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Name of student: Marwa Mansoor

Course: Practicum 1b

Year: 1

Name of school: Sharjah English School

Mentoring School Teacher: Margaret Hannon
Absence dates / reasons: None
General Context:
Marwa worked with Foundation 1 class (FS1). There are twenty-one children in the class and three special
needs children. Many of the children are EAL children (English as an additional Language).
There are four groups of children in the class, with three groups of six and one group of three students.
Marwa did a lesson with the children based on Families. She introduced the lesson to the whole class using
discussion and a powerpoint. She initially was going to use a small book. I told her I had some pictures she
could use or that she could print some of her own. She didnt use either of these. I asked her to put the
pictures from the book on powerpoint so that the children could see the pictures.
Marwa repeated her lesson.
Marwa took part in a health walk with the children on three occasions.
Marwa helped with a painting activity.
Observed Strengths:
Marwa has a presence in the classroom. She is confident with the children.

Areas for Development:

Marwa needs to put effort into planning.

General Comments:
Marwa is a pleasant person and she told me that she is looking forward to becoming a teacher. She
appeared in school on time each morning and with a happy smile on her face.
Marwa asked for advice on her lesson planning but she only took some advice on board. She was reluctant
to put effort into her planning and did most of it while she was in the classroom. She was also reluctant to
help in the classroom and when she sat with a group of children she wasnt fully engaged with them. She
told me she was tired on many occasions.
Marwa needs to be aware of being professional at work. She was timely in the mornings but wanted to take
extra coffee breaks throughout the day. She didnt stay with the children at an activity and seemed more
focused on getting her college work done. When she is in the classroom she should be in the classroom.

Marwa is a pleasant person. I wish her good luck with her teacher training.

Mentoring College Teacher: Basel Badran


Student Teachers Signature* :

*Denotes that the student teacher has read this report but does not necessarily mean the student agrees with the report.

SWC B Ed Year 1: Semester 2:

MST & MCT Summative Assessment Report
(Student Teacher Assessment Criteria)

Date: 10/11/2016

Class: Foundation 1 ( FS1)

School: Sharjah English School

Name of MST: Margaret Hannon

Name of Student: Marwa Mansoor

Name of MCT: Basel Badran

Please tick the boxes using the scale with 5 indicating the best possible performance

Shows respect for the class teacher, the principal and colleagues.


Shows initiative and enthusiasm in the classroom and school

Demonstrates an understanding of the schools curriculum

Displays a high standard of professional behavior, which includes

punctuality, personal organization and presentation

Planning for learning

Plans in consultation with the class teacher appropriate activities.

Uses a range of resources to aid in planning.

Produces a range of appropriate materials and resources for teaching that

have accurate language and are appropriate to the level of the learner

Presents/ explains lesson/activity plans in a clear, detailed and

professional way

Shows a clear child - centered focus in the lesson plans.

Implementing and Managing Learning

Uses accurate and appropriate language, including pronunciation, stress

and intonation

Uses clear instructions and demonstrations/ modeling to introduce

classroom activities

Organizes and manages planned activities effectively.

Classroom management

Uses resources and equipment effectively (e.g. textbooks, realia, visual

aids, ICT, Audio Visuals for listening activities, big books etc)

Manages class time effectively

Knows, follows and implements classroom rules and routines to manage

childrens behavior in the classroom.

Manages both positive and negative behaviors effectively

Effectively motivates children to participate in activities

Communication skills

Interacts effectively with children and staff.

Creates a positive learning environment in the classroom e.g. warmth,

empathy, greetings etc.

Monitoring and Assessment

Provides ongoing feedback to children to enhance learning.

Checks understanding via appropriate questioning.

Discusses personal reflections and classroom observations with class

teacher to inform future action / planning.
Actively seeks, listens to and accepts guidance and responds
constructively to feedback from the class teacher.

Monitors childrens progress during activities

Critical Reflection