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EASY PIANO ATs Arranged by DAN COATES EASY PIANO After Midnight Bad Moon Rising Black Water Cat's In The Cradle Desperado Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me Down On The Corner Europa (Earth’s Cry Heaven's Smile) Gimme Some Lovin’ Go Your Own Way Higher Love Hotel California | Don't Want To Miss A Thing I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth) Layla The Living Years Long Train Runnin’ Lyin’ Eyes Maggie May More Than A Feeling Open Arms Proud Mary Sister Golden Hair ‘Something About The Way You Look Tonight Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word What A Fool Believes Arranged by DAN COATES 2 4 6 ae SBSSSRSESRLNVSRY ay Ca £2888 100 After Midnight Words and Music by J. J. Cale Moderate rock beat, in 2 LAf-ter | mid - night, we'regon-na | let it all hang QAC-ter |mid - night we'regon-na | shake your tam = bo = we're gon-na | chug-a - lug and _| shout. all gon-na | be peaches and | cream. © 1966 (renewed) WarnerTameriane Publishing Corp. USA ‘Wamer/Crappell North America Ltd, London W6 88S NS gon-na gon-na stim = u~ late cause talk and We're gon-na find out We're gon-na find out some sus -| pi We're gon - na get some We're gon - na give an what it is all a- what it is all a- bout. bout Af-ter | mid - night, we're gon - na Bad Moon Rising Words and Music by John Fogerty Moderately, in 2 F ris - ing, blow - ing geth - er. bad moon a LI see 21 hear hur = ri- canes a 3.Hope you got your things to uf trou- ble onthe the | end is com - ing are | quite pre- pared to earth - quakes and | light - nim’ riv- ers ov - er | flow - ing. we're | in for nas - ty | weath - et (© 1964 Jondora Music, USA ‘Burington Musi Co Lt, London WE 88S times to rage and for an Don't a go around to -| night, bad_moon a a DS.% al Coda &: 3 = bound to Cod Coda 8 take your s life ack Water Words and Music by Patrick Simmons With a bright, steady beat Am7 t D Am7 D i me and she's read Am? D pad - dle wheel thump] - (© 1974 Lansdowne Music Pubishers and WB Music Corp, USA ‘Wamer/Chappell Music ta, London We BBS Old black nf wa = ter, Keep on shin - Mis- sis - sip - pi moon, keep on roll - keeps on won't you Mis - sis roll me? Old black keep on wa shin sip - pi moon, won't you just the same. Mis-sis - sip - pi moon, won't you keep on roll - Old black me? wa - ter, in’ on keep on shin - in’ on Em7 A Yeah, keep on shin - in’ your fight, gon-na make 3 5 Em? ‘ty = thing, Pret-ty ma-ma,gon-na | make ev - ‘ry-thing all cresc. veause I faint in To Coda® Am7 5 2 dont make no dit - Am7 3 take street - car Yeah, I'd like to | hear ed hon - ky - tonk, ev- "ty-bod -y drinks some fer - ence_ to me; and Tl be D DS.% al Coda 3 ® Coda T'd like to ]] hear - Dix - ie - land pret-ty ma- mf ma, come and take me the hand, by the I. ‘Take me by the hand, pret-ty ma-ma, come and | dance with your dad-dy all night ong. I'd like to ————————_ —— Desperado a Words and Music by Don Henley and Glenn Frey G G7 5 5 —— [ns Des-per }} - a -do, why don't you seome toyyour sens - es?_ You been m™ - a-do, oh, you ain'yget-tin"no young-er,_ your 1 be pee ig fe f a T i G Em = = = os = + out rid-in' fenc - es for pain end your hun - ger they're 4 — ee é G G7 c 5 om 5 =e = ae i # ¥ a = tee —S— —— 2 hard one, I know that | you got your rea - sons, these free-dom, well, that's just some peo-ple talk - in’, your f¢ z AT D7 s/f B/Dt Em = === SS =. 2 +e - (Seen things that are pleas - in’ you can hurt you some - how.—| pris -on is walk - in’ through this | world all a - lone._ a — ty Music ana 10ud Music, USA 285 Se i» @ ~@ = Bm7 2 ee | Don't you|draw the queen of dia - monds, boy, she'll Don't your feet get cold in thewinter -time? The if she'sa - ble, you knowthe| beat you sky won't snowand the sun won't shine, it's| a" bet = 4 G Em - —— : See queen ofhearts is al-ways your best hard to tell the night-time fromthe lus | SS a f = 4 G D/F# E Bm7 athe eo aS oe SS Now it seems to me_. some fine things have been’ all__ your highs and lows. Ain't it = day. You're | los - in’ ———— c G e es = 5 omega ] é f at = laid up - on your ta-ble, but you| on -ly want the ones that you can't_ fum-ny how the feel- in’ goes a- 4 ite eS T Si int on ams UL Am7/D D7 Am7 Am7/D D7 G G7 Sas i Des-per ||-a-do, iawn you ' peel == z 2 come to your sens - es? Come |iown fromyour fenc - es, 1 o- pen the gate, It may be | rain - in’, but there's a 1 rain-bow a-bove_ you. Youbet-ter| let some-bod-y love you, ————— it 1 1 G/D_ 87/Dt Em let some-bod-y love__ you, you better] let some-bod-y love__ you ___ —=_—___ — i fore it's too} late. ey) —— | ® (atempo) = Cat's In The Cradle Words and Music by Harry Chapin and Sandy Chapin Moderate, steady beat (J=76) F 4 4 af Verses 1 & 2: Fs child ar - rived just the | oth-er day; he | came to the world in son tumed ten just the | oth-er day. He said, | “Thanks for the ball, Dad.c mp, u-su-al way Buttherewere | planes to catch__ and} bills to pay on, lets play Can you | teach me to throw?"_ I said, | “Not to-day 1 gat (© 1974 Story Songs Lta, USA Warner/Chappell North America Ltd: London W6 88S Heleamed to walk while 1 | was a-way. And he was | talk-in’ ‘fore I knew it. And Jot to do.” He said, | “That's o-kay.” And he walked a-way, but his cmG _ Pr ae ashe grew. he'd say, “Pm gon-na be like you, smile ney - er dimmed. It said, “Tm gon-na be ii ihim, fe ge know I'm gon-na be like you.” know I'm gonna be ike him.” S Chorus: cat’g inthe cra-dle and the | sil ~ little boy blue and the ma mf swtensou coms! nome, {P2227} 1 | dont iow when, ba fp bie r fr get to-geth-er then, You | know we'll have a good time Verse 3: came from col - lege just the | oth-er day, like a man mf, “Son, I'm | proud of you. Can you | sit for a and he | said with a smile, “What I'd | real-ly like, Dad, is to DS.% al Coda = P bie bor-row the car keys. See you lat-er. Can I [have them, please?” @ Coda F rs l= jong since re-tired, my | son's moved a - way. 1 called him up just the “f oth-er day. I said,“Vd | like to love to, Dad if, 1 can kids have the flu, sure nice talk - in’ hung up oc -| curred the phone, it see___ you the to if you don't time. You see my - talk - in? me, to he'd new job’s oe you grown mind."___He said, “I a has-sle and the Dad. up re fas boy was just’ like me, cats in the cra-dle and the Aieeer a spoon,__ “When you com in’ home, son?” I i we'll get to-geth-er then, we're mp atempo 2 lit - Ue boy dont know when, ? gon-na have a good time Tit. blue and the man. but 20 Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me Words by Bernie Taupin Music by Elton John Slow beat (with pedal) Verse I: Can ciG G7 FIC iC ra 5 nf ¥-1 cant light no more of your | dark All my pictures seem to fade to black and | white. T’m grow-ing tired and time stands still be | -fore. © 1974 Big Pig Music Ltd, London W6 885 Fro-zen here Too late 1 took a chance a But you mis-read. on the lad-der of my to save my-self from ‘and changed your way of ‘my mean-ing when I 1 fall life met, Closed the door and left me % Chorus: ie Don'tlet the sun____go | down on some-one else I see. But | los-ing ev - To Coda® cys 12 Td just al-low a frag-ment of your lite— thing blind-ed its al-ways Although I search my-self, to wan-der| free. CE CG G is like the } sun 2.1 can'tfind nf But see me once. = Don'tdis- card me Butthese cuts___ 1 have, tic line. and see the way I | feel. T just be-cause you| think I mean you harm, D.S.% al Coda FIG G G 3) 2 ob, they need| love to helpthem| heal DOWN On The Corner tis: Brightly, a la Calypso Ear - ly inthe eve nin’ just a-bout sup - per 2Roos - ter hits the wash board and peo-ple just got. to 3.You dont need a pen ny Just “to hang a > ver by the court] - house they're bass: and nick el, won't you ° Blink - y thumps the gut. if you've got a Four kids onthe cor Poor - boy twangs the _rhy O + ver on the cod (© 1969 Jondora Musi, USA Prestige Music Ltd, London WiH 1AR bring la hap noise. on the harp... on ka - 200. = ie boy wil - ly picks he | blows it Wil - ly goes and | dou - bles Peo - ple come to |watch the mag. cresc. Wil-ly and the Poor - boys the street, your feet, street, Wil-ly and the | Poor - boys tap your feet. Gimme Some Lovin’ 27 Words and Music by Steve Winwood, Muff Winwood and spencer Davis Moderately, with a steady beat FT i 2 tem- ? F Prratures is ing and my fel P onthe floor, | tWwen-ty_peo-ple knock-in’, -Jthing is sound-int hot | ‘Bet -ter fake ev ty] bod=ys get - in’ high Bet-ter take it feet are 80 good; ‘cause they're eve ‘cause the feel 80 good: eas = y, ‘cause the eas - y, 2 3 SI r P I want-ing some. more Let me in, baby, 1 dont | know what you've ot place is one Been a hard day and “I” | dont snow 'enate 2° go, Place is on _ fe Been hard day, thine But you'd went 00d, 100. Now I'm r rr better take it eas - y. This. place is hot Wait a min-ute, ba-by. It could | hap-pen to you. So gon-na_re-lax, hon-ey. Ev -| ‘ty-bod - y_ should, glad we made gim-me some To Coda® F gim-me some 1 2, D.S.& al Coda F7 BUF FT BUF = -mesome | lov ’ - in’) gim-me some_ iii (gim-me some Sf Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile) ‘Music by Carlos Santana and Tom Costa Slowly (J=66) ae a p = || mp legato a (with pedal) ‘© 1976 Light Music, USA ‘Rondor Music (London) Ltd, London We 81a crese. poco a poco mp rit. e dim, Go Your Own Way Bright rock beat Dm ao L.Lov ~ ingyou 2. Tell mewhy How. can 1 Pack ing up, WI could, I could, Words and Music by Lindsey Buckingham + ni the | right thing_ to do. ‘ry-thing turned a - round ev - erchange | things that 1 feel? shack-ing up | is all youwan-na do. may-be T'd_ give you my world. ba-by, I'd give you my world — ‘© 1977 Now Sounds Music, USA EI Music Publishing Ltd, London WC2H oaY when you wont take| jg Ev-"ry-thing’s wait |- ing You can go_| your ‘You can call go your own__ crese, goyour own_ way Higher Love Words and Music by Steve Winwood and Will Jennings Steady rock beat Vers: yy F B F bout it, there must tum - ing and we're be high - er love, just hang-ing on, in the stars. a ~ bove. out there a down in the heart or hid - den stand - ing out it, life is yearn - ing, and it’s look in - side mine.__} feel - ing for —_me, Look in - side your heart. I'l There must be some - one who's 5 a © 1986 FS. Music Ltd, witin David Music and Blue Sky Rider Songs, USA \Wamer/Chappell Music Ltd, London WE @BS and Ronder Music (London! Ltd, London WE BJA s - Things look ev ~ “ry-where. In this whole world, = We walk blind and we Jury to ~ high - er {Wheres that 1 could high = er Jove 2. Worlds are sing my song 1, could light the night up with nf . ould make the sunshine love come o - strong it could be. my ver me. ro soul on fire, Oh, = |e Bringme a high - me bring me a high - er I'd Lie For You “ (And That's The Truth) Words and Music by Diane Warren Moderately slow / = 88 F B ic - m— a mp legato L.1d nev-er tell you one tie, Td nev-er let you down, Td nev-er leave, Td be the 2,Just take a look in my eyes,| youll see a love that's blind. Just take a hold of my hand, fone who'd al - ways be a - round. TH take you to par- a - dise. Td pull the sun down from the | sky to light your dark- est night Your ev- ‘ty wish will be a | wish that I will make come tue, I would- n't let one drop of | rain fall down in- to your life. And if you want the moon I |swear Ill bring it down for you, Ba- by, be- lieve me I could | ney - er do you wrong and 1 Be- lieve me ba - by, got your |name carved on my soul, ‘cause you're never paint your world | blue, ___ on - ly one that “Til give it we Tea, MVE Host my mind, 1 might be Jor zy, but em era - zy for you foo! 14 lie for you and {o act this way. ‘cause if Tim | cra- zy, Tm just ora - 29 ‘bout you. erese. a Do an- y- thing you | ask me to, Move moun- tains if you |want me to, Td do it | al for you Td walk on the| wire for you And you wit! || ne-ver sce a day TH ey or —_| sky fall down be-fore it ev-er | gets that far. TM show you [heav- en ev - ‘ty sec - ond that y you'd just be -lieve Do an - y - thing you Move moun - tains if you Td even sell my | soul for you, Td do it Td walk a- cross the | fire for you, Td walk on the| Td ie for you and $= Td tie for you and | tha’s the truth, oN Hotel California Words and Music by Don Henley, Glenn Frey and Don Feiaer Moderate Rock beat Am mp legato 3 On a dark des - ert cool wind in my anf Wer mind is Tif - fa - ny She got the Mer - ce - des warm — smell of She got a lot of pret (© 1976 Cass Country Music, Red Cloud Music and Fingers Music, USA ‘Wamer/Chappell North America Lt, London We BBS 1 ris - ing up through the | air, that she catls_| friends, My head grew heavy and my | sight gre Some dance 0 re - mem ber, ‘There she stood So I called shim - mer - ing sweet up um > mer 1 had some to stop for the dance to for - And 1 “We have- n't fo my - self this could be | heav- en or this could be spi- rit here since nine = teen six - ty Then she lit up a And sill those] voices can - dle, ‘and she showed me the fare call - ing. from far oa There were voic- es down the | cor ti dor; wake you up in the | mid - dle of “the night crese. 1 thought I heard them "Wel- come to just to hear them "Wel - come to f love = ly place, love = ly place, Plenty of Theyre | liv in’ it the pink cham ~ was run - ning 1. To Coda ®| you bring your pagne on for the find Mir- rors on Last thing 1 ice, and she said door. the "We are all had to find just the ‘And in the mas- ters cham - Jax," said the | night man. They stab it_____with their | steel - y knives, but they You can check out an- y | time you ike, but [a Seeicceceee cant kill the | beast. Go nev = | find it here." _ rit, ¢ dim. | Don't Want To Miss A Thing Words and Music by Diane Warren Slowly J = 68 5 1 nf smile while you are sleep - ing, while you're won - d'ring what you're dream - ing. won - d'ring| © 1998 Realsongs, usa EWI Music Publishing Ltd, Loridon WC2H oaY Don’t wan = na clove my eyes, af ‘miss you, babe, and I don't wan- na miss a thing. "Came ¢- ven when I dream of you, To Coda@( G the sweet - est dream would nev - er do. I'd stil | miss you, babe, and I don’t wan-na miss a ‘miss you, bebe, and I don't wan-na miss a thing. ‘miss you, babe, and I don’t wan -na miss a thing. Layla Words and Music by Jim Gordon Moderate swing (JJ= J 3) B i 1,What will you do when you get | lone-ly?__ No one wait-ing by your 2,3. See additional lyrics mf’ You've been run-ning and_| hid ing much too long. © 1976 Eric Clapton and Throat Music Ltd \Warner/chappell Music Ltd, London Wé 88S You know its just your fool - ish} pride. crese S Chorus: Dm you've| got me on my knees. beg-ging, dar-ling, please. Lay-la, dar-ling, won't you ease: my wor-ried dar - ling, won't you you've} got me on myknees, Lay la Tm |beg-ging, dar-ling, please. Lay - la, Dm D.S.% al Co. ease my wor - ried dim. ee 5 Verse 2: Tried to give you consolation, Your old man won't let you down, Like a fool, I fell in love with you, You turned my whole world upside down, (To Chorus:) Verse 3: Make the best of the situation Before [finally go insane. Please don’t say we'll never find a way And tell me all my love’ in vain. (To Chorus:) Lyin' Eyes 7 Words and Music by Don Henley and Glenn Frey Bright country style J = 126 an: 2 Gmaj? weg Git-y girls just seem to find (Unstrumenval She gets up and [pours her- self Dp a eo Mell |ées a up ince an goin ‘she [draws the shade and | hangs her head to wor Fy; Jong one; night a side of how it big old house_ gees town a boy is ev-er got this. T guess | ev'ry form. of with | fi- ery eyes and she | thinks a - bout — refuge has its Jdreams no one could a | boy she knew in ‘And it |breaks her heart She | drives on through Did | she get tired or to think her love the night an - tic - did she just eet eo ds as cold as way she used 0 feels just like tells him rush - es My, oh she must wo his my, — you go out arms, they to Jecom-fort an old she [whispers tha its | on -y you | set it up s0 well, so But _| he knows where She fswearsthat soon — Aint it ffun ~ ny how — she’s | go - in’ shelll be] com - in’ your | new life eo hhead- ed cheat - in’ pulls a - way still the forthe and same old | girl you sure know how — friend who's for__ fal to ar- feel in for a care ful - as she's back — for did nt side leaves him — with used: } You cant and your I thought by There | aint no way eo JHon-ey, you cant hide your ly - int eyes. The Living Years lyrics by B.A, Robertson Music by B.A, Robertson and Mike Rutherfors Moderately (J = 100) bi 1. L.Ev -ery gen - er- a- tion crum-pled bits__of __pa - per. blames the one be - fore, filled | with im-per - fect thought; 1a all of their— fr - tions stilt -ed con - ver - sa - tions, Cmaj7 beat - ing on your door. fraid that’s all__ we've got. © 1986 RBA Music Ltd admin by Bug Music Ltd, London WS ORG and Michael Rutnerford Ltd admin by Hit & Run Music (Publishing) Ltd, London International copyright secured. Al rights reserved. Used by permission, my fath- er held so dear, Says it's per - fect sense, know that I'm_ a pris-'ner to all say you just_don’t see it, he know that I'm a__hos - tage all his hopes and fears, 1 just just can’t get__ i @ - gree- ment in this pres-ent tense. We all wish I could_ have told him tak a dif - 2 “rent lan - guage, iF + It’s too tT late — tr 67 Tey DS. for lyrics 3 & Chorus and |[3- lyrics 4 & Chorus (no repeat) Additional Lyrics 3. So we open up a quarrel 4.1 wasn’t there that moming Between the present and the past. When my father passed away. We only sacrifice the future, I didn’t get to tell him It's the bitterness that lasts. All the things I had to say. So don’t yield to the fortunes I think I caught his spirit You sometimes see as fate. Later that same year. It may have a new perspective I'm sure I heard his echo Ona different day. In my baby’s new born tears. And if you don’t give up, and don’t give in 1 just wish I could have told him You may just be O.K. In the living years. Chorus: Chorus: Long Train Runnin’ Words and Music by Tom Johnston Bright rock beat, in 2 (J= 108) cor - ner a mile_ from them old trains |run - nin’ and_ you |watch them dis-ap - pear. With-out Jwhere would you be a © 1973 Warner Tamerlane Publishing Corp, USA. \Warner/Chappell Nortn America Ltd. London W6 BES with-out > eo. saw Miss | Lu - down a - long the tracks; lost her home_and her fam - ily and she }won't be com-in’ back ————— where would you_ be = with-our Bhmaj7 andthe |South-ern Cen - tral Freight,. on push - in’, ma “cause you |know they're With-out where would you_ be now, now, now, with-out pis, tons keep on | churn - in’ and the | wheels go ‘round and ‘round, my stecl rails are cold___and hard. for the |miles that they. g0 cresc. would you be— where would you be a Maggie May ‘Words and Music by Rod Stewart and M Moderately, with a steady beat er Am, 5 3} Wake up, Mag-gie, some-thing to wf Its | late Sep - tem-ber and I ly should be back at school._. Se Ue, nchappell Music inc. EMI April Music inc. USA and Full Kee/Windswept Pacific Music Lta seme choppel Mus i, London WE SES, EM Muse Pubkshing Lt, London WC2H Ca ahd winghaeey ane He La London we 380 lured = me a - way from 2.3. See additional lyrics af just to | save you from be- ing a - You | stole my heart and what real === [TF The | morn - ing mf your face, real-ly | shows your age, __ that don't wor-ry me none, in my eyes you're + ry - thing laughed at all of ‘your —_| jokes, love you did- n't need to coax. 1 could-n't have 7 Tag: You made a first. - af class fool out of me, You | stole my heart_ but‘ i mf rit.edim. Verse 2: ‘You lured me away from home, just to save you from being alone. ‘You stole my soul, that’s a pain I ean do without. All Inceded was a friend to lend a guiding hand. But you tured into a lover, and Mother, what a lover! You wore me out All you did was wreck my bed, and in the morning kick me in the head. ‘Oh, Maggie, I couldn't have tried anymore Verse 3: You lured me away from home, ‘cause you didn't want to be alone. You stole my heart, I couldn't leave you if I tried, I suppose I could collect my books and get back to school, Or steal my Daddy's cue and make a living out of playin’ pool, Or find myself a rock and roll band that needs a helpin’ hand ‘Oh, Maggic, I wish I'd never seen your face. (To Tag’) More Than A Feeling Words and Music by Tom Scholz Moderate rock beat D fans mp legato LT |] woke up this morn - ing the sun was gone, 2.80, man-y peo - ple come— and gone, my tumed on some mu - sic start my 2 lost my - self in a fac - es fade___ as years go T still re - call as I closed my eyes___ and_-I | slipped a - way. clear as the sun in the | sum-mer sky. eee ——— © 1975 Pure Songs, USA \Warner/chappell Music Ltd, London W6 BBS Its |} morethan a Sf hear that old song they used to | play. I be-gin dream - ing Coda Verse 3: When I'm tired and thinking cold, Thide in my music, forget the day ‘And dream of a girl I used to know, closed my eyes and she slipped away. (To Chorus:) ® Coda G pen Arms Words and Music by Jonathan Ca; © 1981 Weed Hi jah Nightmare Music and Lacey Boulevard Music, USA 10 Music Lid, West Susse x RH16 ZOT and Sonv/ATV Music Publishing. London WF 7LP what your vw Proud Mary 5 Words and Music by John Fogerty a heavy beat eee 5 Verses 1 & 2: a 5 LLeft a good job. 2.Cleaned a “lot — in the cit |. ve i of plates in Mem| ~ phis, work in’ for the Man umped a lot of pain ight and day. New Or - leans.. And I But nev-er lost one min T nev-er saw the good - ute of sleep - in’, Side of the cit Chorus: D worry:in’ ‘bout the way things til ed hiteheda ride crese, on ighthave been. i wheel keep ot ativ-et - boat queen, eS iB tum - ————— Proud Mar-y keep on burn + in’ on the riv - er, bet you gon-na find some peo| - ple who live. ‘You don't have to wor-ry “cause you have no mon-ey, Peo-ple on the riv-er are hap-py to give crese, Chorus: D 2 Big wheel keep on Proud Mar-y keep on in’ on the riy rollin’ on motto rit —— ——— SSS = a er Golden Hair Words and Music by Gerry Beckiey With a moderate, steady beat F damn de - pressed_ Hair sur - prise, © 1975 WB Musle Corp, USA ‘Wamer/Cnappell North America Ltd, London WE 88S set my sights. on Mon| - day and got my - self un just cant live without you: dressed_| cant you | see it in, my eyes?_| do a ~ gree theres_. | times wom - an sure can too, too hard =~ to___ | find, does-n't mean you be a friend. of mine. aint been on ind, Gm7 3 tried to fake it, don’t mind say = just dim. Something About The Way 4 You Look Tonight Words by Bernie Taupin ‘Music by Elton John Moderately slow J = 72 Twas | ev - "ry - thing and no thing all in Twas | feel- ing like 2 cloud a cross the ra light up ev - ‘ty sec- ond of the | day, ull the deep est sec - rets from my | heart ‘moon light you just |shine like a bea-con on the hhon - es - ty, T'm speech less and don’t know where to lerese. 2 And I can't ex -|} plain but it’s |some- thing @- bout the way ia Dm 3 1 5 1 look to - night. 93 but it's |some- It takes my breath a- way, the way you look to - ‘The way you] look to - night The wayyou| look to - —l|Ff ‘Theway you} look to-night. The way you| look to try Seems To Be The Hardest Word Words by Bernie Taupin ‘Music by Elton John Slow lament Gm7 Em7(25) 3 p legato 2 (with pedal) Am7(5) What have T got to] do to make you love. Am7(65)_ DT Wrat ave 1 got to | do to make you cae? f (© 1976 Big Pig Music Ltd, London W6 88S and 1 wake What have I got to. find. to do. when light - ning strikes Bb Am7(65) D7 . i that you're not | there? to make you want Am7(b5) What do 1 CmiEb 3 and it’s get - ting say when its all 2 the hard - est Its a sad, sad Am7($5) D7 a eae r i's so sad,___ To Coda® Al-ways seems to me. dim, that | sor-ry seems to be_ the hard-est Fa Coda What have I got to | do. Am7(65) D7. What do | do when light - ning strikes me? Am7(b5) 1 > Whathave I got to do? What have 1 got to do? sa Am7(b5) Sor-ry seems tobe, the hard - est Em7(bs) Cmeb A $ Am7(b5) 3 rit. e dim. What A Fool Believes Words and Music by Kenneth Loggins and Michael McDonald With a bright, steady tempo Am7 cD Gmaj7 Em Am7 cD Gmaj7 Em? co cB Em? Loma She came from some-where back in his mf Jong. a g0, Am? cp Em? cw § c ‘ (Sen-ti-men-tal | fools don't see.) try-ing hard. to re-cre-ate what had yet_ GB Em Am7 cD Em — to be cre-at - ed ‘once in their lives. She mus-ters a smile (© 1978 Mik Money Music and Snug Music Sony/ATV Musle Pubisning, London WF 7LP and 1@ Music Ltd, West Sussex RH16 30 Am? Em? cB Em7 Am7 for anos -| tal gic tale, cD Ere what she want-ed to — say, cD nev-er real-ly cD nev-er com-ing Em7 101 > er made_ her think | twice. dim. Am? D7 SG Em7 Am7 D7 ‘ her a -| pol-o-gy, an-y-bod-y | else would sure Ctm7 (65) hes watch - ing her cm? 3 3 But what a fool be - rea LS EWE al_- ways better than noth! - ing. —— some-where back in his long_ where he can still be -| lieve there's a place in his lite. cD GB Em7 Am7 cp Some - how, | some - day, cresc. she will re - turnt_| Am? cD Gmaj7 Em7 Gmaj7 Em Am7 Peag