe
ople they ve encountered (plus their own experiences on this matter) that their sa
me values and relationship function have been conditioned to be of use in these

scenarios. These are people who love quietness and peace, who have vast amounts
of imagination and a great predisposition to creativity. Venus is at her best he
re, because Venus is Love. Venus is watery in nature, but to express herself at
her maximum she needs to be freed of chains, that s why she does best in a water s
ign/house, but better in a cadent/mutable house/sign: Pisces/12th house. Venus i
s Love, but she wants to love everybody and everything, and to do so, she needs
to free herself of society-imposed values and judgemental conclusions. She can o
nly love everybody when she has known the truth of the world, and that wisdom (e
ven if it s so idealistic/utopian, 12th house nature) only comes when she can be a
ble to understand all. And this is the best place for her to make use of her god
ly powers.
People who feel sorrow or sadness in the world is because they haven t been past t
he illusions of the ego. People who expect love from everyone are people who hav
e not learned that in order for them to love others they have to love themselves
first. That is a lesson Pisces/12th house knows and has for you on this lifetim
e. The love we give others is only the love we give to ourselves and that passes
through us to others.