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What Is Thunder and Lightning?

Lightning is a sudden, violent flash of electricity between a cloud and the

ground, or from cloud to cloud. A lightning flash, or bolt, can be several
miles long. It is so hot, with an average temperature of 34,000 Centigrade,
which the air around it suddenly expands with a loud blast. This is the
thunder we hear.
Lightning occurs in hot, wet storms. Moist air is driven up to a great
height. It forms a type of cloud called cumulonimbus. When the cloud
rises high enough, the moisture freezes and ice crystals and snowfl akes
are formed. These begin to fall, turning to rain on the way down. This rain
meets more moist air rising, and it is the friction between them which
produces static electricity. When a cloud is fully charged with this
electricity, it discharges it as a lightning fl ash.
The camel
The camel is a large, strong desert animal. Camels can travel great
distances across hot, dry deserts with little food or water. They walk easily
on soft sand and carry people and heavy hump. The hump is a large lump
of fat providing energy if food is hard to find.
There are two chief kinds of camels: (1) the Arabian camel also loads to
places that have no roads. Camels also serve the people of the desert in
many other ways.
The camel carries its own built-in food supply on its back in the form of a
called dromedary, which has one hump, and (2) Bactrian camel, which has
two humps.
The Red Bird Of Paradise
An Indonesian endemic, the Red Bird of Paradise is distributed to lowland
rainforests of Waigeo and Batanta islands of West Papua. This species
shares its home with another bird of paradise, the Wilson's Bird of
Paradise. Hybridisation between these two species are expected but not
The Red Bird of Paradise, Paradisaea rubra is a large, up to 33cm long,
brown and yellow bird of paradise with a dark brown iris, grey legs and
yellow bill. The male has an emerald green face, a pair of elongated black
corkscrew-shaped tail wires, dark green feather pompoms above each eye
and a train of glossy crimson red plumes with whitish tips at either side of
The male measures up to 72 cm long, including the ornamental red plumes
that require at least six years to fully attain. The female resembles the male

but is smaller in size, with a dark brown face and has no ornamental red
plumes. The diet consists mainly of fruits, berries and arthropods.


Read the text to answer questions 1 to 4!
Chinese culture played a truly significant role in the development of visual art in
Indonesia; although, not as strong as the Hindu, Buddhist or Moslem influences.
Many Chinese culture forms of artistic expressions were adapted and assimilated
into indigenous forms. The Chinese influence was restricted to an adapted form.
The architectural elements in some temples, for example, reveal Chinese
influence. It is identical to the original models found in mainland China. In
Gianyar Bali, strong links between the Chinese and local people are evidenced by
the Chinese-style roofing on the palace that was rebuilt at the end of the last
century. In Cirebon, Chinese designs were copied by local ceramics and paintings.
Chine influence also occurs in textile, furniture and household objects.
1. What is the text about?
a. The adaptation of Chinese culture
b. The Chinese culture in architects
c. The development of visual art in Indonesia
d. The Chinese influence in Indonesian visual art
2. Where can you find a palace with the Chinese-style roofing?
a. In Gianyar
b. In Denpasar
c. In Cirebon
d. In Central Java
3. Where can you find the Chinese influence in Cirebons culture?
a. Chinese design in local ceramics and paintings
b. The architectural elements in some temples
c. The Chinese-style roofing on the palace
d. Chinese culture in visual art
4. Chinese culture played a truly significant role in the development of visual art
in Indonesia, . The underlined word can be best replaced by .
a. Official
b. Important
c. Artificial
d. Additional
What is a Veterinarian

A veterinarian is a person who has studied to be a doctor of animals. They take

care of animals health. Many pet owners use a veterinarian to help them take care
of their pets.
Some veterinarians take care of cats and other small animals. Other veterinarians
take care of larger animals such as horses, cows, or large zoo animals.
If you have a pet at home, your pet has probably seen a veterinarian. Veterinarians
can help you decide what kinds of food your animals should eat, what shots your
pet will need, and how you should take care of your animals. It is important to
take your pet to see a veterinarian to make sure it stays healthy.
(Sumber: Lets Talk IX: 194)

1. What does the text tell about? It is

A. to describe a veterinarian in general.
B. to describe veterinarian in specific.
C. to entertain the reader with a story.
D. to tell the past event.
Jawaban: A
Sesuai tujuan (purpose) teks report, yaitu mendiskripsikan seorang veterinarian
(dokter hewan) secara umum (in general)
2. The paragraph 1 belongs to
A. Orientation.

C. General classification.

B. Identification

D. Reorientation.

Jawaban: C
Sesuai generic structure teks report, teks diawali dengan general classification.
8. What does not a veterinarian take care of?

A. Horses.

C. Cats.

B. Cows.

D. Worm.

Jawaban: D
Berdasarkan teks, yang tidak dirawat oleh veterinarian adalah worm (cacing)
Teks report (report text) adalah jenis teks yang mendeskripsikan atau
menggambarkan bentuk, ciri atau sifat umum (general) benda, hewan, tumbuhtumbuhan, manusia atau peristiwa.
Teks report atau report text memiliki bentuk yang hampir sama dengan descriptive
text. Siswa biasanya mengalami kesulitan membedakan antara kedua jenis teks
ini. Perbedaan yang paling mendasar pada kedua jenis teks ini adalah sebagai
- Report Text mennggambarkan bentuk, ciri atau sifat benda, hewan, tumbuhtumbuhan, manusia atau peristiwa secara umum (general).
- Descriptive Text mennggambarkan bentuk, ciri atau sifat benda, hewan,
tumbuh-tumbuhan, manusia atau peristiwa secara khusus (specific).
Report text memiliki kerangka atau struktur (generic structure) sebagai berikut.
1. General classification: memperkenalkan benda, hewan, tumbuhan, atau
seseorang yang akan dibahas. Salah satu caranya adalah dengan membuat definisi
atau klasifikasi.
2. Description: menceritakan bagian, kualitas, sifat, tingkah laku benda, hewan,
tumbuhan, atau seseorang yang dideskripsikan.
Tujuan (purpose) teks ini ialah memberikan informasi atau gambaran tentang ciriciri umum benda, hewan, tumbuhan, atau manusia.
Kata kerja (tense) yang digunakan biasanya simple present tense. Sekali lagi, teks
deskriptif dan report tampaknya sama, tetapi sesungguhnya sangat berbeda. Teks
deskriptif memberikan deskripsi sesuatu yang khusus atau tertentu, sedangkan
report memberikan deskripsi tentang ciri-ciri umum dari suatu jenis benda hidup
atau mati.
Perhatikan contoh di bawah ini! Bandingkan dengan teks descriptive! (paragraf
berwarna biru adalah general classification sedangkan paragraf berwarna merah
adalah description).