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(c)Write two main different between chordate & non-chordata.

(d)Draw lebelled diagram of Mitochondria or Earth-warm.

Half Yearly Examination 2016-2017

Q3 Write answer of any three

(a)Describe the structure and function of cell wall?

Class IX
Subject Science
Time: 3 Hours

(b)Mention the one cause ,symptoms and prevention of Tuberculosis?

(c) Write names of:
(i) Two movable plants.

Note: (1)All questions are compulsory.

(2)Marks of each questions mentioned against them.
(3)Explain your answer with suitable diagram & reactions
wherever necessary.

(ii) Scientific name of house cat & tiger.

(d) Who gave:
(i) Binomial nomenclature.
(ii) Cell theory.
Q4 Give answers of any two:
(i) What is the difference between:
Living and non living
Algae and Fungi
(ii)Describe the structure and function of DNA?
(iii)Describe the labeled diagram:

Section A


M.M 25

Q 1-Multiple choice questions

(a)The order of magnitude of 0.00005 will be
(i) 104

(ii) 10-4 (iii) 105

(iv) 10-5

(b) 1 A0 is equal to
(i) 10-10 micron

(ii) 10-6 micron

(iii) 10-4 micron

(iv) 10-2

(c) The distance time graph of an object is shown alongside. The

object is
(i)at rest
(ii)moves with constant velocity (iii) moves with
constant speed
(iv) moves with constant accelertion
(d) The mass of body is measured to be 16kg on the earth. It is taken
to the moon. Its mass on the moon will be
(i)1 kg

(ii) 10kg

(iii) 16 kg

(iv) 8

Q2-Do all the parts

(a ) Write second equation of motion explaining different symbols used.
(b) Convert 10x10-11m into angstrom and also in micrometer.

(c) Differentiate between fundamental and derived units.

Q 3-Do all the parts

(b)Atomic Number is formed by combination of?

What is Isotopes?

(a) Radius of bacterium is 20. In 1mm length how many bacteria can
be accommodated.
(b) State newtons law of gravitation. Why it is called universal law?

(d) Describe the octate rule.

(e)Atomic number of an element is 19 and mass number is 39. Calculate
number of Neutron?

Q4- Define momentum. State its unit and derive the relation between
force and 7
Q3 Give the answers of any two

Find the Gravitational force between the Sun and the Earth .Mass of Earth
=6 x1024 kg, Mass of Sun =2x 1030 kg and distance between them is 1.5x
1011 m. (G=6.7x10-11 Nm2/kg2)


Q1 Select the correct answer


(b) Write draw backs of Rutherford model.

(c) Explain these terms (i)Evaporation (ii)Ionic bond
Q4 Give the answer of any two

(i)Mercury is
(a)Liquid (b)element

(a)Differentiate between , & rays

(a) Explain the bonding of NaCl and N2.

(c) metal

(d)all of these

(ii)Neutron was discovered by

(b)Describe the electronic configuration of these elements: Ca 20 and Al


(a)Rutherford (b)Thompson (c)Chadwick (d)Bohr

(c)Explain the radioactivity?


(iii) Radioactivity was discovered by

(a)Madam Curie (b)Henry Becqurel (c)Wholar (d)None of these
(iv) Electronic theory of valency was presented by
(a)Warner (b)Pouling (c)Heitler Thompson (iv)Kossil &Lowis
(v)The smallest part of substance is
(a) Compound (b)Molecules (c)Atom (d) Mixture

MM 25

Q! Select correct Answers of the following

(a)Which one is found only in RNA
(i) Cytosine

(ii) Adenine

(iii) Uracil

(iv) Guanine

(b)Scorpion belongs to phylum

(i)Chorodata (ii)Molusca

Q2 Give the answers of the following


c) Influenza is caused by

(a)Give the name of two Metals and two Non-metals.

(i) HIV Virus


(ii) Myxo Virus (iii) Varilo Virus


(iv)All of these

(d)Who discovered Bacteria

(i) Robert Koch
(ii) Robert Hook

Q2 Give answer of any four


(iii) Pasture

Name five kingdom classified by the Whitteker.

(e) T4 lymphocytes main target of

(i) Polio Virus (ii) Tuberculois Virus (iii) Typhoid Virus
AIDS Virus


a) Name two viral Disease.

(b) Give important functions of Ribosome.