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vii) Marketing Plan:


We are targeting niche segment of 25-40 years age group of male and female who have interest in mountain expedition. So the pricing of the product will be same as other online store or slightly higher. As the products are already available in the market the product are priced in an attractive manner. There will be attractive discount for the new customer and loyalty benefits for the existing customer. We will introduce bundle pricing or package deal pricing which can clear the inventory and the revenue will come to us. In the bundle pricing the products will be bundled in such a way that a low priced product will be clubbed to a high priced one. The profit margin of the first one will be low and for the second one will be high. By providing attractive overall discount we can earn a good profit but it seems to be a lesser price.

We will also provide mountaineer belongings on rent basis. If individual wants to take and return the product within a certain time we will take the rent only.


The mountaineering belongings will be displayed on the Company’s own website. Once the customer enters into the online store or website he/she will be tracked during their visit and after their visit also they will be traced what they are buying and from where.

If they place order through website or online store this information goes to Adventuro directly through efficient information system. The efficient human resources contact with the customers and confirm the order within few hours. Then Adventuro contacts with the inventory manager. If the products are ready, can be shipped to the customer directly or via distribution system through own logistics. And if those are not ready it contacts with the dealer or manufacturer. As soon as possible it will try to ship the products.

Our distribution centers will be located at Nainital in Uttarakhand, Gangtok in Sikkim, near Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra, Munnar in Kerala, Ooty in Tamilnadu, in Kohima and Mizoram. Once the order has been placed the address of the customer is noticed. The nearest distribution centers will be contacted to ship the products. If the products are stored there in right quantity then they will be dispatched. Otherwise the equipment will be arranged immediately and those will be shipped.

As the distribution center are located near the hilly area the products can reach the customer very quickly. Adventuro will use their own logistics. Those products will be packed very safely and delivered to the customer rightly.


1. Target group:

As these pieces of equipment are required by the mountaineers and generally people of age group 25-40 years have the tendency of trekking, the target group is 25-40 years. Both male and female customers are in this target group. We target the consumers who will have a considerable amount of income in order to fund their desire of mountaineering. In other words, we will be targeting the niche consumer segment. The target group includes the adventurous and trek enthusiast.

  • 2. Communication Channel: As the target group is young generation the social media platform can be used as the communication channel. We will organize various type of adventurous sports or game or events in different mountaineer club and Seattle program center. We will put up advertisement board of Adventuro at different tourist spot, hilly area and mountaineer club etc. The people having interest in trekking have the tendency of travelling also. So to capture customer and to increase awareness we will put up advertisement in different hotels and resorts. As the target customer are niche we will identify niche hotels and resorts in hilly area and put up advertisement there. The website from where ticket for railways, flight or hotel, resort can be booked, our advertisement will be there also.

  • 3. Objective: The objective of this activity is to create awareness about our online store, to reach to the maximum number of trek enthusiast and to capture the market.

4. Promotion Mix:

A)Public Relation:

We have to create the relationship with the customer and to maintain it. So to create the relationship we will supply food and water to the people in tourist spot, to the mountaineer at different base camp and to the enthusiast who participate in various adventurous activity.

If the customer once buy the equipment from us they will be a member of Adventuro group and will start receiving different discount. For the loyal customer there will be loyalty benefits.


We will advertise our online store in different hotel and tour and travel portal, blog and our apps will also be available. People wearing t-shirt of Adventuro will serve food and water to the people in different tourist spot especially in hilly area and they will carry pamphlet of our products. They will collect the contact details of the trek and adventurous enthusiast.

C)Sales Promotion:

As we are targeting niche segment the price will be as the other store or slightly more than that. But attractive discount will be there for the new customer and existing customer. If they pay through online gateway they will get cash back offer or cash refund. They can use that digital wallet for next purchase. We will sell different items as a bundled product and overall attractive discount will be there. If the customer buy from our store and they are recognized as any peak winner or found to hold any record he/she will be awarded in terms of cash prize. We will also maintain a data base of the customer who buy from our online store. We will update our database with the information where he took the attempt and where will succeed in trekking. We will award the trek enthusiast experiencing more trekking in a month. We will also sale in credit. Suppose during the trekking any individual needs an essential equipment and he can contact us, if that is available in our store we will try to deliver him the product at the desired spot at credit. He will be tracked and can pay afterward.

D)Personal Selling:

1. Internal Selling:

The customer who has visited our website and bought once or not bought yet, will be tracked and called to persuade to buy. They will start to receive the information of the product related to those they have searched for.

2. Telephone Selling:

The persons will be contacted whose contact details will be collected from the tourist spot and they will be informed about the new products and essential equipment.

3. E-mail Selling:

The email id of the visitors are collected during their visit. Once or twice in a week email containing useful information about the weather is suitable or not, which place is suitable for trekking for that time etc. will be forwarded to them along with our products and equipment details. It will wish their birthday, anniversary or on any occasion.

5. Measure of effectiveness of Promotion:

Generally before launching a new product heavy promotion is executed. So during our launch we will perform the promotion activities. We will continue to promote in differnte ways to thrive the sales. We can measure the effectiveness by the willingness of their response to the call, email. We can measure in terms of order and sales also. The response to the discount, offer, contest, loyalty benefits provided by us will also be a tool of measure.

  • D) Product Forecasts:

We will have product in the price range of 500-2000. So the least price of our produc is Rs. 500 and the maximum price of our product is Rs. 2000. So it can be said that the average price of our product is Rs. 1250. It can be rounded off to Rs. 1000. As the starting of the business different types of promotion will be there it will get sales. And if we start the business at the starting of the year the sale will increase gradually. It may grow in steady state or increasing rate. At the starting months it will grow at steady rate. Especially in the summer season the sales will experience a hike. But after the summer season gets over the sale will face a decline. So we can expect 24 units of sale at the starting month of the business and it is expected to grow 2-4% in the following months. Then it will grow at steady state. We have forecasted 25 units in 2 nd month. Till February it will see 4% only. With the start of summer i.e. in March the sale will increase by 8%, 27 units. In April it will get more than 10% sale, 30 units. Then it will grow at steady state. It will experience slight grow , 32 units in 5 th month, 34 units in 6 th month, 36 units in 7 th month, 40 units in 8 th month, 42 units in 9 th month. With the starting of winter season the tendency of trekking goes down. So we have forecasted lower volume to be sold during the winter season. It is expected to be 30 units in 10 th month, 28 units in November nd 26 units in December.

E) Controls:

To fulfill the objective and to get the maximum return on a marketing plan, controls is needed. It monitors the progress of the plan. As a marketing plan goes on, the control needs to analyze constantly to determine how the actual performance compares to the projections. It also indicates if some changes are required to achieve the desired output. The control measures are:

Market share:

We will measure the market share constantly and accordingly we will proceed further.

Sales Analysis:

We will measure the sales of every month. We have already forecasted the sales o each month. If there is any discrepancy between the forecast and the actual sales the promotion and strategy will be under decision and planning again.

Customer feedback:

We will collect customer feedback very frequently to know the review about our products and service. After buying through our online store and after receiving the product the customer will get a feedback form. With the help of this form we can get the information about our drawbacks (if there any). It is very important because it is the only way to know the approach of the customer towards our products and services.

The location of the potential buyer:

The location of the potential buyer of the mountaineer products can give us a brief idea about our logistics system and distribution center. If our assumption is right then the delivery of the products will be smooth. Otherwise we have to take decision about the location of the distribution center.