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Quality Checks of New Consignment of Admixture


To check the quality of incoming admixture before use. The

quality & performance of incoming admixture should match with
the quality and performance of Index sample which has approved
as per the procedure in Work Instruction WI3.

Reference Document
IS 1199 :1959
IS 516 : 1959

During the approval procedure of admixture, keep 5-6 kg

approved sample given by supplier as an Index Sample.
Keep record of all the parameters tested during approval of
Index sample.
Whenever a new consignment of admixture is received,
comparative trial is conducted with Index sample and new
consignment of admixture for the same mix design, same
W/C ratio and at the same dosage of admixture.
Observe the performance & record the key parameters of
concrete. (FT 27)

The key parameters are mentioned as below.

Control slump.
Water Reduction Capacity by Control Mix as per IS 9103.
Water content for 3hr/2hr Slump (90100) mm retention.
Dosages of admixture for 3hr/2hr retention.
Slump retention up to 3hr/2hr.
Normal demoulding time of cube.
Demoulding time with extra dosage.
Mix appearance for bleeding, segregation & air content.
Strength of concrete.

If the performances of new lot of admixture sample is

meeting with index sample ,then the new consignment is
accepted and released for production.
When the Index sample stock is reduced up to 2 kg, it shall
be replaced with 5-6 kg sample of the new consignment as
the Index sample.